Peach-Sunflower Seed Sorbet

Peach-Sunflower Seed Sorbet

Finally! The weather is warming up. Are you craving creamy treats?  Well guess what? Making your own sorbet is super easy, super delicious and won’t blow your diet with loads of dairy and sugar.

Frozen fruit is a godsend when it’s a little too early for summer fruit at the markets. If you’re doing the Fast Metabolism Diet, this recipe is great for Phase 3 for a sweet end to your lunch, satisfying your healthy fat and fruit requirements.  You could also leave out the sunflower seeds to make it appropriate for a Phase 1 fruit, and you could easily swap fruits to change it up. Mango works well for Phase 1, first instance.

Peach Sorbet with Sunflower Seeds

Serves 2

4 cups ice

½ cup birch-based xylitol

2 cups frozen peach chunks

¼ cup sunflower seeds

4 mint leaves (optional)

Place all ingredients in a Vitamix (or other powerful blender). Blend until smooth. Serve immediately or freeze to desired consistency.

If your blender isn’t that powerful, your sorbet will turn out chunkier and soupier at first. Just pour it in a bowl and freeze for 30 minutes or until it’s the consistency you want.

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144 thoughts on “Peach-Sunflower Seed Sorbet

  1. ywher is it?

    purchased your book, on page 233, you give your website to get the super simple diet option, can’t find it in your website!!!

      • I have the app. I am half way through the book. I am going to start the diet on Monday the 22nd. Unfortunately in the small town I live in I do not have a Whole Foods to shop at. Am I going find all the food I need at a normal grocery store? I saw you on Dr. OZ last week and you got me fired up!! I can’t wait for Monday…Thank you!!!

        • If your grocery store has an organic foods section, you’ll be able to find some of the specialty grains…like the sprouted grain bread, brown rice fusilli. I haven’t had a problem with getting things at my store.

      • When will the products be in stock? I ordered mine 4/14 and have not heard anything. I am wanting to start this diet, but need the shakes and bars for phase 2.

  2. Hello,
    I am just finishing phase 2 of week one and am finding this very enjoyable (great recipes in your book!)I have had a rough time getting over the caffeine but hopefully the headaches are going. I am missing my cup of coffee, though and I have Dandy Blend in my cupboard. It looks like it might be okay in phase one based on the ingredients – can you tell me if I can drink it in any phase? thank you!

  3. I am having a hard time finding wheat free and sugar free sprouted grain bread. Does it really exist? :p Any tips on finding it online? Also, any idea when bars and powders will be back in stock? Thank you for your time!

    • Ezekiel bread is fine — sprouted wheat is different and easier to digest than regular wheat flour so it’s okay to have.

    • I live in NC and some Harris Teeter food stores have sprouted grain breads in their freezer section. I googled the stores in my area first to see who carried the bread.

      • Linda,I live in alabama and if you have a publix or a winn dixie in your area, they carry it there in the freezer section.. publix had the better selection. I hope this helps

    • .. I get my Ezekiel breads at Trader Joes , and they even have a GLUTEN FREE. :) so yeah..I am a happy girl!

  4. Where do I find birch based xylitol? I have stevia can that work? I am starting phase 3 tomorrow and I would like to try this. I must say that phase 2 is not my favorite, but I am managing. The recipes in the book are really good. Thanks!

  5. I just received your email with the different sorbet receipts. I am on week one of Phase Two…..I really dislike meat and eggs, so I think the phase two sorbet will get me through these phase. My question is can I eat this sorbet after each meal and snack? Thank-you.

  6. Glad to see others jump in on this diet. I am starting phase 3 tomorrow also. So glad for some sorbet recipe. The vitamix works wonders and is a great kitchen tool.

  7. I notice that the Avocado Chilli recipe in phase 3 seems to be the same as the turkey or buffalo chilli in phase 1, does this mean both recipes are good for phase 1 and 3 just omit the avocado in phase 1. Looks like that is the case with several of phase 1 recipes, they could be used in phase 3 also. Is this correct?

  8. I am going to start this diet on Monday 4/22. It is difficult to understand and It will be expensive. Don’t even know if I can find what I need. I am going shopping tomorrow. I don’t want to mess it up. Also I wish you had a box of bars and shakes with all 3 phases in one box. I am retired and on a fixed income. I can’t afford to buy 6 boxes. I would perfer to use them but will have to do without. I am going to give this 28 days to the best of my ability and pray that it works. Nothing else has.

    • I would love the sorbet recipes as well. can’t wait to try them.. I will be starting week 4 on monday and this would be something different

  9. I have the same problem as George. I live in a small town but we do have a Walmart. So far, I am not finding a lot of the foods. Any suggestions?

  10. I tried the lemon, lime sorbet and it was so good. I was getting sick of eating meat and this was so refreshing to add to it yum. The stevia has a bad after taste like all the other artificial sweetners, I will ripen my fruits and just use that. thank you

  11. I am also in 1st week going on to Phase 3 tomorrow and I cant wait. I luv the recipes .Phase 2 has been a bit difficult cause of meats. I dont like any of the snacks and I eat turkey all day. I cant find the birch sugar.I;m doubling my recipes cause my husband and I need to lose over 60pounds. I have lupus and I am also post transplant , so I take a lot of medicine and steriods which goes thru my liver, so I am hoping this diet will help detox that and maybe reduce the swellings that I get. Thanks for making this book, its truly a god send for some one in my condition. I did check with my doctor about the water and unfortunately I cant drink half my body weight but I drink 7 to 8 glasses

    • My husband has about 70 pounds to lose. So far, he has lost 15. He can not drink over two gallons of water per day. He just refuses. At most he can get in about 8 or 9 large glasses per day. Just do the best you can do. It is the best program we have tried, though Phase 2 is pretty tough for us.

  12. I about to run out to Barnes & Noble to purchase the book…saw Haylie on Dr. Oz this week. In which phase can I fit lowfat yogurt smoothies in? I’m hoping all since it’s such a convenient breakfast when you’re on the go.

    • @ Jen.. I too, love my I use filtered or purified water,and I found a great ORGANIC PLANT BASED protein powder online, this replaces the Greek Yogurt protein. :)

  13. Is a smoothie out of spinach and pineapple with either puried pumpkin seeds and/or crushed sunflower seeds good on this diet? If so, how much?

    • You could do the spinach & pineapple Phase 1 but no seeds. You can add seeds in Phase 3, but no pineapple – use peaches. You can use berries too, but from personal experience I can tell you that the color when mixed with spinach is not ver appetizing

      • @PghPam …: Its true that the spinach smoothies are ‘ green’, but I dont mind that. For those that DO want a different color..Blueberries are the ticket. Makes it purple. The strawberries will give you this brownish looking stuff ( Not appetizing, lol ) but blueberries will give it the appetizing look desired. :)

  14. I just finished week 1 and I still get hungry at night, around 8 can I, should I have a snack at that time of night….this sorbet sounds yummy!!!

  15. I bought I-book and can’t read the map. Can’t use the blank ones either as they are to small and can’t be copied. Can you send these to me?
    thanks, this would be appreciated.

  16. Are the Phase 1, 2, 3 Bar’s on Haylie’s retail site for lunch or supper or both. Can half be used for snack option?

    • When will they be back in stock? It has been over a week since I ordered and haven’t heard anything, we will get a shipping refund or something since we have been waiting for them????

  17. Loving the real food. I am on week 2, phase 2. Lost 4 pounds the first 4 days and have not lost any weight since…..ugh. Following the diet exactly,\. I have read the book several times and I do not find it difficult to do. However, I am starting to get “depressed” weighing the same for 6 days. Help???

    • Dee, I had the same issue. I hit a long plateau but am now in the third week finishing up Phase 2, and lost a couple of pounds yesterday. I also noticed I was retaining some water. I was about to get discouraged as well, but then put on pants today that were noticeably loose! Let’s hang in there together. I finish on Mother’s Day, how about you?

  18. I have 60+ pounds to lose. In phase 1 when I made the Italian Wild Rice dish I became confused. The portion size in the book is 1 1/2-2 cups. Since I have so much weight to lose The App program instructs me to consume 10oz chicken. Should I make an additional chicken side dish, or just eat more of this prepared entree (I didn’t know if it was a problem eating more of the wild rice to satify the protien requirement). Thank you.

    • Start at 1.5 portions for now and see how it goes — that level seems to be working for most women

  19. I started on the fast metabolism eating plan and am on day three. I would like to you, Haylie, a question regarding exercise but cannot find a way to direct myself to you directly. Please….

  20. I have not been getting the news letters, can you please email them to me. Also, can I please have the sorbet recipes. Thank you so much!

    • I would like to repeat Ella’s request for myself. I have also not been getting the news letters and I would enjoy having the sorbet recipes. Thank you!

  21. Help! I thought a forum was to be added where one can communicate with others and share any problems but I cannot find it. In fact, I have a difficult time with the web site. I know there is a page where others communicate but where is it? Thanks

  22. Hi, my husband and I have been doing the diet for almost two weeks we would love to have the lemon/lime sorbet recipe pleas :)

  23. Started program Mon., 4/22. Starting weight on Mon. – Tues., I gained 2lb, Wed., I gained 2lb, Thur. I Lost 2lb and today I lost 2lb. Is this a common occurrence? Love the recipes in the book. Is it possible because I consumed more food than I normally would have that it caused a spike in weight? Have 52lbs. to lose and following the guidelines for amount of weight to lose the servings are more than I’m use to. Any insight would be appreciated as I’m closing in on the end of week one!

  24. We are LOVING this Diet so very much! Great Recipes! My husband is on the go with his job and loves shakes smoothies and ice creams. He was excited to see that you have some other sorbet recipes…we noticed others speaking of other sorbet recipes that can be sent through the newsletter, we signed up for that last week, but havent found the sorbet info! Would it be possible to have you email them to us! So excited to continue this, we feel amazing and are coming to the end of week #2!

  25. Okay – I have been on this diet for five days now. I started on a Tuesday because I couldn’t wait to get started! I have made a few mistakes ( what I mean by mistakes, I mean that I have eaten a food that wasn’t phase appropriate like Mango smoothie in Phase 3) along the way though, but I have vowed to keep on going. My question is this: “Exactly how much am I to be eating”? I am wanting to loose 60 pounds. There are no serving sizes listed in your book (unless I have overlooked it) for each food item on the Phase appropriate food lists so I am not totally sure how to bump up my amount of proteins, grains, fruit, veggies and so on. Can you help with this? I have made photo copies of your maps, but don’t care to eat what you have laid out on some of the days, so when I go to try to figure out how much I should be eating, I get all confused and I feel like maybe I am not eating enough. I have lost almost three pounds in four days and I am not disappointed. I just wish some things were a little clearer for me.

    Lori Kissinger

    • Look on pages 104 & 105 of the book. It will answer your questions about size of servings for amt of wt you have to lose.


      • This is my question as well. I am in phase 2 for my 3rd week. I am confused about the fat/protein as well. I feel really good, but have not lost a lot of weight, but have lost about 1 to 2 inches from my body. My phase 3 days I am not losing the weight that I think I should be losing. I have been eating protein and a fat regular portions, and I think that is too much. If I do eat a low fat protein I need a fat as well, but then what are my portion sizes for each? Do I cut them in half? It would be nice to have this clarified.

      • Lol I just asked the same question somewhere else. If you look at what she says about fats in the book, plus the recipes, one would expect it to be both. But the App only let’s you choose one or the other.

  27. Just finished week 1. Love it! Just had Quinoa for the first time. Hate it! Any suggestions for making quinoa taste better?

    • Quinoa is yummy but cook it in chicken broth or veggie broth, then add plenty of herbs, a bit of sea salt, a dash of balsamic vinegar, and same sprays of amino acids (got this at the health food store and it tastes like soy sauce).

    • During Phase 1 you can also have brown rice. When we first started eating Quinoa, I made half Quinoa and half brown rice. It made the transition really easy.

    • I thought the same thing about quinoa, my sister said, if you soak it in water for a while and rinse it well, that weird flavor is gone. It tastes much better!

    • Hi Jill, I can only have quinoa, so for breakfast I add cinnamon in P1 and in P3 I add raw almonds whole and cinnamon. If you heat up ad a bit of water to re-moisten, also if in P3, try heating with coconut oil or whatever else you are having. Quinoa also comes in red which is a bit crunchier!

  28. Hi, I purchased this book last week and am about 1/2 way through. Are the portions for the recipes you have in the book the same for Men as they are for Women? I cannot see that my husband could sustain on the portions that I feel are appropriate for me.

  29. I just found out about Haylie’s book and I am gearing up to start either Saturday or Monday. Making my grocery list and mapping my meals. Love this recipe and I saw another comment about an email with other sorbet recipes. I just subscribed to the blog. Is it possible for me to get those recipes emailed to me? Thanks so much. Very excited about this program. I am a huge coffee drinker and I’m not looking forward to the caffeine withdrawal but I will manage. I am going to try her suggestions in the book to help with the headaches.

  30. We want to start this program is there a way to down load the App to the computer so you can print out the program and the trackers?

  31. I started phase 2 today. I am not use to eating 5 times a day and feel full all the time. I am worried I will add weight instead of lose because I don’t know what you consider portion size and I am not 100% sure I am doing everything correctly or will hit the the 3-hr window between meals. What is its unavoidable?

  32. Just finish phase 1 enjoyed the food,making Beef,kale and endive soup for supper sure smells good.My husband is not on the diet but eating the supper he’s enjoying it.

  33. I was so thrilled when I saw Haylie on Dr. Oz that I wanted to make an appt with her. Then I saw her on again and found out about her book. I ran right out and got it! I’m on day one of phase 3 and I’m eating only what she laid out on her plan. Her food is incredibly delicious. I am really full all the time. Can’t seem to get the water in yet but I’m working on it! I truly feel this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The world will know once I accomplish my goal! Thank you so much.

  34. I have a couple of questions (1)Should you have a protein & fat on phase 3….OR 1 or the other? I know a couple people have asked but I didn’t see any answers. Also, (2)Are Loquats an acceptable fruit on any phase? Thanks!!

  35. I’m looking for the

    I’m looking for the FMD shake for phase 2. I really don’t know for sure how to do this, I’m not good on this computer. But in the book on the Super simple meal plan breakfast, all the meals say FMD shake. Where is it?

  36. What do you say about using rice protein powder? On phase 2, I have mixed up a veggie juice with a scoop of the powder for lunch. This diet has me eating so much more than my normal amount. Thank you.

    • Check protein powders carefully — most contain corn or dairy products, or soy. Ingredients should be phase specific.

  37. Finished week one, lost 4.8 pounds. Very surprised. Ready for week two. The week before I started I planed out week one and made a bunch of food to freeze Enough for 2 weeks of dinners, and leftovers somedays for lunch. I think this helped out a lot. It took 2 days to cook everything and I was very organized with my shopping list, but it pays off and makes doing this a lot easier and less likely to mess up, by being overwhelmed as to what should I make tonight? I plan on cooking some more for weeks 3 and 4. Basicly to repeat week 1 and 2. I fixed a total of 8 different dinners. 2 for phase 1 and 3 each for phase 2 and 3.

    • That is great! Would love to know what recipes/meals you planned. I am planning to start in a couple of days and had the same idea-to plan it out and make ahead so there are no excuses!

  38. I discovered a great recipe by experiment, for breakfast on phase one put frozen peashesin a very large cup (I use a corning ware 2 cup) micriwave until mostly thawed (usually 45 sec.), cut unto chunks add your oatmeal and 2/3′s the usual water, stevia to taste (I use 2 packets) and microwave on high for 2 and 1/2 min. Then 3 or 4 min on thaw (intermittent power) delisious! I am using 1 cup fruit and oatmeal to make 1 cup.

  39. Hello, Saw Haylie on Dr. Oz twice was intrigued, order the book prior to release to I could start right away. I am on week four of the FMD. Followed the book week one and lost seven pounds, followed the App, week 2 & 3 and did not lose any weight. Week four, almost done, I am following the book and again losing weight. I do not find consistency with the book and the App. For example, sweet potatoes are on phase three vegatable list but not on the app. Also healthy fats and protein are together but no in the book. Would like to continue losing weight, when in double what should I follow?-Donna

    • Hi, Sweet potatoes are allowed on P3 — they are missing in the app, but are being added. For the healthy fats/protein, you need both, but sometimes the are the same — such as a snack of nuts, seeds or hummus. But other times, you need to add two together, such as turkey and mayo, or an egg and avocado. For the app, choose the “major” item, then be sure to add the other in your diet.

      • I did not realize this. Is the App going to be updated soon? I love having it to go by but I just assumed everything on it was correct. I do not like avocado no matter what I do! Is there a really good substitute for that? I have tried to learn to like it but so far I don’t like it at all.

        • Yes! We are working on updating the app now. You don’t HAVE to have avocado — you can have any other P3 healthy fat like hummus, raw nuts, nut butters, seeds, olive oil, olives, safflower mayo, etc.

  40. I have a question on phase 1 recipe for Chicken Barley soup it calls for 2 cups butternut squash and I don’t see butternut squash anywhere on the approved vegetables for any phase.

  41. Just tried this with lunch consisting of the Cocounut Curry Chicken without the quinoa. I used frozen mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) and a splash of lemon juice instead of the seeds. Who knew something so healthy could taste so decadent. I’m never buying sorbet again. I’m almost done with my first week and I’ve already lost 4.5 lbs. I’m nervous about following the diet while traveling during my week three though.

  42. Please, please tell me how to get receipts from Haylie, on Pintrest? There is no response to her name on that web.????

  43. Do we need to put the stevia or xylitol in recipes, or just if we want it to be sweeter? Does it contribute to weight lose or just flavor? I’ve been leaving it out because I didn’t need more sweetness..but I only lost 1 lb. last week.

  44. The fruit in Phase 1 can that be very small portions and still work? I am so sensitive to sugar fruit, even one apricot, will cause sugar blues. What is the smallest portion I can eat or can a veggie be substituted?

    • The natural sugars in fruit are a big part of the diet. What about choosing the lower glycemic fruits like strawberries and raspberries?

        • No portion limit on the lemon/lime sorbet. Just be sure to meet your other requirements first.

  45. After making the beet-berry sorbet yesterday, I had half the recipe. Now I realize why I got so sick–because of the sugar alcohol in Xyla. I used to use Stevia but switched once on this diet since Stevia is so hard to judge (the amount for the sweetness) and the aftertaste. I like all the other properties of Xyla, such as 1:1 for sugar in baking and no aftertaste but can’t see using it again. Can I use coconut sugar since I have some of that on hand?

    • AFter the diet, you can use coconut sugar, but not during the 28 days. Too much xylitol can have that effect. It’s best used in moderation – or you can combine xylitol and stevia too.

  46. I have no problem with phase 1 & 3 but struggle with phase 2 with regards to snacks and do not like egg whites for breakfast. Any suggestions? Gail

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