Making a meal map

Making a meal map

Before you can start healing your metabolism, you need to get real about who you are, what you do and what you like. And that means getting a handle on understanding your eating habits. It seems obvious, but once you start writing down what you’re eating, you’ll be shocked to see what patterns emerge, both in what you eat and the timing of your meals.

For example:

  • Are you a breakfast eater?
  • Do you think about your meals in advance, or do you tend to figure out what you’ll eat at the last minute?
  • Do you get hungry in the afternoon or at night?
  • Do you usually eat on purpose or do you find yourself eating when you hadn’t really planned on it?
  • Are you influenced by what other people around you are eating, or do you do your own thing?

The best way to answer these questions is to keep a diary or a meal map–not for very long, about three days is fine. The point is to catalog exactly what you did and how you felt, and not making assumptions about how you THINK you eat. So in addition to answering the questions above, write down every single bite you eat for three days. Don’t forget to include all the little “extras” like the cookies so-and-so brought in to work, or the last bit of birthday cake you polished off because you didn’t want it to go to waste.

Be honest! No one is going to see this but you. Make yourself a little chart like this. Don’t forget beverages!

Time What I ate/drank Meal or snack? Planned or not? How I felt before How I felt after
 6:30 a.m.  Cereal  Breakfast  Yes, I have it every day  Hungry  Still hungry!
 6:30 a.m. 2 cups coffee w/milk  Breakfast  Yes  Groggy  Ahhh, waking up now
 8:00 a.m.  Banana  Snack  No  Still hungry  Better! I love bananas

After you’ve collected three days worth of entries, take a good hard look:

  • Do you tend to eat at the same times or are your eating habits all over the map?
  • Are there some foods that seem over-represented?
  • Do you eat as many fruits and vegetables as you thought you did?
  • Are you a meal skipper?
  • Do you snack, and if so, at what times?

All of this is important prep work if you’re getting ready to start the Fast Metabolism Diet. Here’s where you’ll be able to see what meals, foods or times of the day are most challenging for you.

Remember, on the Fast Metabolism Diet, you’ll be eating a lot of food–and that includes regular and strategic snacks. So getting an honest idea of what you’re doing now will tell you why other diets might have failed in the past, why your body might be fighting you when it comes to weight loss, and where consistency and regular, planned meals can make a positive impact on your life.

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35 thoughts on “Making a meal map

  1. I already started the diet based on what I found on the website. I am on day two of phase one which is carbs and fruits only. I only consumed fruits and the following carbs: qinoa,brown wild rice, steel cut oat. I did not count the serving nor the calories ! I already pre ordered the book. I wish if you can tell me if I am on the right track :)

    Thank you very much

    • Their sugars are too concentrated! So they are not on the 28 days. You can enjoy them after the 28 days when your metabolism is on fire! –Christine, Random House Digital

  2. My husband has diabetes and is overweight. We both are starting your diet next Monday (we LOVE your book!!!). I don’t need to lose weight, but love the healthy science behind your diet. Any advise for me to keep from losing weight?

  3. The meal maps that were created for each phase is unreadable in iBooks. There is no way to copy them and paste to zoom in. Are these located anywhere or can they be emailed to me. I wish now I would have purchased the actual book instead of through iBooks. These meal plans are important and I would like to view. Please reply…thank you.

  4. I’m a bit confused about one thing. Your week one, phase 3 meal map on page 130 of the book shows oatmeal as the breakfast item for Friday. Shouldn’t breakfast include a healthy fat or protein as well? Do I use the blank meal map as the basis for each week of the 4 weeks and is each day of each particular phase identical in terms of what type of items I should eat? In other words, If I started the diet on Monday, Friday’s food groups should mirror Sunday’s food groups, correct? And week one food groups are the same as week 4 food groups?

    • Yes — to your oatmeal, add chopped nuts and fruit. Phase 1 and phase 3 are not the same. And yes, all four weeks follow the same pattern

      • There are so many mistakes like this in the book…& it is so frustrating! Maybe have a section on this website called “corrections & clarifications”. And I would much prefer that the book have ALL of the info for each phase all together, rather than having to jump around to find phase specific info.. Love the diet, but hate the poor organization and mistakes that the book contains.

        • I agree. That’s the problem I’m having. I bought the book on Amazon and have it on my android phone. It’s difficult to go back and forth. Is there a pdf list anywhere that I can download that has the info so that I have it quick at a glance?

  5. Can you split your protiens/fruits/vegetable requirements as long as they are phase specific? For example in phase two breakfast can I have an egg white scramble with side of turkey bacon?

  6. I ordered the book for my kindle. It would be nice to be able to download or print out the meal map along with a few other pertinent pages so I can work on it offline. I do have the app now and that helps a lot but some additional access would be nice.

  7. I’m confused about what is listed in the book for a phase meal compared to the app on my iphone. Phase 3 has breakfast as sprouted bread, an egg, tomatoes and red onions but the app adds a fruit? The blank meal map shows the fruit listed but not mentioned with that specific breakfast. Which is right? Is the tomato considered the fruit but listed under the vegetables?

  8. I bought the book from Amazon for Kindle. I can’t read the maps. HELP!!! That is the most important thing. Kathy

  9. Yep I am super frustrated with the meal maps portions and food lists being all over the place in the book. Can’t find what I need when reading on my kindle or android phone…. Begging someone to email me this information so I can print…… Please please pretty please!!!!

  10. Is there a printable Meal Map online somewhere, so I can just print it out, write in what I want and then post it on my refrigerator? That would be so incredibly helpful. Thank you!

      • Can’t believe you don’t have a basic template…seems like that would be one of the easiest tools you could’ve provided. It would be SOOO helpful!

        • I completely agree and am scouring the web for a source now. The app isn’t as helpful as I would like for meal mapping and just having a blank tool (maybe one for each phase with the building blocks for each meal or snack at the top) would be SOOOOO helpful in planning my week and my grocery shopping!

      • A pdf version of the map would be great! It really sucks not to be able to use it. I have the kindle version and it’s so small I can’t even read it, and I can’t print. :(

  11. According to your website, meal maps can be copied from one week to the next but there is no description on how to do so. help!

    • Hi Tracy. Yes — you can do that. Once you have planned one full week, go to the meal map home screen (with big blue boxes that say “week 1″ “week 2″ etc. Select the next week you want to plan (the week needs to be empty, with no planned meals yet). Then you can select whether to copy an existing week or start from scratch.

  12. Can we switch meals around? Example: Can I have my snack as breakfast (6AM) and my breakfast at snack time (9AM), then lunch (12PM)?? I cannot eat a lot when I wake up…

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