More reader tips! Recipes and food on the FMD

More reader tips! Recipes and food on the FMD

We love hearing your bright ideas! Recently, we shared Fast Metabolism Diet tips from readers on getting organized, shopping, finding support. This time, it’s all about food: favorite recipes, snacking tips and more.


Drink up!

Drinking half your body weight in water every day is a challenge for some, but it’s an important for the diet.

Kimberly K. keeps a 4-cup measuring cup full of water in the fridge. When she drains three of them, she’s met her water quota.

Chris F. has a similar suggestion. Fill up as many water bottles as you need for the day and keep them in the fridge at home or work. It saves you from doing the math later.

Save time and money by making a protein base

There are several meats that work for all three phases on the diet.. Carrie H., Gretchen B. and Wendy E. all like to make a big batch of protein: Lean ground beef, chicken or turkey. They add veggies that work on all phases, like onions, peppers, garlic, green beans. Cook it up in a slow cooker or Dutch oven. Then you can freeze some, and use the rest for your phases. Just add phase-specific veggies or broth, then use as a soup. or use the protein in lettuce wraps, on top of salads, or served alongside quinoa or rice.

Getting through Phase 2

It’s no secret: Phase 2 takes some extra planning and motivation for most people. The good news is that it’s only two days, and you can do anything for two days. Readers have some great ideas for making Phase 2 enjoyable and easy-peasy.

Jennifer S. is a fan of mini meatloaves made in muffin pans. Brown ground turkey or beef; add one or two egg whites, and veggies like peppers and onion. Fill a nonstick muffin tin with the mixture, then bake at 400 degrees for about 22 minutes. Now you have easy-to carry snacks for Phase 2. Top with mustard for an extra kick.

Making chili for Phase 2 (without tomatoes) is a top tip from Dawn B. She makes the basic chili from ground beef, turkey or chicken, with spices, chili powder or paste and peppers. Then for Phase 3, she adds beans, tomatoes and avocados to the leftovers.

Since there are no grains on Phase 2, breakfast can take a little more time to make.  Leesa W. has a good one. She makes scrambled egg whites with spinach the night before. Then she just reheats them quickly the next morning.

Mandi W. and Arcangela P. have a similar tip. She makes mini egg-white quiche/omelets in a muffin tin with veggies. Then she can use them as easy breakfasts or snacks.

Angie S. and Diane C. advise “make the beef jerky. ” Then you’ve got go-to snacks for Phase 2. Find the recipe here.

Since Phase 2 can be a cooking challenge for some try starting the diet on a Thursday, so your Phase 2 days are Saturday and Sunday, the days you’ll have a bit more time for cooking. That one comes from Satine K.

Remember, breakfast doesn’t have to mean breakfast foods. Vanessa P. says she likes stuffed bell peppers for breakfast on Phase 2!

Eating out

Melissa S. says to bring your own protein to a restaurant. Then she adds it to salad or steamed vegetables.

Scoping out a restaurant’s menu online first is a must, writes Jane P. Decide what you’ll order before you even get there and you won’t be temped by off-diet items.

You can also call ahead, particularly if you are going to a catered event. Caterers are used to handling dietary requests as long as they know in advance. When you arrive, let the staff know that you spoke to the caterer and requested the special meal.

Working your body, not your wallet

YouTube is my gym!” writes Fernanda A. You can find tons of cardio, resistance and yoga workouts online. Plug your laptop into your TV and you’re in business. And don’t forget about your local library. Most have a neglected section of exercise tapes and DVDs you can check out.

Check out your local parks too. Many city parks include a circuit you can do, with equipment and signs showing the exercises you can do.

Branch out!

Paula R. uses the diet as an opportunity to try things you thought you didn’t like. Our taste buds change, so the broccoli you hated when you were 10 might be your new favorite.

“Stretch yourself” suggests Kit W. Try new foods, new cooking techniques, and enjoy your time in the kitchen. Having a positive frame of mind as you “chop, stir, saute, cook and freeze will pay huge dividends” says Kit.

Keep those tips coming!


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196 thoughts on “More reader tips! Recipes and food on the FMD

  1. Thanks for the tips. I like the check library for Dvd idea. I bated brocolli growing but now its my toto veggie. Will try the ground beef Chili for phase2. I make turkey meatballs as a snack for phase2. I never made my meatballs with bread crumbs or eggs so I had not problems with that but mini meatloaves sound great. Wonderful ideas on my first week of my third 28days cycle. Lost 20lbs and inches. My hubby has lost 30lbs in 56days. We are happy despite phase2.

  2. Please update on when the bars will be available again and when the app for my droid phone will be available too!

  3. I figured out a phase 2 dessert!! I cooked frozen rhubarb on the stove top added an ounce of lemon juice and cooked it until boiling. Then sprinkled xylitol on top.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I have a square brownie/muffin pan has 12 squares. It would be perfect for making small meat loaves or the mini omelets. Love making mushroom and spinach omelets and I don’t miss not having cheese in them anymore. I just started week 6 and am down 21 lbs. Lie to get creative with the cooking.

    • Love the mini meatloaf idea in the muffin tins too. I have to try it. I am having trouble with the Phase 2 breakfasts because I absoultely hate eggs.

      • Me too, Lori! I just finished Phase II of Week One and I just gag on the eggs! Is there ANYTHING else for breakfast in Phase II but eggs?

        • You don’t have to have breakfast foods for breakfast. Try having a salad with leftover chicken from the night before, for example.

          • After trying egg whit and not being able to finish, I’ve tried turkey bacon. I think turkey sausage would work too.

          • I am in my first day of first week of Phase 2. I made turkey bacon for breakfast and rolled it in romaine lettuce leaves. Really good, like little sandwiches, without the bread!

            And I have natural turkey jerky, but I am sure the sugar is too high, 10g/serving (and I’m eating three normal servings). Is this going to mess up my phase 2? I’ll try making my own next time.

          • Wow — yes, the sugar is really high. Haylie advises that even 4 grams of sugar can slow your progress. Try Applegate or Wellshire brands — they have less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.

          • I make a lamb “cawl” (Welsh broth) for the mornings on phase 2, but leave out the root veg: so just celery, leek, onions, fennel, thyme, parsley… (using some lamb broth that I’ve simmered the previous day and skimmed the fat off.) Then add some kale in last 10 mins. Odd, but definitely one that I prefer…. I also find I go to bed earlier on Wed and Thurs cos I just can’t face another meat snack! and wow do I look forward to porridge on Friday mornings!…;-)

      • I had a problem with p2 breakfasts also, but found that I enjoy crumbled ground beef fried with onions and a side of sauteed fresh spinach.

  5. I need to drink 5 1/2 16.9 oz bottles a day of water. I drink one upon waking up. Then one for each meal and snack. At the end of the day, I’ve drank 6 bottles of water.

    • Sure. You don’t have to have “breakfast” foods for breakfast. Try a salad with leftover chicken or turkey. Add a squeeze of lemon and vinegar. You don’t have to have eggs.

      • Hey Christine… Does Oat Flour and Oat Milk fit in any of the phases? What about jalapeno peppers? Thanx, Ot

        • Also I have purchased 3 books, 2 for me and my wife, 1 for a friend, but do not have an i-phone, how do we get updated food lists?? Thanx, Ot

          • There are no updated food lists — the food lists in the book are the food lists. There were a couple of items that were missing on the app, but those have now been added.

          • My husband and I have been on the program for 5 months. There was a break between the middle of October to the end of December due to a lot of traveling, family emergency, and the holidays. We did not loose during this period but we did not gain either and beings we were not on the program strictly we were happy with this outcome. Starting in January we went back on the program and we were loosing but now we are stalled. My husband has lost 35 pounds and all of his medical numbers have gone down and his medications reduced. He has 10 pounds more to loose. I have lost 52 pounds and have arthritis . I want to loose another 75 pounds at least. The most difficult thing for me is to drink the amount of water that I should. I can only drink 100 ounces on a good day but I was loosing drinking this much but am not now. We started the program with the first book. In reading the book I realized there were printing mistakes and figured out the corrections on my own. Beings my husband needed to loose 40 pounds we did that portion size and no higher. We now have the cookbook and see that was a wise decision. What should we do now that we are not loosing? We are in our late 50′s and 60′s in age. We have tried many diets and carried our weight for years. We have a small group at church who are beginning on the 7 day makeover , who we are trying to encourage also. I am sure this problem will come up again. Answers and prayers requested. Thanks , DJ

          • Hi Donna. Did I already reply to you elsewhere? I remember a very similar comment.
            Congratulations on your progress so far, both of you. You must feel so good!
            As for the water, if you can drink 100 ounces, that will be enough. Haylie was previously asked this question.
            We have a new post on what to do when you get stuck on a plateau — there are a number of things you can try to get un-stuck. I’m so glad the diet is working for you so far.

  6. I really don’t like vegatables unless they have sauce or butter but to get all the vegatables in I make cucumber/ lime juice /ginger/ice shakes in my vitamix, it is good portable, refreshing and I get at least one vegatable in, especially in the morning. I also make a spinach shakes this works for phase three frozen spinach/ nut butter/ unsweetened almond milk/ stevia. I used to drink it everyday before the 28 day plan but with a banana and protein powder. I love it!

    • Lemon actually goes well with a lot of veggies, such as broccoli and spinach and you can also add lemon to your vinegar for your salad too so that it’s not too plain tasting. Another suggestion is that vinegar goes well if you make a bean and beet salad, simply add some onions, sea salt, pepper and oregano. And I saw a recipe somewhere for baked kale “chips” I haven’t tasted it yet but will soon. Hope this helps & good luck!

      • I put a little bit of the Bragg’s Amino Acids on my veggies and it tastes great. I also tried some brewer’s yeast and it has a nice nutty flavor.

    • Try this:
      Phase 2 Broccoli Soup (serves 2)

      ½ large head or small head broccoli
      1/3 of a large sweet onion
      2 large cloves of garlic or 4-5 small
      salt to taste
      braggs to taste
      basil to taste
      8 grape tomatos raw
      vegetable broth

      Steam broccoli in vegetable broth till soft – season with braggs and salt while steaming
      While broccoli is steaming sauté onions and garlic (I used a spray of Trader Joe Coconut Oil Spray) but if you are strict just use nothing or a little veggie broth.

      Puree cooked broccoli w more veggie broth (if you are off 28 days or in phase 3 you can add some almond milk (rice milk phase 1) for a bit more creaminess but you don’t really need it). Then puree in onions/garlic and tomatoes w broccoli puree. Season to taste w more salt braggs and basil and blend again – add more veggie broth if to thick! Personally I use a nutrabullet but Blender or food processor should be fine too.

  7. In the book you talk about bell pepper tomatoe soup you use for the chil, can you tell me which one you use? thank you

    • Unfortunately, that brand now has dairy. You can substitute a 32-oz. can of crushed tomatoes plus 1 cup additional liquid, water or broth.

      • I found one in the health-food section of my local Albertsons. Just read the cans for one without milk. It was delicious!!

  8. One of my favorite phase 3 items is chicken salad. Poach a chicken breast. Let it cool. Cut it in cubes. Mix with celery, cranberries, toasted sliced almonds, and mayo. I serve it over mixed greens. Yummy!

    • You can put lemon juice in your water as long as it’s 100% lemon juice, no other flavors or colors or additives.

      • I have been making iced drinks with organic vanilla extract, stevia and sometimes I add lemon or lime. I also freeze some of the vanilla water to make vanilla ice cubes. I know vanilla is listed but does this mean vanilla extract or vanilla bean?

  9. For phase 2 I make a beef cabbage soup that is delicious. I cook 2-3 pounds of stew meat with 1 quart of beef broth in a pressure cooker for 25 minutes and let cool. Then I divide that into 2 pots because I don’t have one that is big enough and add 2 onions chopped, 1 1/2 heads of cabbage shredded, 1/2 to 3/4 of an entire celery plant chopped, another quart of beef broth divided between the two pots, 2 bay leaves per pot, salt and pepper to taste. If it needs more broth add more beef or vegetable broth. Cook till vegetables are done to your liking. Freeze in portion sizes. Makes a lot!! If you don’t have a pressure cooker just cook it in a regular pot till it’s tender.

  10. I have lost about 14 lbs and I am on Friday of week 4 and my weight has been at a stand still for a week now and I am getting very frustrated. I have followed the diet to a tee. Please help!!

    • 14 pounds is great, Lori! Congrats. This type of plateau is pretty common. Most people hit it in week 2 or 3. Try mixing up your routine, eating foods from the lists you have not yet tried. Try some different exercise. But stick with it. Sounds like you are doing great.

    • Stick with it! What wonderful news! This is just when your ego wants you to quit anyway! Switch things up and wait a week to weigh yourself. You go girl!

  11. Christine…I would like to know what is typical for a plateau on this plan. I will finish 2 cycles 6/23. I lost great first 3 wks. I have been at a plateau since. I have followed all the advice with changing things up and all around. Any advice? Disheartening when following with no cheating. I only have 10 more to lose! Lost 15 by day 20, I have lost inches but that has slowed way down too!

    • Try taking a break, Melinda. That works for some people. Put yourself on maintenance. Exercise whenever you want. Try to make good choices and eat well, but don’t worry about the phases for a week or two. Then start again. The break from routine just may give you the little jolt you need. Good luck!

  12. Are eggs whites a phase 1 protein? The book list egg whites as P1 protein, but the app i just downloaded, says it is not included. I’m confused? Where can I get a list of book and app corrections?

  13. I am having problem with salad dressing for Phase 1 and Phase 2. I made the recipes in book. Not a favorite. Any suggestions?. I’m burnt out on vinegar.Also the amino acids contain soy, and tamari to marinate jerky in. Is there any other. This is our last week. So scared to stop.

    • Tamari and coconut aminos are exceptions since they are made with fermented soy — so they are fine to have. Tamari is a nice change from balsamic. On P1, try some fruit dressings. Add pureed raspberries to a little balsamic and stevia for a raspberry vinaigrette. I am also just a fan of straight-up lemon for P2, especially on something like arugula.

  14. Is farro a “healthy” grain? I know it’s not on the 28 day, but would like to try it in lieu of steal cut oatmeal in the morning (it cooks so much quicker!).

  15. As weeks progress with weight loss, does the amount of water and helpings of food decrease with this weight loss also? Example: need to lose 60 pounds, when I hit 20 pounds, do I change my portions to reflect a 20 – 40 pound loss needed?

    • That’s right — when you only have 20 more to go, you drop your portions down to the standard portion. You can also decrease water, but that’s not as important since it would only amount to a difference of 20 ounces or so.

  16. For phase 2 – I like to boil a large pan of water, set a side and place collard greens layered flat in the boiling water. Leave in water about 30 to 40 minutes. Remove carefully not to tear. Rinse in cool water to make handling easier. Chop pork loin . You can use corse mustard or horse radish as a spread on top of collards. Then roll pork loin in collard green leaf like a burrito fold ends in sa to keep pork from falling out of roll . Enjoy

  17. I have a question? I have been on the program for almost 2 weeks with good results but find that Monday is not a good day for my Day 1. Can I stop on Friday (Day5) and go right into another week on Saturday (Day 1)? I’m missing a lot of good fat missing Days 6and7.
    Thanks Donna

  18. Use a 22 oz water bottle & train yourself to fill it at breakfast, lunch, and pm snack. Then you are done! I still have one cup of Bigelow Constant Comment Decaf tea with stevia at breakfast and to finish the day.

  19. We like to eat out at Chili’s for lunch on Fri or Sat. We order the 2/$20 meal with regular guacamole (no corn) and ask for celery sticks from the bar instead of tortilla chips as our appetizer. I ask for the 6 oz sirloin with a double order of broccoli. (Cinnamon apples or cole slaw are options but have sugar.) Broccoli is not a Phase 3 veg but works ok. You can request no butter and give the garlic bread to your significant other. Drink ice water w/lemon and have a plum for dessert later while shopping;)

  20. Can we use other flavoring extracts besides vanilla? (Lemon, orange, maple, coconut)
    I really like oatmeal with coconut flavoring.

  21. Pickles (no-sugar-added Bread and Butter)and peppers are really helping me in Phase 2. I’m excited to try the lime-lemon sorbet in Phase 2 since that’s allowed.

  22. I drank a lot of water this weekend due to very hot weather. Is it all right to drink most of the water during the day and stop before dinner so I don’t have to get up at night?

    To keep track of water I have a tiny plastic cup in my kitchen to hold my water markers. I put the lid under the cup with those flat plastic closures that hold bread closed. Every time I fill a 16-ounce glass of water, I move a piece of plastic to the cup. My fridge is so full of veggies and fresh food now; I only have room for one large bottle of cold water. My friend uses a little tiny plastic bead holder that fits in her purse. She fills one side with beads and moves one to the other side every time she drinks water. Another friend just notes it on her phone. Another friend of mine has an abacus bracelet. Every time she drinks water, she moves a bead.

  23. I have the best recipe for phase 2….. I eat it for almost every meal; Saute thinly sliced onions in balsamic vinegar for about 10 minutes on medium low heat (goal to carmelize); add Turkey bacon until done (about another 7-10 minutes); add cooked/microwaved warm green beans and toss. (I usually need 2 ten in frying pans going at one time). This is scrumptious if you like the ingredients listed here. I also take a slice or two of the bacon for my snacks.

    • I copied/pasted this because that is too much sugar in one day if you eat it for almost every meal:

      Christine, site admin says:
      January 13, 2014 at 5:58 pm
      Try Applegate Farms. It’s hard to find nitrate free bacon with no sugar at all. So take a look at the grams per serving. So look for a brand that has 0 net grams per serving. That means that each serving could have 1/2 a gram or even 3/4 of a gram. Haylie advises that 4 grams of sugar per day is the tipping point where it makes a difference in your success. So just to be safe, keep your turkey bacon consumption to four slices or less per day.

  24. Can you eat 2 hours after your last snack? What do you do when you have a fast blood test 8am? If you are sick and can’t eat what do you do when you can eat?

    • Yes, 2 hours is the minimum. If you must fast for a blood test, just be sure to eat as soon as you can afterwards. If you are sick, do the best you can — your body’s priority is to heal, so eat as well as you can given the circumstances.

  25. We made the salad dressing/veggie dip w/mango puree (P1) and it was fabulous! How long does this dressing keep in the fridge and does it freeze well. Has anyone made it with other fruits?

  26. Christine, My sister and I are following the FMD with Sat & Sun being our P2 days. Sunday is very early & very long so I make a protein smoothie similar to Haylie’s for P2 using 2 Tbsps. pea protein, 1/2 cup spinach, 1/2 t. stevia, 1/2 t. xylitol and 1 Tablespoon of cocoa blended together in my Bullet with 1 to 1 1/2 cups water. For snack we carry roast beef & chilis and have P2 soup waiting for us as soon as we can get home for lunch. Is the smoothie recipe acceptable? She is doing great, down from size 18-20 to 16. I lost 8 lbs the first week, plateaued for 4 weeks and am now down 14 lbs. We will be starting week 8 tomorrow.

    • This is great! Yes, your smoothie sounds just fine for P2 — glad you are sticking with it, and glad you got over your plateau. I hope others see your comment — many people get stuck for a couple of weeks, then it kicks in again. Everyone is just a little different.

  27. I thought that P3 would be great but I’m finding that I’m not hungry when I have to eat. When I do eat I feel full before I’m done with all the food. I’m wanting to lose around 40#. I’m on week one day 6. Lost 7# already which is great! I have a terrible cold and thinking that may be why I’m not as hungry. I’m also a picky eater so I’m not into avocado and hummus. Can I eat almonds with every snack and meal in P3? Thanks!!!

    • Try to eat as much of your snacks while you can. Do you know why you’re not hungry? Because your body should be eating its stored fat instead of signaling you to eat more. Yes, you can have almonds for each snack, and they can also be part of your meals, but try to mix up the foods you are eating.

  28. The book says that vegetables are unlimited. So, if you get hungry between snacks in say Phase1, can you eat a serving of veges like carrots, etc?

      • Great. Now, how about phase 2….only lemons & limes are allowed as fruits. Have you tried eating one of these like you would an orange? Plus, they remove the “tarnish” from dental fillings. This makes your teeth super sensitive. Any suggestions?

        • Sorry, I’m not understanding the question. You can have P2 veggies as additional snacks in P2 as well.

  29. Do egg yolks alone count as a healthy fat for Phase 3? I am feeling very wasteful tossing out the egg yolks from my hard-boiled eggs.

    • A whole egg counts as a protein on P3. I see your thinking — could you re-use the yolks as your healthy fat snack. You could blend them with safflower mayo and mustard to make yourself some deviled eggs as snacks.

  30. On phase 1 and 3 tomatoes are on the food lists. Does this mean we can eat tomatoe “products” like soup (dairy free) and make things like spaghetti sauce and marinara using tomatoe sauce?? Really wanting to make some “kid” friendly meals. Thanks!

  31. Just made the southwestern beef cabbage soup from the phase 2 recipes. I added cumin it and the soup was a huge hit with the whole family. If you are needing something new to eat for phase two give it a try!

  32. I’ve just finished reading the book and am super psyched to finally start Phase 1! A couple questions though:

    1: Can I drink more than half my body weight on the diet? I weigh 60kg but I normally drink 2-3 liters of water everyday.

    2: I want to have the Pork Tenderloin with Broccoli and Pineapple for lunch, but you say to have grain, protein, fruit and veggie for Phase 1′s lunch. But there is no grain in the recipe, so am I supposed to add on my own grains?

    • You can certainly drink more water. The minimum is half your body weight in ounces. As for #2, you’re correct — many recipes don’t include EVERY meal requirement, so you need to add. Good luck!

  33. Weeks ago, when I first started the diet, I saw a list of changes to make in the book’s recipes but I can’t find the list now. It said to adjust the Tuna, green apple and spinach salad in Phase 1 to serve 1 rather than 2. It didn’t adjust the Tuna Salad-stuffed red pepper in Phase 2 though, although the amount of food is about the same. Can anyone clarify this for me? It would be handy if the site were to have an easy-to-find list of all corrections! Thanks!

  34. Can Eden’s Organice Yellow Mustard be used for all phases? I’ve read the ingredients list but it includes apple cider vinegar so I’m not so sure.

    And if I don’t follow the recipe, must portion sizes be followed? I don’t cook following exact portion sizes cause I find that really troublesome and would prefer cooking to how much I feel like eating, though the portion sizes not as accurate, they are definitely not lesser than what Haylie suggests.

    • Yes, apple cider vinegar is allowed on all phases. If you are making your own meals, you can figure portions by sticking to the protein and grain portions for that meal. For example, your P1 dinner should include 4 oz. protein, 1 cup grains, and as many veggies as you like. A 4 oz portion of meat is about the size of a deck of cards.

  35. Tomato sauce and tomato paste??? Sauce is not allowed on Phase 1? To figure out allowable foods, I took the three phase food list and compared to see what was not allowed. For phase one, I came up with this list of foods that would tempt me: fat, almond milk or flour, asparagus, avocado, cauliflower, jalapeno, shallots, coconut, plums, lobster/crab, tomato sauce. For phase two it’s: fat or oils, beans except green, tomatoes including salsa, peas, squash, carrots, sweet potato, avocado, lobster. Not on phase three are: shallots, jalapenos, broccoli, rice, nut flours, strawberries, kiwi, apples, melon, pears, guava, mango, oranges, figs, papaya, pineapple. Assuming this is correct, could you clarify when tomato sauce and tomato paste can be used? (I know neither are on phase two.)

  36. JustFYI if your making the meatloaf muffins. Do not brown the meat first…combine all ingredients with raw hamburger and then scoop into Tina. It will just fall apart everywhere if you brown it first.

  37. My question is about the powders sold on the website. Is one powdered drink a snack substitute or a meal substitute?

  38. Can the turkey chili be eaten for lunch in Phase 3? Also, reading through the blog it seems folks are enjoying turkey sausage in phase 2, is that allowed?

  39. Still having trouble finding a dressing for salads in P.2 that I like. The one in the book left me cold and I’ve been using balsalmic vinegars mostly, but they and the lemon/lime juices are making my mouth sore. Anyone have suggestions?

  40. I’m not very good at planning ahead and found last week(my first week) very stressful.. I was in the kitchen for at least 2 hours every evening preparing dinner, the next days breakfast lunch and snacks. After being on my feet all day as a nurse this was exhausting! I stuck with it tho and lost 4#s. I only want want to lose 6…im doing TFD to feel better and break bad eating habits. So…. This weekend I want to be better prepared for week 2! Please if any better organized folks can give me ideas so I won’t be so stressed and be better prepared, I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Also is it ok to use coconut flour? Thought it would be good to make pancakes with them and top with fruit, stevie and cinnamon on P1

    • Kim, I realize this is an older comment & you’ve probably figured out what works for you by now. I’m a nurse practitioner, working 3-4 12 hour shifts per week (often back to back days) and it has been a challenge to figure out how to follow the meal plans on work days. What I’ve found that works best for me is to come up with daily meal and snack plans for the entire week. I can do all my grocery shopping for the week and I double recipes when I cook. I measure out portions and freeze what we’re not eating that day. The soups that I’ve tried all freeze really well, and it makes eating at work so much more convenient. I can just throw a bowl of soup in my lunch bag and go.

      I also try to prepare and pack up all my snacks for all my work days into snack size bags the night before I start my work stretch. That makes life a little easier so that I’m not having to worry about weighing and packing up snacks for the next day when I get home from work at 8 pm. I’ve found that by planning out all my meals & snacks for the week that I can do all my cooking ahead of time and I don’t have to cook anything on the days that I work. It’s definitely takes planning and effort for those of us who have really long work days, but it can be done!

  41. Christine—-I have done several rounds of FMD and I always lose on p2but then gain in p3or in the maintenance phase. I watched a YouTube video Haylie did and she suggested if this happens its hormonal. Can you suggest what I can tell my doc to look into? I have a doc that will listen and do/try what I suggest but I am the one who has to bring it up.

    • Did you try doing the 2-3-2 version of the plan? Do two days of Phase 1, three of Phase 2, and two of Phase 3?

      • Yes I have tried the 2-3-2 method. The exact same thing happens. I just keep losing the same 5 lbs and regain 5lbs again. I know it’s only 5 but its super frustrating since I follow the food plans, I do the cardio, weight training & yoga. I never seem to reach my goal. Or if I do reach my goal it’s only for 2-3days and then right back up on P3.

  42. I am having the same difficulty, I have been on the diet for 3 weeks and for the last 2 I am gaining and losing the same 2 lbs. I am getting frustrated that I am not experiencing the “20lbs” in 28 days. The only thing that keeps me going is that I feel great and am sleeping well. I’m wondering if I will meet my goal?

  43. Try using a cheese grater to shred zucchini for recipes. I add it to eggs or since it has a lot of moisture, I add it to really lean ground turkey for meatloaf or burgers. Saute it with some balsamic vinegar and onions then mix it with turkey and spices. Keeps it nice and moist!

  44. Starting FMD tomorrow. Have a few questions.

    Are green bell peppers ok, or just red. I know they can have different sugar contents.

    Serving sizes: some recipes for lunch call for 2-3 oz. However, the serving size chart says 4oz for 20lbs or less. Just want to make sure I am eating enough.

    Apple: I saw it on the sample meal map for a phase 3 lunch, but it is not on the master food list. When are they OK?


  45. Im vegetarian, and I don’t eat fish. How many egg whites is okay to eat in one day? And should I have some egg whites and some tofu? It would seem like too much of either one if I had 5 servings.

    • HI Robin. I hear you — if you eat eggs for every meal and snack, that’s a lot of eggs. However, they are egg whites and the cholesterol and fat is in the yolks. You could do a couple of things, You could use Haylie’s protein powders for breakfasts and snacks — they are all vegan. Then you can stick with egg whites for lunch and dinner protein. Or, you could do the diet as a vegan and use the approved soy products instead of egg whites. Vegans on Phase 2 can use plain tofu, soy tempeh and edamame for protein.

  46. I have been on the FMD for 5 days. I was really skeptical but have lost 4 lbs. I hope I don’t gain or plateau but I’ll try to stay strong if I do! Phase 2 is difficult for me as a semi-vegan (I was vegan but ate occasional eggs until living in Uganda for 6 months- not enough food choices to continue). I have incorporated fish and eggs in phase 2. I have come up with a few good recipes and I hope you like them!

    For phase 3- Squash and white bean hummus
    If you don’t like traditional hummus, you may like this as it’s sweeter and mild in taste.
    1/2 c kabocha squash
    1/2 c white beans
    1 tbl tahini
    1 tbl olive oil
    2 tbl lemon juice or to taste
    1/4 teas sea salt or to taste
    water as needed (I used about 1/4 cup)

    Blend in a Magic Bullet or blender until smooth. Serve with jicama and carrots or your favorite veggie.

    An easy fish marinade- I guessed on the portions (just kept tasting it until I got something I liked)
    Tamari- about 1 tbl
    Siracha- about1/2 teas or to taste
    Lemon juice- about 1 tbl
    Marinade fish (I used thin Dory sole fillets) for 5-10 minutes. Grill for 5 minutes, then flip, and grill until fish is done.

    An easy Phase 1 lunch-
    spinach and/or arugula
    1/2 c white beans
    1 c brown rice
    1/2-3/4 c your favorite salsa
    1 c sliced frozen pineapple, defrosted in the microwave

    Layer greens on bottom of a bowl. Add beans and rice and heat in the microwave until greens are wilted and beans and rice are heated through. Mix salsa and pineapple together and put on top of heated mixture.

    I also found spelt pasta and it really tasted like wheat pasta. I used an 8 oz can of tomato sauce (Hunt’s no salt added- it’s just tomatoes). I add lemon juice and Italian seasoning and sea salt to taste.

    I’m going to try making tofu jerky for phase 2 to have some variety and easy grab protein snacks. I’ll keep you all posted!

  47. Hi all! I’m getting ready to start my second round of 28 days. I didn’t weight myself at all because I didn’t want to get hung up on the weight loss or gain, so I just measured and I am for sure down inches all around! The second time around I’d like to try to incorporate older healthy habits into the FMD to see if I can really make a lifestyle change. One of my favorite habits from before is to make superfood smoothies and would love to know which phases all the superfoods fall into. I’m going to make my best guesses based on what I know about the Superfoods, but Christine if you can help me out that would be wonderfully helpful!

    Acai powder – Phase 1 and 3?
    Spirulina – 1, 2, and 3?
    Cacao – Already see that this in on all 1, 2, 3 (makes me happy!)
    Camu powder – 1, 3?
    Chia – 3?
    Flax – 3?
    Goji – I know this is a dried fruit of sorts so I wasn’t sure – but the benefits are huge
    Hemp – 3?
    Maca powder – 1, 2, 3
    Maqui Berry Powder – 1, 3
    Dried Mulberries – Hoping to add this into phase 3 as benefits are huge like the goji)
    Lucuma powder – 1, 3

    And thank you in advance for all your help in advance – I know this is a big list.

  48. I recently bought Haylie’s protein powders for all three phases as I love making smoothies. I was hoping some guidance would have accompanied the purchase, i.e suggestions with recipes. I have found nothing in Blogs when entering Search criteria. Are these meant for a snack replacement? Can I add nuts and/or lettuces and/or fruits, and would that suffice as a meal replacement? Can I mix with almond or coconut milk instead of water? If just mixed with water, does that count towards my water intake?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Karen. You can use the shakes as meal replacements for breakfasts and snacks, but not lunch and dinner. They are meant as complete meal replacements, but since you can always have unlimited veggies, you can add extra veggies to them. It’s okay if the water counts as part of your water requirement.

  49. I am confused. Are nut flours allowed in P1? I have the book and the list says yes but I am wondering since raw nuts are not allowed. I am wanting to use almond flour as my grain

    • That’s a weird one — almonds are P3, yet the flour is listed on P1. I would keep it on Phase 3. Other flours you could use on Phase 1 would be brown rice flour, quinoa flour or chick pea flour

  50. P2 snack idea–don’t know where I found it but it is delicious. Appropriate amount of egg whites dash of vanilla and stevia. MW for 1-1/2 mins,

  51. Hi Started the diet 4 weeks ago. I planned ahead , color coded each phase, picked foods from each phase that had commonalities with the spices and used crock pots , etc. and made food in batches. I froze everything and every night before I go to bed I thaw my next days dinner out. Breakfast and lunches easy for me . It was the dinners that took thought! Thank you Karen J. MN

  52. I am on week three and in Haylie Pomroy’s book she has a meal map and my question is on the meal map page 152 for Sun. breakfast she has celery with Almond butter and Carob chips, but for one, i can’t find Carob chips on her Iphone app as an option for Sun. breakfast, and therefore what would be the portion size for the Carob chips?

    • Hi Ann. Since the book came out, we’ve had problems finding a brand of carob chips that will work on the diet. They all have soy lecithin in them, or have dairy or sugar. Instead, you can use raw cacao nibs – these also have a chocolately crunch that’s good on almond butter and celery. Cacao nibs are classed as a condiment/seasoning, and there is no limit on any phase.

    • You could freeze cooked kale and spinach — just be aware when you defrost it will be pretty mushy, like boxed frozen spinach. For quinoa — I use 1 cup quinoa + 2 cups water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes, or until the water is absorbed.

  53. I hate wasting my organic egg yolks. Is there something I can do with them? or is there some place to get powdered organic egg whites? (all I can find are non organic). Thanks

    • You can freeze the yolks and use them another time to make deviled eggs. You can also buy liquid egg whites, so you don’t have to waste the yolk.

  54. I’ll start this exciting program tomorrow, but I am new to all this and had some questions.
    A) can I eat unlimited (phase appropriate) veggies with my required snacks in P1 & P2? Or only when listed in the meal plan seen in book?
    B) can I have veggies for breakfast in P1 & P2? (like a tomato slice with my bread).
    C) is the egg white in P1 & P2 optional or required?
    D) the phone app lets me have 2hrs between snacks-meals but the book suggests 3-4hrs. What do u suggest? (In order to have lunch and dinner with my hubbys schedule, I have 2hrs breaks. Is this ok?)

    • E) I have Liquid Stevia from SweetLeaf, how do I calculate the correct amount if a meal in the book or website asks for 1 package or 1 teaspoon. Does it matter?

      • Check the package, which should have some kind of measurement equivalent on it. This varies by brand. I tend to add stevia to taste, myself. I find I use less and less as my sweet tooth lessens.

    • A) Anytime — even between meals
      B) You can have phase-specific veggies with breakfast. So tomato for phase 1 is fine, but not for phase 2 (no tomato on p2)
      C) Egg whites are one option for protein. You can always choose another protein
      D) You can adjust the times in the app. Simply tap and drag your meals times to suit your schedule. 2 hours is the absolute minimum with 4 as the maximum.

  55. On my phone app I can only choose from certain food groups when it comes to plan for snacks in PHASE 3.
    I can choose from “Healthy Fats” and “Veggies” only. How does the “2 oz Shrimp Snack with Lemon Wedges” fit in the requirements? Do I need to add veggies? (which my app says is a requirement). I wouldn’t be able to select shrimps separate on my app.
    I also want to eat the correct SNACK amount of the yummy “Three-Egg Salad” listed in the book. Please advice. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Sonja. This was so tricky for the app. For P3 snacks, the focus is on healthy fats, but you also want some protein. Nuts are the easy snack choice on Phase 3, and they contain both fat and protein, so you don’t need to add additional protein. But then if you want to have something like shrimp, you’d need to add a healthy fat. We couldn’t do it both ways in the app – so we went with healthy fat — like nuts, hummus, guacamole. We worried that people would over-eat if they chose both a full serving of healthy fat and a full serving of protein.

      That’s a long winded answer I know. For the three-egg salad, half of a portion would probably be reasonable for a snack. I’m afraid you won’t be able to enter it in your app like that, though. As for veggies — you can always have them, it’s always a good idea. In the app, Haylie wanted to encourage people to eat more veggies with snacks.

    • Hi. The snacks in Phase 3 are healthy fats — so that would be nuts, avocado, hummus, etc. I suppose if you wanted to include them as part protein, 2 ounces seems appropriate – but you also need to have a healthy fat.

    • Hi. Yes, you can use them in Phase 3 as a protein. Just be aware that you’ll need to add healthy fat to your meals and snacks if you do.

  56. What do I do, if I forget to eat my snack?
    I was out and about, forgot to pack my snack (which was unusual!), and I had a lunch appointment with somebody? I usually eat my snack 2 hr after my meals, which means I had 4 hours between breakfast and lunch in this case. I did cancel my lunch and ate my snack instead today to be as true to the program as possible.
    Would it have been ok though to have an exception and eat lunch since I had 4 hours between my last meal?

  57. I have been telling all my friends and family about this “metabolism repair diet” (as I call it). So many german speaking family members were excited to hear me talk so highly about it and wanted to buy the book in German. I cannot find a german version of it.
    My question: Is it planned to translate the fantastic book in german any time soon? Or do I need to go ahead and translate the essence of it myself to pass on to my family?

    • Hi Sonja. At this time, the publisher has not sold the rights to a German publisher, so to my knowledge, it will not be coming out in German anytime soon.

  58. I am in my last 3 days of the FMD and I have only lost 3 pounds and hardly any inches. My husband on the other hand (who ate the same meals) lost 15 pounds. This feels like a bad dream.
    For my history: I never dieted before and had no eating disorder or negative association to food. I have been eating organic for last 6 years, have my own garden. No thyroid issues or stressful life. I was never overweight but after my first (and only) pregnancy (my child will turn 3 this years) I got a big muffin top and was hoping to reduce it a lot with the FMD. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Sonja. It’s always hard when your partner loses more. I’m not sure why it was not as dramatic for you. Have you had your hormones checked recently? That would be a good place to start, to see if you’re dealing with any imbalances that can make it hard to lose weight. I’m a little unclear from your note above — it sounds like you don’t have a lot to lose but would like to reduce around your middle? Losing weight just in one area really isn’t possible (believe me I wish it were).

      • thanks for the comment. I was hoping to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight or/and to loose some inches. So I hoped to loose close to 20 pounds.
        Last I had my hormones and Thyroid checked was 2 years ago and everything seemed fine.

  59. In Phase 2 there is a recipe for tuna stuffed red bell peppers. Is this a single serving or for 2? I just ate one half and am too full to eat the other half.

    • Hi. The recipe uses one red pepper and serves two, so one half of the stuffed red pepper would be the portion.

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