Save room for dessert on the Fast Metabolism Diet

I know! If you’ve been on the Fast Metabolism Diet, your eyes are probably popping out of your head after reading that headline. Yes, desserts do have a place on the diet, and in your life. You CAN satisfy a sweet tooth and fuel your metabolism at the same time.

It’s no secret. I love desserts! My sweet tooth is exercised frequently and I’m not embarrassed to admit it!

Chew on this: FMD desserts = food. FMD food = fuel.

So it stands to reason: Choose Fast Metabolism Diet desserts that fuel your body in the right way, and there’s no reason not to indulge.

Desserts have benefits too

All of our big celebrations involve desserts, from Thanksgiving to birthdays to weddings and even funerals. We eat them because it feels special, it feels good. Eating something decadent and delicious sends a flood of endorphins coursing through our bodies, giving us that happy feeling. But endorphins don’t just give us momentary pleasure: they help lower cortisol, our stress hormone. And reducing stress helps boost your metabolism.

The Fast Metabolism Diet is all about expanding your horizons, trying new foods and falling in love with food again. So you’re going to need to expand your idea of what “dessert” looks like. I’m not talking about processed junk — the stuff that comes in little cellophane packets. We’re not talking about “100-calorie” packets of chemical-laden cookies packed with fake sugars.

I’m talking about Baked Apple Crisp. Coconut Almond Pudding. Blackberry Sorbet. Cacao-Coconut Ice Cream. Those are all recipes in my upcoming Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook.

How to use desserts on the FMD

You’ll find that many healthy desserts that incorporate fruit, healthy fat and protein fit easily on the Fast Metabolism Diet as a substitute for a meal requirement. For example, you could use the mousse below as one of your Phase 3 snacks (don’t forget to add a vegetable). But what if you want a dessert in the traditional sense, as an extra? You can exercise.

Many of my clients are professional or amateur athletes. Because their training involves such a high level of physical activity, they need more fuel to keep their bodies moving. That’s how you can view desserts. A higher level of activity requires more high-quality fuel. So on days where you add an extra Phase-specific exercise, you can add a snack-appropriate portion of extra fuel — or food. And food can sometimes mean dessert.

I don’t want you to go overboard! This doesn’t mean that you should eat less veggies. But a wonderful, endorphin-enhancing, healthy treat now and then can certainly be part of your life.

Cool and Creamy Mint-Chip Mousse

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: Serves 6 as a Phase 3 healthy fat


  • 1 can unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup birch xylitol
  • 1 1/2 tsp. peppermint extract
  • 1 tsp. corn-free vanilla extract (such as Frontier brand)
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1/4 cup coconut butter, melted
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened raw cacao nibs (such as Navitas Naturals)


  1. In a blender, combine the coconut milk, xylitol, peppermint, vanilla, and salt. Blend to combine.
  2. Add the melted coconut butter and avocados. Blend until creamy.
  3. In individual dishes, layer about 1/4 cup of mousse followed by a scant teaspoon of cacao nibs, followed by another 1/4 cup of mousse. Top with another sprinkle of cacao nibs.
  4. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes and serve. (It's best to serve right away, since the avocados will gradually lose their green color and turn a more brown color).



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110 thoughts on “Save room for dessert on the Fast Metabolism Diet

  1. Haylie mentions a fudge “below” in the blog post, but the recipe is for the Mint-Chip Mousse. Is there a recipe for fudge?

    Thanks so much!

    • oops! We first had a fudge there, but weren’t happy with how it turned out, so we created the mint-chip mousse instead. That will be fixed. Thanks!

  2. My grama used to make a dessert with fruit and a pretzel topping (crushed pretzels and sugar). I wanted to make this with stevia, but have had trouble finding what pretzels to buy. Can you tell me what brands I can use. It seems they all contain wheat.

    • Two brands come to mind. On P1 and P3, you could try Unique Sprouted Grain Pretzel Splits. On P1, Newman’s Organics makes spelt pretzels.

  3. I’m having trouble with the app. I’ve selected meals from the book as a dinner option and have changed my mind and want to select protein, grain, etc and it’s not letting me delete or edit the mistaken choice of select from the book. Can you tell me how to delete this?

    • Hi Abby. If you select a recipe, then later want to choose something different, first navigate back to the recipe item you chose and tap once to de-select. You should then be able to choose a different recipe, or build your own meal by categories.

    • shirataki noodles are made from a starchy type of yam. They have almost no nutritional value, and are not on the diet.

    • If you are looking for a noodle replacement there are healthy replacements-do an internet search on “zoodles” (made from zucchini) and spaghetti squash-both can be used on Phase 1 & 2.

  4. I seem to be having trouble on P1 with feeling hungry after I have finished my breakfast. If I have a half of sprouted raisin muffin and an apple along with some berries for breakfast, I am hungry within an hour. Should I be eating a whole muffin?

    • Boil an egg and eat the eggwhite too, that might help a little. Remember you can always have veggies, even though it is not specified for phase 1 bfast. For bfast on phase 2 I do a rhubarb-creme with just rhubarb, a little water, stevia, cinnamon and cardamom. It is delicious!

      • Mimi, can you be a little more specific about your rhubarb creme? I love the smoothies for phase 1 and 2 and would desperately like something other than egg whites for a phase 2 veggie breakfast. Thanks!

    • Renee, sorry but you are hungry because you are eating a muffin with raisins!! raisins are not allowed on fmd because of the sugar content. also there isn’t any dried fruit allowed. you can have sprouted grain products but not with the fruit or sugars. ezekiel is one of the accepted brands, located in the freezer section.

    • I was hungry after a cup of oat meal and apple on my first week too. It was like this for first 3-4 days but next week it was perfectly fine. It might be also caused by sugar withdrawal. If its ur first week, cheer up, you’ll get there!

    • Raisins are not on the diet — no dried fruit are. Try a whole grain like oatmeal or quinoa instead of the muffin. That should be more satisfying.

  5. I’m confused about the Oatmeal Smoothie recipe in the book. The recipe calls for one cup of steel oats (uncooked) and it is one serving. However, when just eating the oats, you’re supposed to have one cup cooked. I feel like I’m having too much if I follow the recipe.

    • You want to use 1 cup of cooked oats. If you use uncooked oats in the smoothie (which is fine), you should use 1/4 of steel cut, or 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats.

      • I have been using a 1/2 cup of uncooked steel cut oats in my smoothies in P1 & P3. All these inconsistencies (as evidenced in some of these posts) is very irritating. Also, it would be useful to have a nutritional breakdown for each recipe.

        • Hi Jacqueline — that’s okay. Due to brand differences, it’s hard to gauge uncooked oats of any kind. AS long as your cooked serving ends up at about 1 cup, that’s fine. Haylie doesn’t believe in counting carbs and calories, so that’s why there isn’t a nutritional breakdown. It’s a deliberate decision.

          • My husband is an insulin dependent diabetic and he needs to know the carb and fibre amounts of foods. He needs a net amount of 15g for a snack and 45g for a meal. For this reason it would be nice to have the nutritional breakdown included in the recipes.

          • Hi Linda. I understand. I don’t have that info for you, but see why it would be helpful.

        • The book on page 183 says 1/2 cup of steel cut oats ..I’m planning to start the plan next week . I also find the various inconsistencies on the web-site to the book irritating . Is there a thread somewhere that gives the corrections?

      • I’m getting ready to start this diet too, and the inconsistencies are the reason I found this website. I had the same question about the smoothie recipe. Your answer does not jive with the recipe instructions. It says to put the oats in the blender and pulse until they reach a powdery consistency. This cannot be cooked oatmeal.
        It also does not say how many ounces it makes. The food chart says 12 oz for ppl that want to lose 20 pounds and 16 oz for people that want to lose more. How am I supposed to adjust the recipe to get the extra 4 ounces?

        For the oatmeal recipe, I see that the cooked oats are supposed to be 1 1/2 cups. I’m good there because it meshes with the food chart. My question is that the recipe, which is supposed to serve 4, calls for 2 cups of fruit. Do I divide that into 4 and only use 1/2 a cup (then add a 1/4 cup because I want to lose more than 20 pounds)? If so, that’s only 1/2 the amount of fruit that the food chart says I’m supposed to have in a portion…do I add more fruit to get up to 1 1/2 cups?
        I’m a smart woman, but there are things in here that are very confusing. How do I go about getting answers? (Without paying for coaching? It’s not coaching I need, but clarification.) The unlimited vegetable, but double the portions is also confusing. What if I want to use foods off the list, but not recipes? Say grilled chicken and broccoli. 6 oz chicken. check. But how much broccoli in one sitting?
        If you can answer these for me, it’d go a long way to helping me figure this diet out.

        • HI Christina. For the oats — it works both ways. If you have a really powerful blender, use the dry oats. However, in testing with less powerful blenders, your smoothie comes out smoother if you use cooked oats instead. It really depends on the kind of blender you have. The ounces do not matter since this is Haylie’s recipe. The ounces are a guideline for those making their own recipes. So to make a 1.5 portion of the oatmeal smoothie, you’d use 3/4 cup dry oats (or 1 1/2 cooked), 1 1/2 cups of fruit, etc.

          I’m not sure which oatmeal recipe you are referring to — but for oats, your portion (for you) in P1 will always be 1 1/2 cups cooked plus 1 1/2 cups fruit. Some of the recipes in the book don’t fulfill the exact meal requirements for the entire meal — usually because the recipe wouldn’t work. So you’ll add extras on the side to meet your meal requirements. Or you can tweak the recipe — totally up to you. You could do 1 1/2 cups of oats and add 1 1/2 cups of fruit on top — but that is a lot of fruit to mix into your oats. Personally, I prefer to use a smaller portion of fruit in my oats, and have additional whole fruit on the side. The recipes are really meant to give you flexibility that way.

          Haylie says “double” portions of vegetables for over 40 lbs. weight loss because in her experience with clients, not eating enough vegetables can hinder your progress on the diet. So yes, while vegetables are indeed unlimited, she wanted to add extra emphasis that people should eat lots of them. A good rule of thumb is 2 cups of veggies for a meal, and 1 cup for a snack.

  6. Desert looks very inviting, but xylitol and stevia both give me digestive issues. I am thinking I would use raw sugar since substitute sugars create havoc for me. Are there any other suggestions?

    • Hi Margie. Raw sugar isn’t part of the diet, so that would not really work. Only stevia and xylitol are approved sweeteners. After the diet, coconut sugar would be a good choice.

  7. Hi there, I’ve noticed a discrepancy with the protein portions on the app vs the book. The boo says one serving size would be 2 oz of deli meat and the app says 4 oz. I’m only trying to loose the last 5lbs so which is wrong lol?! Thanks!

      • Thanks! 4 oz is a lot of deli meat! I can’t believe how much more I’m eating now. But I have also noticed that the sugar cravings are gone after 2 weeks.

      • Now I’m confused. Where does it says 2 oz deli meat for P2 snack? The chart on pg 105 has 4 oz as a meat portion, and the meal map says P2 protein, which I assumed meant 1 portion. Where does is say to use only half a portion for P2 snacks? I believe the jerky snack portion is 2 oz since it’s equal to 4oz raw, but thought other meats were 4oz for snacks. Thanks.

        • Hi. It’s in Chapter 5 under “Your Portions” Phase 2 proteins are half of your meal protein. That’s why the jerky is 2 oz. The meal portion for jerky would be 4 oz.

          • I really appreciate you answering all my questions. I understand P2 portions should be half as you indicate on this website. However, it is not clear in the book (1st edition). I reread “Portions” in Chapter 5 and could not find any reference to 1/2 size P2 portions. However, there was an example in Chapter 8 in the sample P2 meal map for week 3 that indicated 1/2 portion of tuna. Also, the samples for weeks 1 & 2 showed 1-2 ounces jerky. Since jerky is about half the weight of raw, this is around 2-4 oz raw, or between 1/2 and 1 serving. Perhaps extreme accuracy or portions is not that critical, that’s why there’s a range of 1-2 oz jerky? Anyhow, I get it now, but perhaps future book editions should clarify this in Chapter 5. Thanks.

  8. I have 2 questions; first, i live in México and i want to know if Jamaica (hybiscus) is allowed, and 2 we have fish that is “blanco de nilo” which is similar to The tilapia can i have this fish?

    • Hi Fernanda. Neither of those are on the diet — nor is tilapia. For foods like these that aren’t on the diet, you can do some research on your own. If you think they are nutritionally similar to other items that are on the diet, you can make the decision for yourself whether to include them.

  9. I am aiming to lose 25 lbs. I lost 14 after 4 weeks. I am now on week 7 and only lost another 2 lbs. I seem to have plateaued. What can I do continue losing weight?

    • Hi Anita. Hey! You’re getting there! Congratulations on your 16 pounds. That’s more than two pounds per week on average. The second month can often go more slowly. Your diet is more healthful — it isn’t such a drastic change. You’re getting healthier. You might benefit from a little break. At the end of this cycle, put yourself in maintenance for a couple of weeks. Eat clean and healthy, and follow the rules, but don’t worry about the phases. Then go back on another round. The break in routine does seem to help some people get un-stuck.

  10. There is a discrepency between the amount of lentil stew in the book and on the app. The app says I can have 3/4 cup of it and the book , in the recipe, says That one portion is 1 1/2 cup? Big difference! Which one is right?

    • The app doesn’t give cup sizes — the app gives portions of the whole recipe (at least that is what it is supposed to be doing). You can have 1 1/2 cups.

  11. Hi, from Mexico! A friend of mine recommended your book. She was so happy about the FMD and the changes she and her husband had that I decided to buy the book immediately. I have read that some people get stuck in the third week. In my case, I haven’t lost any weight yet…. In fact, I gained a couple of pounds and this is my third day. I will finish the 28 days but it would be nice to know if this weight gaining might happen sometimes at the beginning. Thanks!

    • Hi. Sometimes there can be some yo-yo-ing, especially in the beginning. THat’s why the plan is 28 days.! Hang in there and good luck.

  12. I have followed the diet religiously for 3.5 weeks and am up 2pounds.
    It is not that different from how I used to eat just greater quantities plus phases
    Any help would be appreciated

  13. Could you please list which fish is allowed for which Phase? I don’t have the app and the book doesn’t give a lot of choices. Thank you very much.

    • The fish that are listed in the book are the same as what’s in the app — those are the fish varieties Haylie chose for the diet.

  14. hi, is there any ideas for dessert during p2? also, I read on the blog that carob chips are allowed on fmd, but the ingredients on my package of unsweetened carob chips seems to have whey and corn derivatives. is it still ok?

    • Hi Diana. Carob chips are hard to find without dairy and corn. But you can find them online in bulk (try An alternative is raw cacao nibs. Haylie’s cookbook will include some desserts for Phase 2, such as meringues.

  15. ? About xylitol . Some recipes call for liquid,others don’t say,I assume it is for powdered. I can not find liquid locally. How can use powdered in recipes calling for liquid ? I have lost 33 pounds so far and enjoy most of recipes,though sometimes I fee, I have been losing gaining same few pounds over and over.I even gained 1 pd on phase 2 yesterday. Started in July with diet in magazine, then saw book and restated in sept with correct info. I have lost 20 since then but coming off slow. Any ideas thanks

    • Hi Sherri. Using the powder should be okay in this recipe. The powdered is certainly easier to find. Happy you are losing, Sherri — it can be frustrating when it’s slow, I know. But you’re also improving your health and metabolism. You might try taking a break. Sometimes that helps. Take a couple of weeks and put yourself on maintenance. Eat clean, but don’t worry about the phases. Exercise however you like. Then try another 28-day round. Good luck!

  16. Can you please tell me where to find the recipe for sweet potato fries/and other chip snacks. Can’t find it on any of the last four blogs/spreecast that’s emailed to me each month.

    • No! They are entirely new. None of the recipes in the cookbook are repeats from the earlier book, or the recipes here on the website and in our newsletters.

  17. I am at goal weight and would like to add Greek yogurt back into my diet. Is this possible during maintenance? How much and how often?

    • Sure. Haylie enjoys Greek yogurt now and again. She advises to go for full-fat yogurt, not fat-free or reduced fat. Go slow — try a little and wait a few days, and see how you feel. Just pay attention to your body.

  18. I having bloating issues and not feeling like this program is working for me. I am in week four and am very discouraged. In have stuck to the diet strictly. I am discouraged and do not understand. I really wanted to lose 15 to 20 pounds and have lost nothing. Why is this program not working for me?

    • Hi Morgan. Try talking to your doctor. This isn’t common. If you are experiencing bloating, you may have discovered you have a food sensitivity you perhaps did not know about before. And if you were Haylie’s client, the first thing she would do is run your lab tests and see where you are with your hormones. There has to be something behind this — because it’s really not common to experience no weight loss at all.

    • Morgan, I lived with bloating and not losing weight for 2 years, eating clean on a paleo diet and regular exercise. Nothing worked. I had tried talking to my doctor with my research in hand, to give me the full panel of thyroid tests to no avail. I tried to tell him that my synthroid was not working; but he said my TSH was was normal. When the doctor said to me “if I was going to blame my thyroid for not losing weight than I was never going to lose weight”. I picked up my purse and said I;m outta here and never went back. The problem in Canada and from my internet research,in the US also, there are very few doctors who truly understand or care re: thyroid and hormone issues and thus the reason millions of women in North America are misdiagnoised because most doctors just do the TSH blood test. I saw Haylie on Dr. OZ and I applauded when she told Dr. Oz that very same thing and knew that I was going to buy her book. I now pay a Doctor who does the panel and specializes in Bio-Identical Hormones and I have been on it for 7 months. My first week of being on BIHT I felt a difference and at the same time decided to start the FMD and it took 3months on FMD and lost 15 lbs and lots of inches. I still need to lose 15 lbs, but took a break (but still eat clean )and will go back knowing eventually I will get there, where there was no hope prior to proper treatment. I feel fabulous and wish that I started 17 years ago when I was first treated for Hypothyroidism.
      If you can’t lose weight, then for sure you need to get your thyroid and hormones checked and do not settle for anything less from your doctor! Hope this helps.

  19. Why is the app. soooo far off from the book? I know it probably goes by weight but after following app for 2 mo. and not losing as much, I’ve gone back to book portions and the weight is coming off quicker again.

    • Hi Lynn. The app isn’t far off. It calculates the single portion for under 20 pound weight loss goal, and 1.5 portions for more than 20 pounds. But regardless, I’m happy you’re losing weight!

  20. My goal is to lose 100 pounds. The book says I should add 1/2 portion for every additional 20 pounds I want to lose. That means I’d be eating HUGE portions of food – if one serving of Chicken Barley soup is 3 cups (that’s what the book says), then I should be eating 9 cups for one meal! Am I really supposed to be eating that much food?

    • Hi Tena. Congratulations are getting started! Start with 1 1/2 portions. You can only add more portions so much — it ends up being too much food. So start with the 1 1/2 portions, and be sure to eat lots of veggies.

      • Thanks! I just received my book yesterday. I had been using one I borrowed from a friend. I see the information on portions has been changed in the version I have.

        • Yes, the second printing includes a chart that makes it easier to understand. The portions themselves are the same.

      • Re portions for over 20 lbs. is everything in a recipe multiplied by 1 1/2 ie. the tuna green apple I& spinach salad . The book says that it serves 2 & I read on this site that it serves 1 . Which is correct ? The app also says that it should be served with a grain as well . That’s a lot of food. I served it to my husband & he couldn’t finish it .

        • Hi Jutta. Look to the protein and fruit amounts when you’re doing 1/5 portions. For tuna, that would be 9 ounces — and 1 1/2 apples. It’s a lot of food, I know. And you are also supposed to have 1 1/2 grain with it. That’s “eat more to lose more!” If you can’t finish a meal, be sure you eat part of everything — so instead of skipping the grain, for example, be sure you eat some protein, some fruit and some grain. The tuna and apple salad in the book serves 1, since it has 5 oz. of protein in it.

    • They are not. Xylitol measures 1:1 for sugar, but stevia is much less. Please check the packaging on your stevia — there should be equivalent measures.

  21. Hi, is there a specific brand of Xylitol Haylie uses? I bought some at Sprouts, not sure if it’s a hardwood and have horrible bowel distress when I use it.

    • She likes Xyla brand, which is birch xylitol. Be aware that some people are sensitive to xylitol — sounds like you might be one of them. Try stevia instead, and give your xylitol to a friend.

  22. I had my panels checked but my primary care doctor did not have a clue what to do with them stating that I needed to do a “lifestyle change” (I wanted to slap him)…I have been following the diet for 6 months, lost 13 lbs but have been plateaued for 3 months now. I work out nearly every day in water areobics as well. Do you have recommendations for doctors who understand this stuff…. I live

    in Riverside county of California?

  23. Just a note to let you know how much the fmd has helped my blood work. Saw the dr today and everything was better than normal. She told me if it is the same in 5 months she will take me off the colestrol medicine. I am thrilled.

  24. Also can you have V8 juice as a vegetable? I am having a really hard time consuming enough vegetables for meals and snacks. I lost 9 lbs first week, but have plateaued. I am sure this is my fault as to having a really hard time giving up coffee and wine.

  25. I fell off the wagon for FMD before the holidays and am now jumping back in! What I noticed (besides gaining my 10 lbs back) was my hair, face, and nails looked and felt so much better! My energy level great and was sleeping well ALL NIGHT! Since falling off, I have gone back to 2 to 3am wakeups and feeling exhausted and ready for bed a 7pm!!!

    This has been the easiest by far program I have ever done because I don’t feel like I am dieting! I won’t say that Phase 2 hasn’t been hard, but I just look forward to feeling better.

    My Question??? Can I use raw honey for my sweetener?

  26. Hi, I’ve just bought the FMD cookbook to extend my repertoire. I was excited to see that the cacao cookies count as a snack on P3 if eaten with veggies, but I don’t see how because they don’t contain any good fat?!?

  27. Hi I tried to make the cacao coconut ice cream tonight and I think the measurements are off. I have a vitamix and there is no way with the liquid to ice ratio it was ever going to blend that. Is there anyway to get a list of corrections for the cookbook (not the original book but the new cookbook)

  28. I noticed that a lot of the recipes call for coconut milk or coconut cream from a can. I was wondering if the guar gum that is added to all of these was okay. Every time I have even a tiny bit of canned coconut anything I get horrible gas. Is there a brand that does not use guar gum?
    Also, what is the stance on agave or monk fruit sweeteners? Liquid stevia is nasty. Can I use Truvia?

    • Guar gum is fine; it’s made from part of the guar bean, and is used as a thickener. But it could be you have a sensitivity to it — some people do. Arroy-D and Native Forest are two brands that do not include guar gum. There’s no agave on the diet — it’s even worse than sugar in some ways. As for monk fruit, if you buy luo han guo, pure monk fruit extract, that’s okay. But commercial sweeteners using monk fruit add other stuff to them. For instance, Nectresse also includes sugar. Monk Fruit in the Raw contains corn in the form of dextrose.

  29. I would love to make the sprouted grain bread. I have tried numerous health food stores in and around where we live. Cannot find it. We are in Western Canada British Columbia to be exact. Does anyone know where I can get sprouted grain flour or what I could use to substitute.
    Have been very successful on the diet and love the life.

    • Dates are not on the diet since they are dried fruit — there’s no dried fruit on the diet.

  30. Please advise participants that xylitol can have a very adverse reaction on their digestive systems. In small quanties it may not be a problem, but in larger quantities such as the 1/2 cup suggested in the mint mousse recipe it can cause severe cramping and diarrhea. I am speaking from experience after asking one of your rhubarb recipes and consuming a single portion. I researched the product after reaction and many people have adverse reactions to the product.

    • Very good point. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, and some people are reactive to all sugar alcohols. You can always use stevia instead. Sorry you found out about your intolerance the hard way :(

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