Now what? Day 29 of the Fast Metabolism Diet

Now what? Day 29 of the Fast Metabolism Diet

The whole point of the Fast Metabolism Diet is get your metabolism humming so you can burn food more efficiently as fuel. But what happens at the end of your 28 days? What happens on day 29?

Did you hit your goal weight?

If you did, hurray! Skip to the next section. If not, you can add a week, two weeks, or several 28-day cycles. Or you can take a little break and start up again. And even you have just 5 or 7 pounds to go until you hit your goal weight, it’s best to forge ahead and keep the momentum you’ve built. Lose those last few pounds now so we’re not talking them a year from now!

Keep your metabolism burning hot

The number one question I get as people near the end of their fourth week: “Can I have coffee/ice cream/cake/muffins/tortilla chips/French fries again? ”

Let’s think about that for a moment. Remember that searing headache you had for four days when you stopped drinking your cappuccinos and diet soda? And the irritability and sluggishness in those first few days without sugar? And remember how those withdrawal symptoms went away, leaving you feeling more energetic than you had in years? Caffeine and sugar were dragging you down all along. They were the very things that slowed your metabolism in the first place!

Now that you’ve made it through the 28 days of the Fast Metabolism Diet, you can handle the occasional splurge – and I WANT you to go to birthday parties and anniversary dinners and weddings and have a fabulous time. But I want you to enjoy them strategically, and so that your fast metabolism can handle the occasional cheesecake incident.

So stick with the Fast Metabolism Rules: Keep exercising, keep making your own foods, keep eating regular, balanced meals (three meals and two snacks), and drinking lots of water. Eat only what comes from the land, earth, sea and sky. Steer clear of ingredients you can’t pronounce, chemicals, colors and preservatives. If you want those things, head to a hardware store, not the grocery store.

Yeah, but what do I eat now? What’s my “Phase 4?”

Here are some strategies that have worked for my clients. Choose one that sounds like it will work for you and modify from there. What feels best to you may be a combination.

1. Modified Phase 3

If you’ve met your goals and you’re feeling good, eat like you’re on Phase 3, but include any of the foods on all of the food lists for any phase.

Keep your grains at breakfast and dinner, but not lunch — we want your body to burn through foods that are harder to digest like proteins and fats. You want to be strategic with easy-to-access carbs. Eat fruit with breakfast and lunch. Keep eating your two snacks each day. And keep exercising. You can also add a dessert for every day you work out. Make it a healthy dessert: One of my sorbets, or a healthy cookie recipe. And make your treats yourself, with love and in your own kitchen.

2. Keep doing the phases, with modifications

If you’re not quite where you want to be, or if you want to be extra cautious when transitioning into the Fast Metabolism Lifestyle, stick to the three phases, with one big exception: Go ahead and cook with healthy oils on any phase. So on Phase 1, for example, you can stir fry your veggies or use oil in a salad dressing, but don’t add nuts, seeds or avocados yet. On Phase 2, same deal: It’s fine to add oil in cooking or in a salad dressing, but otherwise, follow the Phase 2 food lists and guidelines. Then Phase 3 is Phase 3.

3. Stay on the Fast Metabolism Diet for a while longer

If your metabolism was super slow, if you had a lot of ups and downs on the diet, or if your lab results aren’t quite where they should be — even if you lost weight — hop back on the diet. You can repeat a week, two weeks, a month. It’s like getting your car fixed – sometimes you just need an oil change, but sometimes your whole transmission needs an overhaul. Your body is no different.

Foods that weren’t on the diet

If you decide to add foods back into your life that weren’t part of the Fast Metabolism Diet, make it intentional and make the cleanest possible choices. Eat organic — that especially goes for dairy. And remember, no fake stuff: no fake sweeteners, no artificial colors, no chemicals. No fat-free anything! Dairy products and cheese from goat and sheep’s milk are better choices than cow’s milk, as they seem to be easier for the body to digest.

Use smart strategies for other foods too. Try alternative flours for baking that aren’t wheat-based. Explore gluten-free cooking and baking. Find a great cookie recipe that makes healthier swaps for ingredients, like this awesome oat-cookie recipe that uses lower-glycemic coconut sugar instead of table sugar. Go slow — add a food and check in with how your body feels.

If there was one thing I’d urge you to keep out of your life, it would be caffeine. It’s hard to overemphasize how much caffeine stresses your adrenal glands — you were so nice to them during the past month! Caffeine is simply not something the body needs, and it’s a fabulous way to screw up your metabolism.

Join the lifestyle

You may no longer be on the diet: Now you’re living the Fast Metabolism Lifestyle. Stay engaged with my blog, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube channels. Keep learning about good health and your metabolism. Limit your use of packaged products, and don’t buy one without flipping it over to check out the ingredient list. Focus on buying and eating real food.

And if you get off track, the Fast Metabolism Diet is always here for you!

Links included in this article will sometimes direct you to the website, where you can learn more about and purchase many of the products mentioned. Please know that Haylie Pomroy has a financial interest in anything that is sold from

262 thoughts on “Now what? Day 29 of the Fast Metabolism Diet

  1. I finished my 28 days and for the last week I have been mostly eating on the FMD. I had a big weekend with friends and I drank soda, had a piece of cake and a few thing NOT on the diet. I felt TERRIBLE!!!! It was like going back to day 1. What a blessing this has been for me. I feel like a new person!

  2. Thanks for this timely post – I like your advice about adding dairy back into a food plan as well as going back to cooking with a little oil!

  3. Perfect timing for this article. I finished my 1st 28 days 2 days ago and have been mostly adhering to the rules but I just had a diet soda and did not like the feeling it gave me. Will definitely try to keep caffeine and artificial sweeteners out of my mouth!

  4. I totally get not eating fat-free faux food, but the fat-free Greek yogurt I like has only skim milk and active bacterial cultures. Wouldn’t that make it a good choice, especially with a little flax oil?

    • Christine, I want to start FMD, but I am a vegetarian and so confused about the recipes. Do I substitute beans for the meat? On phase 1 for example Chicken and Barley soup do I sustitue beans for the 2 1/2 lbs of chicken breast and how much of the beans? I also noticed in phase 2 for snacks it is all meat or foods I don’t like. I don’t like smoked salmon ( I do like cooked salmon)oysters or mushrooms. What do I eat for snacks in phase 2? Also, I do not like egg whites. Do I just give up on this FMD? I am sick of waking up feeling depressed and anxious.
      Please HELP!

      • Hi. I’m actually a vegan and I did the diet. You can sub beans for meat — 1/2 cup beans in place of 4 oz. of meat. But I actually just used my own recipes and adapted them with the items from the food lists. Phase 2 snacks: You can have any of the fish protein you like. As a vegan, I had the approved-for-vegan soy products: tofu, tempeh and edamame. If I were you, I’d go for those. You can totally do the diet — I did!

  5. My 28 days are almost done, but I plan to be on this several more months. I have much more weight to lose. Just to changed things up, I was thinking of doing a 7 day cleanse. Would you suggest that or just start the 28 days all over?

      • I just have less than 10 pounds to go, do you still recommend to continue the fmd? Also when would the optimal 7 foods for 7 days be expectable? Also why no jalapeños on phase 3?

          • I think you can have jalepenos, since other peppers are allowed on Phase 3. They aren’t on the list specifically, but since they are a pepper, I think you’re covered.

  6. Thank you . I going to need that ” next step”
    After I finnish I m going to work on my recipes for phase 4

  7. Love Love the book and all of the help. I just have one question. As far as cravings go the only thing that I really miss is chewing gum. Can we and if so what are we allowed to chew. I have referred you book to several of my friends and they are now doing this and have the same question.

    • Yes — just choose one that’s sweetened with xylitol or stevia. Two brands are Xyla and Spry

      • Some Trident flavors as well as Orbit are also using Xylitol. Check the label to be sure. Added benefit is that when Xylitol is present orally, the bacteria that cause cavities (S. Mutans) cannot live therefore dramatically reducing your chance for a cavity! Probably more info than you wanted,but you cannot take the Dental Hygienist out of me :-/

      • Watch out for wheat in chewing gum. Gluten-free gums include: Glee Gum (soy, sugar and corn free); Trident (Trident, Layers, Vitality, Xtra Care, White, Splash); Wrigley’s 5 Gum;.

        Gums that are NOT gluten free: Farley’s and Smathers (Fruit Stripe, Super Bubble); Hershey’s (Bubble Yum, Icebreakers); Mondelēz International, Inc. (Bubbaloo, Bubbilicious, Chiclets, Dentyne, Nostalgia Gum, Stride). For other gluten-free product links (candy, chocolate bars, gift-boxed candy, marshmallows, hot chocolate, hot dogs, etc.) see

  8. How much oil is suggested if we’re doing a modified diet (option 2 above)?

    Also, how much is a serving of pre-made guacamole? I know a half avocado is the serving, but what’s the equivalent for prepared guac?

    • Haylie doesn’t endorse restaurants. Best thing is to ask lots of questions, ask for substitutions and steer clear of the bad stuff — wheat, soy, corn, sugar, etc.

  9. After completing the first cycle I’ve lost 12 lbs., I plan on repeating at least two more cycles. Would it be appropriate to step up the workout intensity now, or should I remain on the “gentle” activity plan?

  10. Very frustrated. Following the diet and living a normal life has been very challenging, the first 4 days were gone because I lost 4 pounds, WOW!!! Then into phase 3, I gained weight. Finally onto Phase 1 again my weight came down a little but still up above last weeks weight. It’s slot of work and nothing is happening, I feel tired. About ready to stop into Starbucks and try something different! Give me a venti please!

    • I felt the same way!!! I quit smoking in October of last year and had ten pounds to lose in 28 days. I lost 5 pounds the first week, yay!! I was exhausted I had headaches. And to add insult to injury, my hubby was half following the diet, at best, and the weight was falling off. I persevered, and completed all the work, and the 28 days. I was on a weight loss roller coaster, up and down the following three weeks. I was discouraged, and a little disgusted that I invested so much time and effort and only lost 8 pounds in 28 days….then I remembered that prior to FMD I was working out 7 days a week and starving myself and still gaining weight. I learned a lot, I make healthier food choices, and although I didn’t quite make my goal, my body looks better and I fit into those pre-quitting smoking jeans!!

      • I think fluctuations from day to day are normal. A friend and I did FMD together. We both had weight fluctuations constantly through the 4 weeks, but continually lost weight over time. I lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks and am so happy! Granted, it isn’t 20 lbs, but 3 lbs a week with very few cravings is amazing for me. THEN in week 5 my weight totally stabilized, no fluctuations at all. It was amazing…. I didn’t follow the plan exactly, but I ate well. I was afraid I would gain, but I didn’t. Now, I am in week 6 and am at a 7 year low! I love, love, love this plan. Hang in there; reread the book at make it work for you. Your health is worth it!

    • i found that on the diet my weight fluctuates. I lost 6 pounds the first week, second week i lost NOTHING but stayed the same. Please stay on track, I was just reading the book again and Hayley reminds us that although weightloss is a bonus to this diet, that this is MOSTLY about training our metabolism. This is a healing phase for our metabolism ( read pg 142-145, it may give you the encouragement you need to keep going), sometimes our metabolism needs so much repair that you may not be losing weight fast or at all, but please stay on track. I really think it will work. I am into week 3 now and on day 2 and i have already lost over a pound. I think that my metabolism was in such a state that my body has to work really hard to get going again. I have to look at it like an injury and that my body needs time to repair. Give your body that chance. I also found that phase 3 (the first 2 weeks) I didn’t lose weight and even gained a pound or two. I had to pay more attention to my portions and really watch the list of foods. This IS alot of work, but it took a lot of work for your body to get where it is… your body will thank you and you will see results, it is not easy but you can do it! Please don’t give up!

      • I have done one full round, continued it for another 3 weeks, and got side tracked ;( and over the course of the next 2 months I gained about 5 lbs back. I lost 25 lbs in the 6 weeks I did it but I lost the most weight in weeks 4, 5, and 6. I agree that sometimes it just takes time to heal the body of a chronic dieter. I am half way through my second round of a 28 day cycle. FYI it is WAAAAAAY easier this time for some reason. I lost 4 the first week, and 2-ish so far this week. I imagine that it will get better as the weeks go on same as the first round. I can’t complain I went from 232 to 203 and a size 16 to a 12. The final goal is 175.

    • While I lost the most weight in the first week, I’m still losing. Since I’d just returned from vacation and had more than 20 pounds to lose, that weight came off quickly. If you had less than 20 pounds to lose, don’t count on it happening quickly. A pound a week in the big scheme of things is a great way to lose weight.

  11. Thanks so much for this information! I am about to finish my 28 days but I really want to eat Pizza just once and then get back on it. I need to loose 15 more lbs at least. Question about sweet potatoes, in the app it on the Phase 1 food list for veggies but in the book sweet potatoes are on phase 1 and phase 3 and there are recipes for Phase 3 with sweet potatoes. I got confused and I ended up eating them a few times in both phases.. which is it? and if it is Phase 1 only, then do I still need the grain? since sweet potatoes are carbs?

    • Sweet potatoes are also good for P3 — the app is being updated. Sweet potatoes are a veggie on the diet, not a grain, so still eat your grain

    • Look online, there are many pintrest recipes for a cauliflour crust, then you can have pizza more often with healthier choices on it.

    • I made a P3 pizza a couple weeks ago. Used organic spelt flour for the crust, organic home made pizza sauce and TONS of veggies. I did use shredded almond “mozzarella” cheese, but discovered that I really didn’t taste it too much. With all those veggies, didn’t really need the “cheese”. Look online for spelt pizza crust..there are many to choose from.

  12. I made it through the 28 days. My husband and I did the FMD together. We each lost 12 pounds in the 28 days. We were happy with the results and how “good” we feel. We plan to take a week break because we are traveling and then resume another 28 days hoping to reach our weight goals. The foods I miss the most are dairy items such as yogurt. However,I will say, we’ve been very creative in making delicious meals from the phase food lists.

  13. I have completed the 28 days. My only complaint is that I stayed so tired all the time. Not sure how much weight I lost because I didn’t know for sure where I started. Need energy.Starting over.

  14. Your Fast Metabolism Diet has been a miracle plan for me. I lost six pounds in the first 28 days, and I am in the process of repeating the diet to loose another eight pounds to reach my weight goal. In three weeks I am going on a trip to Europe for a month. It scares me to death to think I could gain some or all the weight I lost while on vacation. I know I won’t be able to follow the phases properly, but will try to follow the plan the best I can, t don’t know what else I can do. Thank you for your fabulous plan Haley. Sheila Syrkowski

  15. Only a few days left and I’ve lost 10lbs. I am pleased with this as I cracked a bone in my heel and have lost weight without doing any exercise, only following the 28day diet. I am going to take a week off and then go back on it again as I have a few more pounds to lose, plus, I feel better eating this way. Even my husband has encouraged me by eating the meals I’ve prepared from Haylie’s recipes and diet plan, and he has enjoyed all of them. This makes it so much easier, I don’t have to cook two meals. This is going to be my “go-to” diet from now on whenever I need to shed a couple of pounds here and there.

  16. I am a big Pepsi girl ,but am not doing to bad on cutting back.I am also a big Tea drinker is this alright?

  17. I am on my 25th day. I am a little nervous about what lies ahead. I feel great,made alot of changes,and I want to continue to make healthy choices. Are there any more books on the (after the 28 days), and I would love more recipes.Thanks Haylie!!!

    • A cookbook is coming in December, but stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, Pinterest the newsletter — we’ll continue to feature recipes that are on the diet, and others that are healthy but are not.

  18. My husband and I completed the 28 days two days ago. He lost 25lbs and I lost 15lbs and 6inches. I still have 6lbs to lose and wanted to keep going for a week but the husband was DONE. I decided I would try a regular cup of coffee this morning instead of my decaf. OH WOW I didn’t like the way it made me feel so I dumped the pot out and made a half pot of decaf. It amazes me how my body reacted right away! Will not be doing that again, but had to test the waters. Never really got the Energy boost I was hoping for though during the 28 days so hopefully when I try it again I will. Overall this has been a great experience and I have told everyone I know about it. Family members are looking into to it and purchasing the book. I did have a half a glass of red wine last night with 2 glasses of water.

  19. I’ve lost 12 pounds and I feel great. I finished my 28 days. I’ ll keep your advise Thank you Haylie.

  20. I finished the first 28 day 2 weeks ago lost 16 lbs and 2 inches. I am now on the 2nd week of the 2nd 28 day and lost another inch and half haven’t weighed myself but feel great. I am a chef so it hasn’t been too hard to forgo all the bad choices. I actually feel empowered by my personal choices and feel really good. I’m hoping that by the end of summer will be on at goal…If you need a recipe tester let me know…I tweaked a few of Haylie’s..

  21. My husband and I are on our 25th day. Almost done!. But I think we are going to continue to eat very healthy from now on. Husband lost so far 15 lbs and I have lost 8 lbs and 3 inches overall. Both are feeling great. I wanted to know after the 28 days if we are allowed to eat bananas.

  22. I’ve completed the first 28 day cycle and plan on repeating at least two more cycles. Would it be appropriate to step up the workout intensity now, in hope of revving up the fat burn, or should I remain on the “gentle” activity plan? My friend wants me to join her in a cross fit routine.

    • Go for it! You’re getting in better shape, so you can work out harder. But keep it phase specific — cardio on phase one, weights on P2, etc.

  23. I finished the 28 days two days ago. Lost 12 pounds total and a couple of inches around the waist. Most effective diet I have EVER tried. I plan to take a little break and then do another 28 day cycle as I still have more to lose but I want to start on a different day this time as the way I had to do it phase 2 (which I hated) fell on the weekend when I most wanted to eat things on the phase 3 list and eat out or with friends.
    I am particularly anxious to re-introduce yogurt and I noticed that somewhere in the book Haylie mentioned that one of her favorite “off diet” snacks was Greek Yogurt so I’m going to assume that’s ok. Plus I gave up gluten about a year ago and felt a TREMENDOUS improvement in my well-being and energy. I did not experience any significant difference in giving up dairy (other than the weight, of course). So I’m thinking it’s probably ok for me to add back some dairy.

  24. I would like to hear the answer to Barbara’s question about Greek yogurt. I’ve been reading a lot lately about the importance of good bacteria. I feel much better on the FMD (week 2) but I am hoping to incorporate some kefir into my diet after the 28 days to introduce good bacteria into my system since it should be all running properly again. I am concerned though because I think kefir is dairy. Would love to hear what Hayley thinks about probiotics and good bacteria.

    • Hi Rebecca. I’ve spoken to Haylie on this one – she is a fan of coconut kefir and kombucha during the 28 day diet for introducing pre-biotic intestinal flora. After the diet, those are also good, as well as goat and sheep’s milk kefir, which are easier for the body to digest than cow’s milk products.

  25. I’m going on vacation and won’t have a kitchen for a week. Going to Boston, Niagara Falls and New York.
    How do I do the less damage. I ama pescatarian. Protein days are really tough for me. Help?

    • You’ll be fine! you’re going to big cities, where you’ll find good health food stores and lots of restaurant choices. Ask a lot of questions and ask for substitutions. Pick up easy to carry snacks like jerky, raw nuts and apples. Have fun!

  26. I am on my second round, I have lost 22 pounds as of today. I must admit I do feel better, I still have more rounds to go, this diet is very easy to stick with and of course my feet would like to than Haylie

  27. I really loved this great new diet, new life style! &i want to continue it, but is there any way I can set up the right date in the 28 day, 4wk, 3phases ? I can’t reset it to present date .

  28. This program is amazing. I am midway in Week 3 and have lost 12 pounds. I have quite a bit of weight to lose so I will be repeating the program. My only craving has been for coffee. Is decaf acceptable on the plan? I can really feel the difference in eating healthier. I have been on the diet roller coaster for a long time. I wish I had this plan years ago.

  29. I finished the 28 day diet. I am 59 years old, and my blood sugar tests in the diabetic range. I need to lose 60 pounds. I lost 6 pounds the first week, but my weight fluctuated up and down a pound about every day, so that at the end, I had lost only 5 pounds over all. I was eating double portions. I thought maybe that is too much food for me, so would you advise that I cut down to one portion to see if that would help me lose weight? That amount of food would be plenty for me, and I would not feel hungry. If not, what would you advise for the next step?

  30. I will have completed my first 28 day cycle by Monday. Happily I lost 13 pounds. I still have 7 pounds to go. thank you for the modification advice. I will try it for the next 2 weeks.I did not miss caffeine, but I do miss the occasional glass of wine. I have shared the book with others- I am a satisfied customer. thanks

  31. I have hypothyroidism (if that’s. Word) and this book does not mention goitrogenic foods.
    Why are they listed in the food list? Shou
    D I avoid them

    I have a hypothyroid and am on drugs for that, bur
    T would like to get off of then

    I have a hypothyroid and am on drugs for it, but would like to stop.
    I am ending my second week on this diet and have only lost 1.1 lbs
    Why does this book not mention goitrogenic foods, but they are on the list?
    Should I avoid them?

    • Hi Dadanella, Haylie tells me that this depends on the cause of your hypothyroidism. But in any case, this is one reason why soy is avoided on the diet — it is THE biggest goitrogenic food. Others to avoid would be peaches, spinach, cabbage and peanuts (which aren’t on the diet). Fortunately, there are enough other vegetables on the diet that it will not be difficult to avoid these.

  32. I am at p3 of week 5 starting over again. We have a milk cow. I know what she is fed and I make my own cheese. I still have a strong lot of weight to lose, but was wondering if I can include dairy.

    • Haylie says raw cow’s milk is okay for after the diet. But on the diet, there’s no dairy or cheese.

  33. Everything else I have read from Bodybuilders, eating clean books, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels all say no carbs/starches after lunch to have them at Breakfast, first snack and lunch then just protein and fat/vegetables at dinner and afternoon snack. You are saying the opposite, to not have carbs at lunch and have them at dinner. I don’t know who to listen to and eating carbs that aren’t vegetables or fruit at night has historically slowed loss for me

    • Jillian and Bob have their theories too. On P1, with the Fast Metabolism Diet, you have grain with dinner, but not on Phase 2, and it is optional on Phase 3. For fruit, you never have it at dinner.

  34. I started this to see if it will work for chronic lymphedema client. Is there someone that knows about the fat metabolism for chronic lymphedema. With lymphedema the intial 2 phases are protein rich fluid. If the person progresses to phase 3 the fluid turns hard and, according to a surgeon out of Austria, actually turns to fat. My question is will this “scavenge” the fat from a lymphedematous limb?

    • I’ve spoken to Haylie on this — she says that many clients are referred to her with lymphedema issues. In her practice, she consults with both a nephrologist and an oncologist. Depending on the medications you are taking, check with your doctor make make sure there are no dietary restrictions for you — such as total grams of daily protein and grams per setting. If necessary, you can make adjustments to the diet based on that information. Excess weight is a big problem for those with this condition, so it’s important to get down to a healthy weight.

  35. I love the FMD, it works wonders and it’s based on science and logic – which is why I did it to begin with. I love the Wow! you look great comments. Now all my family and friends are trying it and our only complaint is the phone app which only works for 28 days. Some of us need more weeks, more time and the app was great for staying on track – but we should be able to extend it without having to repurchase it. Once paid for, we should be allowed to restart it, rewind it or extend it to keep all diet data!

    • You CAN re-start it. You can do one of two things: You can reset the app, which will erase all your data and let you start over. Find the reset in the More section, under Profile – then Reset in the top right.
      You can change the start date on the app (in More> Profile). That will preserve all your planned meals, but you’ll need to go through and un-check all of your meals and zero out your water tracker.

    • I downloaded my 28 days to an excel sheet and printed it out so I would have records of what I did, then I reset my profile with a new start date.

    • After the diet, sure. There’s no dairy on the diet itself. I have seen caffeine-free chai tea bags, though — you could add rice milk or almond milk to that

  36. Thank you so much for all of your wisdom. I love this way of eating and hope to eat this way forever. I feel great and look even better.

      • Two things regarding the recipes in the FMD book that I hope are added to the FMD cookbook. One, please provide a listing of which categories are fulfilled by the recipe (ie: Phase 1 Fruit, Phase 1 & 3 Grain, All Phase Protein, All Phase Vegetable), so I know to add a Healthy Fat and remove the Fruit to use the portion for a Phase 3 dinner. Two, please include portion SIZES (ie volume), not just the number of portions. I gave up on determining portion size based on number of portions for the sweet potato hummus recipe, and just use the 2-4 Tbs (1/4 cup) portion size for healthy fats. Overall, I have really enjoyed following the FMD plan and exploring the food possibilities. I no longer wake up in the “morning fog”. Since I don’t do caffeine, I’m not sure what caused it, but I can’t remember a time it wasn’t there. It disappeared about halfway through week 2, and hasn’t come back yet. I’m not naturally a morning person, more like a late night owl, so I thought it was just because anything before noon is too early. Thank you for helping me to repair my body!

        • I am in agreement with joules. When the recipes are given please either say which categories have been used to full or list what else needs to be chosen to complete the meal. Thank you. Love the diet!

    • fmd book has a lot of great recipes. I also found Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso has great recipes for phase 3. The recipes have coconut oil or coconut milk in them so that’s why phase 3.

  37. I suffer from acid reflux and it has been very difficult for me to follow the diet especially when it comes to fruits and grains. What can I do substitute the two? I have already completed the 28 days and lost only 6 lbs.

  38. Today its my last day for the 28 cycle but a only lost 3lbs maybe my metabolism is really mess up so im planing to do another cicle tomorrow its my birthday i wanted cake so bad but i really don’t think its worth the cake i only notice my weist getting a bit smaller i look taller more tone and the hair i was losing from too much dieting its growing back and i look younger i wantto lose 25 lbsi hope it really helps me get there this second cycle.

    • Keep up the good work it will pay off !
      I didn’t loose as much as I was hoping for either, but I
      Am going to go for it again! We can do this !!

      • Hi thanks for replying laffasett yes i believewe can do this im gonna repeat another round after all its for my own good and i likethefood im staying strong. Good luck to you!!!

  39. Lost 13 lbs first round. I am on a break right now, but keeping to the foods but not specifically the diet. I’m still losing about one half pound a day just keeping to the ‘real foods’ on the diet. 15 lbs so far.I’m starting again tomorrow. Haylie, this diet has changed my life…educated me to how food really works and what it does for or to your body. Love the recipes, have adapted some to my taste and they are delicious. I add tomatoes and spoinach to the chicken sausage and brown rice fussili and it has become my favorite of all. It’s a pleasure to be able to eat food that tastes delicious and is good for you. Your recipes are ‘genius’. So simple and taste great! thank you soooo much!

  40. Love this lifestyle! Starting week 6! Have lost 13lbs! 7 to go. I’m a big water drinker, and I used to eat banana most every day. In the last week I have been having foot cramps. Bananas always helped with this. Any suggestions! Should I take potassium supplements?

  41. Love this lifestyle! Starting week 6! Have lost 13lbs! 7 to go. I’m a big water drinker, and I used to eat banana most every day. In the last week I have been having foot cramps. Bananas always helped with this. Any suggestions! Should I take potassium supplements?

    • You may try taking magnesium suppliments. Use the good ones. If you know anyone who does Natures
      Sunshine try the magnesium complex also I take folic acid, once again the N.S. product.Use at night.

  42. owning a quilt shop i am doing alot of sewing, i say you on dr. oz and what you said made since, so i went to the book store and started the diet, i have been on it for 2 weeks and have lost 10 pounds, i have alot to go, buts esay to stick with because i see it everyday coming off. i have 4 of my friends starting on it, thanks its great.

  43. Hi, I really like the habits this diets has been teaching me
    It’s just that I was totally good last week and stayed on track with everything
    And I don’t loose a single ounce, what’s up ? I hope week four comes through for
    me. I still have 16 pounds to go ! Any thoughts.

    • You might be one of those “lucky” people that may have to do a few rounds of the diet. I think I am right with you.

  44. Beginning my third week. I’ve lost 8lbs and possible 10lb but I fluctuate after phase 3 then lose it again. I am feeling better now. I was so sluggish the first week I couldn’t understand why. Then it occured to me the detox process I was going thru. I plan on taking a one week break after the 28days. Then return to the plan again only using my own food plan. I used Haylie’s the first 28days.

  45. My girlfriend and I just completed the first 28. We lost a combined 25 pounds. We’ll be taking it week by week until we hit our goal. I’ve never been without a diet pop this long and I’m pretty sure I won’t go back to it.

  46. Are tomatoes allowed on all 3 phases? I have relied on the app quite a bit and only select items from app choices. Just read blog about fats and proteins as requirements on Phase 3 which I had missed because of app dependency (luckily I did indulge in olives thinking they were unlimited veggies)!I haven’t lost much weight because of too many social obligations interrupting but truly feel much, much better with this clean approach to eating!

  47. Hi, This is my second run of the 28 days…I finished 1 cycle and went right back into another…so basically on week 6…I have not lost any weight in the last 2 weeks. I have lost a total of 13.5 lbs so far…but have been finding the last 2 weeks discouraging as I have not lost any. I am still following everything to a T…maybe I am on a plateau and will lose something again soon. Is this normal?

    • Did you read the blog post on plateaus? Try variety — mix up your foods, try eating some of the things on the food lists you have not yet tried. Try new exercise too — if you’ve been biking on P1, try swimming, or take a zumba class. Get as much variety as you can!

  48. I am on armor thyroid medication. I am suppose to take it as soon as I wake up and not eat for 1 hour after taking. Am I sheeting myself up not to have good results if I don’t eat within 30 minutes of waking? Any advice on this?

    • One more question…I get up @ 5am. This makes all my meals/snacks finish so early. I have been going to bed(10pm) STARVING!!
      Any advice? I already add in a snack about 5-6pm after my dinner(3 or 4 pm). I normally don’t eat so early but I am following this diet to the tee. Can I add in another snack or another lite meal before bed?

      • Tara, it is in the book, if the gap between your your last meal and the time you are going to bed is over 3 hours, eat another phase specific snack. You can also switch your breakfast and morning snack around (that’s in the book too), so you would eat your snack at 5:30, breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:30, afternoon snack at 2:30, dinner at 5:30 which is more reasonable than 3-4pm, and another snack at 8:30.

  49. Love the diet but, I an so constipated, I ‘m thinking
    about no going for my second 28 days. Any advice
    This is the only thing that would make me not recommend the
    Diet to others. Please help ! Thanks

    • Pineapple has papain, a natural enzyme, which may help if you eat it during Phase 1. Try taking some fiber or probiotics 1/2 hr. before meals twice daily; take psyllium fiber like Metamucil (with LOTS of water); use a half-dose of vegetable laxative twice a day; use fiber powder in drinks if not made from wheat dextrin {Benefiber} or corn); eat jicama, broccoli and vegetables that provide more fiber. Walking will stimulate colon, even if it’s just 15 minutes and even if you don’t do aerobic walking, which isn’t allowed in Phases 2 and 3.

      • Thank you for help, things goingych better now.
        If you do not have the right item should you substitute for something
        Close or skip it. Like brown rice for wild in phase 3. Thanks

        • You can also try a stool softener. Magnesium (100 mg.) before bed will work, but you may need less due to softening effect.

  50. I plan on start FMD on 06/03/13, I want to know on the first day do I have one snack or two and are their any on-line supoort or anyone we can talk to, to keep me encourage, have brought most of the food, I’m going on vacation in July, hubby wants to see me in a bikini and my birthday is also in July

  51. I wish there was a place where we could get instant answers to whether a food is allowed or not. For instance, in all 3 phases you do not list butternut squash but you list sweet potato and yams.

    • “Winter squash” is listed for P1 and P3 — that includes ALL winter varieties: Butternut, acorn spaghetti, kabocha, delicata, Jamaican pumpkin, etc.

    • I had my thyroid removed 17 years ago and have never been able to lose weight. I recently lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks with this program. I would have never believed it if someone told me. I also had horrible joint pain. My joint pain is gone and I feel great!!!

  52. Plan to stay on the FMD all summer because I have more than 50 lbs. to lose. Since starting the FMD on 5/24, I have lost 10 lbs. in 11 days. (Watched my weight go up steadily for the last 8 years, despite exercise and eating 5 x a day because, apparently I wasn’t eating enough. So, this is FABULOUS!) But, I have to force myself to eat 6 oz. of protein at a meal (unless it’s fish) because I have trouble getting it down at one sitting — ate 3-4 oz. for decades. When do I adjust protein portions down to 4 oz., when I am 20 lbs. from goal weight? Portion adjustments include all foods that day, right? Or is it just protein that is adjusted upwards by half-portions? Do I continue the same regime for the entire time it takes me to lose my excess weight.)

  53. Can the app automatically calculate the portion following the weight we input? Can you also explain again what are the portions when you need to loose 20lbs and 80lbs. Thanks for the help.

    • The app calculates it for you. It’s the standard portions for <20 lbs. weight loss, and 1.5 portions for >20 lbs. weight loss

      • This is so confusing, the book page 104 states that for example if you need to loose 60lbs you eat 4 cups of chili. If you have less than 20lbs, it is 2 cups. So please can you confirm which measurements are correct? The book or you?

      • Hi Christine. So as you continue to loose weight and input the new number will the portion sizes continue to calculate by itself in the app? I have 50+ lbs to loose and following the app is so helpful.

  54. What do you think of Rice Dream non-dairy frozen dessert? I was in the health food store getting my favorite bagels, and there it was, so I bought mint chip – it tastes really good, but is it legal? Please let me know your thoughts

    • Rice Dream contains brown rice syrup, agave syrup, corn malt powder and tapioca starch (made from a root vegetable and used as a thickener often in Asian cooking — none are on FMD food lists. The only approved sweeteners are stevia and xylitol; and tapioca is only allowed in Phase 1 (don’t know if she meant the starch or the pudding). Sunflower and palm kernel oil are not included as allowed fats in Phase 3, and carob is not noted anywhere on food lists. Why don’t you save it for when you are beyond 28 days and in maintenance?

  55. Hi, I live in the country on a farm. I just had an animal
    Bite me, I need to be on antibiotics now for the ten
    Days, I haven’t been on antibiotics in over 15 years.
    I have also been advised to take probiotics to counteract the antibiotics.
    Any way, will this mess up my 28 days ? Thanks

  56. Hi I just finished my first 28 days, but have a lot more to lose But I just wanted to let someone know I lost 18 lb and lot of inchs. I feel great and loving my new look I told my self over and over I will not weight this much on my birthday and every year I still weight the same of more but not this year THANK YOU Haylie for your book FMD I love it for the first time ever I am loseing weight I am 60 years old and have had a very bad time losing But now it just seem to fall off. I am so staying with it (fmd) I have 74 more lbs to go and I on my way. again Haylie THANK YOU for coming out with the book

  57. Where should one start if they don’t need to lose weight, but want the benefits of the nutrition and maintain a healthy metabolism? I am also vegan?

  58. I just finished week 4. I lost 12 lbs the first 3 weeks, but northing since, and I have followed the plan religiously. I need to lose 20 – 30 more lbs. What can I do to trigger weight loss again?

  59. I completed the 28 days, losing 8 lbs and wanted to continue for another 7-10 lbs. I am now starting a traingin for a 1/2 marathon and not sure how to incorporte the diet as I need to run everyother day with increasing mileage every week? Any help with this?

  60. I love the book and have followed it since April 22. Only lost 3-4 pounds. Have 20 to lose. Feel full of energy love the clean eating trying organic foods off dairy and grains. Pants seem a bit loser. Also people have noticed I seem to be losing inches. When does the number on the dam scale start moving down and down and down? Discouraged in Toronto

  61. Thanks for this life changing way of eating, and especially, thanks so much for this article!!! I feel that it should be in the book… for me, at least, it’s a more specific guideline for what happens next, telling me to modify and combine the phases and basically try being on Phase 3. It makes great sense to eat this way. Actually,one really well known,healthy weight loss/maintenance plan has you eating the Phase Modified Way. It never worked for me, starting with a full-Phase modified plan….but now I know I had to heal my metabolism first. I just have to remember to stay away from the frozen weight loss plan meals for convenience sake, and keep freezing my own. Also…loved the posts from people who did NOT lose 20 pounds in 28 days, because seeing the differences in weight loss makes this plan all the more TRUE. We’re going to lose; but not all of us will lose at the same rate, because our metabolisms are all healing differently, too. I am a slow loser, but still, I am losing for the first time in 20 years, so I am greatly encouraged to stick it out, reach my goal, and reach my optimum state of health.

  62. I have reached my goal weight and am hoping to continue the phases with a few modifications The main thing I want to add back in is organic dairy. Which phase would that fall under? Phase Three? I know I read somewhere that Halie uses Greek yogurt as one of her family’s “go-to breakfasts

  63. This is an awesome recipe!! Would this be a phase three??

    Cashew “Sour Cream” and jalapeno dipping cheese

    Ingredients: ½ cup raw cashews, juice of ½ lemon, 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar, 5 Tbsp. water (approx.)
    Directions: Put all ingredients except water in a high speed blender or food processor and blend, adding water one tablespoon at a time until the desired consistency is reached. If you want a thick cream, use less water, for a thinner sauce, use more. (You will not achieve a perfectly smooth sauce with a food processor, but it is still delicious!)
    Fold in fresh peppers such as jalapenos, cubanelle or pablano peppers. Chop in small pieces and add according to the heat you want to acheive.

  64. Can you have tortilla chips as a grain for P1 and P3? Would you need to make them yourself or can you buy them?

    • what about a brand called Way Better Snacks? It says that the gorilla chips have ground blue corn. Is that a hindrance while on the plan or will they be ok?

    • No corn chips on the diet. You can make your own with brown rice tortilla — just crisp them in the oven.

      • I can’t believe how delicious brown rice tortillas are. I smear a bit of olive oil between two sheets, sea salt and cut them into triangles and bake in oven to crisp, Great with your hummus and or salsa. Great snack for phase 3.

  65. on the 10th I finished my first 4 weeks. I lost 22 pounds. Started at 392 lbs now 370, lost 2 inches from waist and I shirt size. Due to bad knees and back I can only do low impact exercises and limited walking. Diet is getting easier with the results I see. thank you

  66. I followed the FMD for nearly one month but stopped because I was not feeling well. I felt awful from week 2 onward, had no energy and wasn’t sleeping well. I had low blood sugar on days 3 and 4, probably due to overindulging in starch on days 1 and 2. I lost 9 lbs. in 11 days, lost no weight for 5, and then gained 6 lbs. during the remainder of the time I followed Hayley’s plan. In essence, it was way too much food for me. I ate so much animal protein that I felt incredibly heavy and lethargic, never mind that animal protein is linked to heart disease and cholesterol. And, I probably lost energy as time went on because I wasn’t getting fresh air in my lungs for days 3-7 and eating 6 oz. protein at lunch and dinner made me want to throw up. Don’t know about anyone else, but sitting in an office all day and not taking in any outside air during exercise can make you crazy! Massage (which I’ve done bi-weekly for decades) did not help.
    Ms. Pomroy never talks about patients who have to lose a lot more than 20 pounds other than to say, “Add 1/2 portion for every additional 20 pounds you have to lose.” God help people who have to lose 80 pounds; I had trouble eating 6 oz. of chicken. Cannot imagine eating 12 oz. or more. I wonder if the Biggest Loser contestants would lose weight on this plan.
    While Hayley has managed to help many people with the FMD, it was not for me. When I read “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Peter D’Adamo (he’s a doctor), I realized how 99% of my diet – soy, veggies, nuts/seeds – worked for me. And, once I resumed my regular eating plan, I felt 100% better. Plus, shopping at Whole Foods six times a week was a bit expensive. Eating rice crackers and nut butters were the things that made me gain weight. When I went back to my eating plan, I lost the 6 pounds I gained before I stopped following the FMD. Good luck to all who are following this eating plan.

  67. Why no tomatoes or sweet potatoes in phase 2? I think if I knew and understood why, it would help me remember to stay clear of them in phase 2. I am almost through my 28 days. Only lost 6 lbs :( but these are 2mistakes that I have made on the diet. I plan to take 1week off for vacation and then do another round.

  68. Anyone experience this…I lose in phase 1 & 2 and seem to gain a pound in phase 3—I know it’s only a pound but it just keeps me stuck, lose a pound, gain a pound.

  69. I faithfully followed the Fast Metabolism diet and lost some weight the first 2 weeks…about 5 to 8 pounds (it fluctuates–every day). I am day 30. Not one extra pound came off. Prior to the diet, I was going to the gym about every day (running/biking/stepper-cross training) to try and prevent any further weight gain in my post menopausal life. I do not mind staying on the diet(good food); But I would like to lose more weight (oh I also miss running more days that 2/week). Any suggestions to get past this persistent set point!

    • The good news is that you lost weight eating good food — no low-carb, low-calorie fads. You can certainly step up your exercise. Keep to the basic rules – avoid say, wheat, sugar, etc. Many people find they continue to lose by switching to maintenance and adding exercise they enjoy.

  70. I’m 56 and just started the FMD on Wednesday. As of Friday AM I’ve lost 8 lbs. Is this normal?? I’m eating all the food I’m supposed too. I just didn’t think I’d lose that much that fast.

  71. A cooking tip for dieters…. Go to look to the right side and scroll down to gluten free meals. Good recipes here. Also I found a lot of the skinnytaste recipes work with just a lil’ tweaking. Def check out the crockpot section—very easy meals here.

  72. I have reviewed dieter comments on this website and reader comments on Amazon over the last month or so to see what the consensus is. What I have noticed on this site is that the web site administrator never comments on reviews where the person has stopped following the Fast Metabolism Diet, has non-positive comments about the plan or has valid questions that aren’t addressed in the book. Why is that? Do you only have one administrator following this blog? When you selectively respond to comments, it gives the impression that one doesn’t want to address issues that may challenge the regimen developed by Haylie Pomroy. While she is not a physician and MD’s may have a problem with her FMD, every person deserves a response since there aren’t hundreds of comments posted each day.

    • Hi Miriam,

      We’re trying to respond to all comments here on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and email. If some were missed, it has not been intentional. We are answering many comments and questions from people every day who are having trouble on the diet.

  73. In all phases vinegar is allowed but is this limited to a specific amount for each meal or snack (specifically balsamic)? Also can Chia seeds be used & if so what phases? Thanks!

    • You can have as much vinegar as you need on all phases, even balsamic. Chia seeds would be P3, with the other nuts and seeds.

  74. I completed the 26 day diet actually I stayed on for an additional 3 weeks lost 15 lbs . I wanted to loose 20 but I stopped loosing after 5 weeks. What do you think about going on each phase for 1 day,2 times each week? like mon 1,tue 2,wed 3 then thurs 1, fri 2, sat 3 then sunday off.

    • Sure, Sherri. That sounds like a strategy. Everyone sort of finds what works for them — keeping everything balanced is key, and what you suggest would really do that.

  75. I have seen where green tea is approved in the magazine article, but I have not seen that in the book or on a post. Is green tea or decaffinated green tea okay to have and if so how many cups per day.

    • If you are referring to the Women’s Day article, they got several things wrong — and they did not call us to fact-check. Green tea is not on the diet, and even decaf green tea has some caffeine.

  76. After completing the FMD, do we increase portion sizes for our 3 meals and 2 snacks? (I’m referring to maintanence after the 28 days)

    • No, no need. The portion sizes will work for maintenance, unless you start working out more. In that case, you’ll be hungrier and need to eat more!

  77. “1. Modified Phase 3
    If you’ve met your goals and you’re feeling good, eat like you’re on Phase 3, but include any of the foods on all of the food lists for any phase.”

    Does that include Brown Rice?

    And at half a cup, unlike a cup for Phase 1?

    • Yes, you can incorporate brown rice. The portion is up to you — balance is what you’re after here. Start with 1/2 cup

      • Thanks for the reply. What about the oil/fat amount? Does it stay the same, or should you diminish it a little? – Instead of one tablespoon of oil only one/two teaspoons, for example.

        • You’ll find what your body is happiest doing. I would use the oil you need to cook with, and for salads, and leave it at that. You’ll find what your body is happy with.

          • Two more questions. Haylie recommends two cups of veggies for a meal and one cup for a snack when veggies are called for during the diet. Should you continue this after the diet? Can it be just one cup with meals?
            Also, are the snacks the same for the Modified Phase 3 as they are for the diet? Or, do you mix and match from other phases; Instead of veggie/protein/oil it can be just fruit or protein?

          • As for veggies, you really can’t eat too many, but if it helps to give yourself a minimum amount, then one cup per meal is a good benchmark. For snacks on the modified phase three — try doing a P1 snack for two days, a P2 snack for two days and a P3 snack for three days.

  78. Haylie recommends avoiding corn most of the time after the FMD. Earlier in the book, she cites corn as being one of the most genetically modified foods out there. Do we still need to be careful with eating corn if it’s organic/non-GMO’ed?

    • Absolutely. Modern corn has been hybridized over years and years to be resistant to drought, heat, cold … you name it. So even organic or non-GMO modern corn will not be very digestible. It’s a little yucky but try eating corn, then pay attention to your next BMs. You’ll see whole kernels in there — your body isn’t digesting it.

  79. My daughter and I are starting the second go of the FMD. I have lost 10 lbs. We have really worked hard, wish we could have lost more. One thing is that Ive been extremely exhausted the entire time. I admit that I have not done the exercise plan. We really want to lose more so round two here we go. Any pointers.

    • Haylie wants to keep your body off of sugar (even natural sugar) for a solid 15 hours between your last fruit snack and your next breakfast on Phase 1.

  80. What about exercise on “phase 4″ ? Can we go back to more intense or more frequent workouts like we were used to (for those of us that were)? If we’re eating more like Phase 3, can we do any kind of exercise on any day?

  81. I’m going on a weekend trip with my husband but won’t be finished with my diet. I will be on day 26. Can I eat the diet plan except for one dinner if I’m close to the rules and have a glass of organic wine? And then do an extra day or two to finish it off? Am I hurting the healing process this way?

    • congratulations! Haylie would say enjoy yourself on your trip. Eat smart, but enjoy a splurge too. You’ll be fine!

      • And is it ok to have a drink or two? Will a beer be a problem? Or do I need to stick to top shelf liquor or organic wine?

        • On the 28-days, no alcohol is allowed. After the diet, Haylie says that sulfite-free red wine and top-shelf liquors are better choices.

  82. I finished 28 days. I lost 6 lbs and 4″ overall. I don’t have a throyid gland and had ovaries removed a few yrs ago. I was recently diagnosed as diabetic. I’m middle 50′s and need to loose 50 lbs. is there something more I should do. I had hoped to loose more weight.

    • Hi Rose. It’s a very individual thing. For you, with your hormonal issues and medications, 6 pounds may be a very good result for four weeks. I know it’s frustrating when the book says “up to 20 pounds”. Many people do lose that much, but your personal history, medical issues, medications and genetics play a big part. That said, many people with no thyroid are doing the diet successfully. For you, it might go more slowly, but the benefits of the diet go way beyond weight loss — to promoting overall health. Good luck!

  83. I am concerned, just finished my firs plan of 28 days, and I think I lost severalpounds, not the 20 pounds I expected but many of them, my concern is for measure and compare my original measures are the same, is this possible?
    Can I start another program of 28 days to reach my goal of 50 pounds and what changes do you recommend? Thanks.

  84. I Love kombucha, i see that halie approves of it as adding probiotics to your diet, But there is no info on how it is to be used. Is it phase specific and what portion and there is cranberry, ginger strawberry flavors and many more and some with chia seeds …..please advise!,,,,,

    • Haylie like kombucha — only plain unsweetened for during the diet (any phase), but after the diet, you can explore flavors.

  85. I loved your book and excited to start! BUT I love weight lifting!! I weight lift from Monday to Friday! It relieves my stress and makes me happy! What happens if I start the 28 days and weight lift from Monday to Friday??? My gym time is my way to relax!

  86. Hi,
    I have reached my goal and I find I am eating candy during this holiday season. If I don’t mind doing phase 2, can I stay on phasee 2 for 4 or 5 days to help with the candy eating?

  87. I loved your diet. My husband and I did 28 days together. A lot of work preparing meals for the day but worth it. My husband lost 15lbs and I lost about 10 lbs, We finished just before Christmas. I have put 4 lbs back on but not surprised. My eating was bad. We have just completed 1 week but am disappointed I lost only a 1 lb. I may have increased my meat amount , would this have made the difference. I would like to loss 4 to 5 lbs to be at my desired weight 137 lb, I am 5 ft 8. Is this a reasonable weight? We would like to continue losing 1 to 2 lbs a week, what should we do? Should we continue with the complete programme or is our Metabolism repaired now and a modified programme be sufficient. Should we do more Phase 2 days?
    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Meryl. You’ll have to make these calls for yourself. I cannot tell you if your goal weight is right for you. I can tell you that Haylie often says her clients get fixated on a number, when they should be thinking about how they feel, how their body works, and what feels right and sustainable to them. In my own experience, I find that just doing the rules — no wheat, sugar, etc. and mixing up lots of different foods and a lot of veggies — is enough to keep me feeling good, with slow and steady weight loss (assuming I’ve gained a few pounds). But doing the diet as is can also work. You don’t have much to lose, so it’s not surprising that will be slower this time around. Be patient — focus on getting your nutrition back in line, and I’ll be that the rest will follow.

    • Haylie didn’t list them specifically, but other peppers are allowed on P3, so I think you could probably have them. (I do!!)

  88. I have just started (day 2 of 28) and I am a bit confused with the food map. When I read the food requirements for phase 1, it suggest ” 3 grains per day” this phase. Some of the suggested recipes do not have a grain as a component. ex. tuna/green apple spinach salad, pork tenderloin with broccoli and pineapple. Is this an oversight or can I add a serving of a grain here (rice, barley, etc.)? Thank you in advance for your prompt response!

    • Hi Arlene. The recipes don’t always include every component, so that’s correct — you can then choose which grain to add!

  89. Hello! I was wondering… I have read in the book that after you finish the diet, but while living in the healthy way Haylie proposes, one tip if you have a “big dinner” where you know you will be eating things you should not be eating or a lot of food or “garbage” then you can eat protein each two hours and act like it is Phase 2 until you get to the event. But what happens if the event is a breakfast?? What can I do to reduce the damage? Thank you!

    • Hi Andrea. For a brunch, you can do the same thing — just not for as long. Try having a protein snack prior to the event so you are not famished.

  90. I’m in my last week and weight loss has slowed. I’m also feeling very sluggish this morning but until now I’ve been feeling great. I still have 6 pounds to lose. Would it be better to keep doing the plan or to eat like phase 3 plus all other phase foods and just do a lot more exercise? (Of course I’m asking for after I finish this week I will complete the full 28 days)
    I’m assuming if I’m eating like phase 3 all the time along with other phase foods then I can do any type of workout I want (cardio, stretch, cross training)

    Also I have earned an all expense vacation to punta Cana and it’s an all inclusive resort so I will really be going off the plan in April but I assume what damage I do I can just come home and get on the plan again.

    • Hi Amanda. Congratulations for your progress so far. For those last 6, you can continue by adding another couple of weeks of the diet. Or you can head into maintenance. Lots of people continue to lose slowly just in maintenance by sticking to the basic rules (no caffeine, eat within 30 minutes, etc). You can do whatever exercise you like — just remember you need extra fuel, so add snacks. Look out Punta Cana!

      • Thanks I know I’ve already tried on my swimsuit so excited.

        about the snacks and working out I’m a little confused about timing. Let’s say I eat lunch at 12 and I get to work out at 2 do I eat before I work out even though it hasn’t been 3 hours.
        Also do I always have protein after a workout even if it’s not snack time and or snack is not protein that day.

        • In that example, no I wouldn’t eat again before working out. And no, you do not always have to have a protein snack after a workout. Those are both things you can do in maintenance, however. Protein aids muscle recovery. But on the diet, you’re only doing muscle work on P2, where your next snack or meal will always include protein.

          • Thanks that helped so much. I’m excited about everything I’ve learned while on the program. Thanks for all your help.

  91. Thanks for having this guideline. I know that the two or three times I ate off the plan made me feel pretty sick. I must have a sensitivity to gluten. It’s just not worth it to cheat to the point where I don’t feel well. THANKS!!!

  92. I decided to add another week because I just needed about 5-7 more pounds. But I actually gained 1.8 pounds in two days and I was still exactly on the plan. I’m not sure if my body has gotten use to it and I need to change it up.
    I’m not sure if I should follow the plan this next week but add fat to all days.
    I think I need to do more working out so I’m not sure what I need to do to work our on all days. (for example m, w, f cardio tu,, thur weights). To do this type of workout should I just eat whatever any day for B L D and Snacks as long as it’s on one of the list P1 P2 P3?
    thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Amanda. You can certainly head into maintenance at this point. You could use P3 meals as a guide — but use any of the proteins and veggies from any phase. For snacks, mix it up — sometimes fruit, sometimes protein. You can work out more in maintenance — just remember you might need to add another snack, a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. Many people do continue to lose weight in maintenance.

      • Ok thanks that sounds good.
        so if I want to make the tomato meat sauce page 69 but I really don’t want the meat do I need to sub another protein and if so what would just more portobello mushrooms be ok.
        I love this recipe but I’m not a huge fan or ground meat.

        • Hi. Yes, you’d need to add protein to the meal. I like to add cannellini beans to my pasta sauce. That would work.

  93. Hi I was watching Haylies videos on you tube and came across est west essentials 5 day fat blast and 7 foods for 7 days program. I have completed the 28 days but I still have weight to lose. I did an extra week of program but actually gained 1.8 so I’m kind of at a loss. Thanks ion advance for your help.

  94. I keep reading about how corn is so bad and doesn’t digest well. Does that include popcorn? So many diets and articles talk about what a good “filling” snack it is. Does Haylee feel the same about popcorn on maintenance? I have done so well. Finished one cycle, been eating clean for 2 add’l weeks, lost about 20 lbs….don’t want to blow it. Have added back in caffeine when eating out (1/2 fresh lemonade, 1/2 tea) or an occasional coffee, but have not had Diet soda ever in the 6 weeks ( Big deal for me!). Feel so much better….but is all of the caffeine horrible…I haven’t seem to have a bad reaction to the occasional amounts? Thanks so much for all of your help. Popcorn is just an easy portable snack, if it is okay.

  95. I am in Maintenance and I am taking a week or two to ease into the “phase 3 Modified” version. I, however, do an intense 40 min bootcamp 4-5 days a week. I am building muscle while trying to lean down/stay lean. I have added a protein snack on all days that i do my bootcamp, within 30 minutes after I workout. So i end up eating within an hour and a half after breakfast (30 min’s before workout). Is this ok? I need the protein but the timing doesn’t allow for the minimum 2 hours. Also, can I add more protein to my portions? or eat protein with all my snacks? What is haley’s suggestion for protein in this regard?

    • That’s okay, the protein snack. You’re already adding 15 or so additional grams of protein per day with your extra snack. You can add more to meals, but go slow — maybe 20%. And just pay close attention to your body and how you feel.

  96. I will be staring maintance in June and then will be going on a 10 day cruise. Help …. Since I will not be able to cook for myself I could use some advice how to not blow up my metabolism during this trip!

    • You’ll do great! Cruises are surprisingly not that hard to handle because there’s so much choice. The buffets will have plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and salads. There are almost always grilled meats and cold cuts available. Most cruises have a “light” option on the dinner menu that includes simply-prepared fish, grilled/broiled meats, etc. And certainly talk to your waiter — let him know you can’t have dairy or butter. They’re used to handling these types of requests. As for desserts, at dinner you can always ask for fresh fruit instead of desserts. One thought — you might want to take some raw nuts with you. That’s one thing that can be hard to come by on cruise ships. And you might want to toss some turkey jerky in your bag for protein snacks. Have fun!

  97. Thanks for the tips. The nuts and turkey jerky will probably not work as we are flying to Seattle and then in the morning taking a bus to Vancouver Canada. So bringing food across the boarder may not be an option. Also wondering about drinks? Number of and kind? The people I am going with are not going to be encouraging me to be healthy. I am a bit concerned how non organic food will hit my system.

    • You could buy jerky in Vancouver, though. As far as alcohol, it’s not part of the diet. If you do drink, make sure you are still eating all your meals and snacks, and be sure to drink lots of water alongside an alcoholic beverage.

  98. Hello! I finished the diet with excellent results! Thank you! However, I’m struggling to go “out” of the diet. I’m following the advice of mixing up all the phases, however, I don’t know how much of everything should I eat? Can you please tell us how many portions of fruits, veggies, fats, ptoteins and grains should we eat in a day? Thank you!!

    • Hi Andrea. There is no specific portion size for maintenance — many people just follow the portions they were eating during the diet.

  99. Great article, this is what I was looking for as I near the end of the 4th week. I’ve had a few ups and downs with the weight during the 4 weeks…..down a few pounds, then up a few, then down again. There has not been a sustained “just losing” pattern at all and I’ve adhered strictly to the diet as outlined in the book. Based on what I see above, I’m going to continue with the approach. One question I have pertains to peanut butter. As someone who is allergic to nuts, I’m constrained from having cashew butter on toast and I really miss my peanut butter in the morning. The peanut butter I eat is only peanuts, nothing else (no sodium or sugar). It contains peanut oil as the naturally occurring substance which gives it some “smoothness” but no other substances. I’ve seen Hayley comments about peanuts in the book but is this written into concrete that I couldn’t add my peanut butter back into phase 1 and 3 breakfast?

    • Hi. The reason peanut butter isn’t on the diet is because it is never found raw — you cannot buy raw peanuts because they spoil and mold very quickly. As as you’ve read in her book, once you roast nuts, it changes their nutritional profile from something with lots of health unsaturated fats to fattening foods with saturated fat. So that’s the reasoning. Have you tried sunflower seed butter? I really love it — it tastes great in smoothies too.

      • What about health food stores with peanuts in bins that you can then grind into peanut butter……are those peanuts roasted already too?

  100. I am reviewing the FMD recipes in book before I do a maintenance week. My question is about the coconut curry chicken recipe, which is fabulous. There is a notation with the recipe which reads : “in this recipe, coconut milk counts as your phase 3 fruit”. However, on the meal maps, there is no fruit listed at dinner. There is no fruit listed for P3 afternoon snack, either. Are we suppose to have fruit for dinner during. P3? Am I missing something?

    • That note only applies if you are having it for lunch — there’s never a fruit requirement for any dinner. But you can certainly still have that meal for dinner because the coconut is your healthy fat, too.

  101. I’ve been on this diet 1 cycle now and starting the second cycle. I have a question and concern. Since I haven’t had dairy wouldn’t that be bad for my bones? What about the calcium we women need?

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