Getting started: Making a meal map [Video]

Just getting started with the Fast Metabolism Diet? Making a meal map can make it so much easier to get organized and stay on track. In this video, Haylie Pomroy discusses the basics of the food plan on the diet, along with strategies for planning meals.

On the Fast Metabolism Diet, the meal map is really the beginning and end of meal planning. Here, Haylie discusses why certain foods are on certain phases. She talks about planning, shopping and organizing, and talks about putting together your first meal maps.

You can copy the basic meal map from the book, but here’s a blank one to get you started: Blank Meal Map for the Fast Metabolism Diet

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the Fast Metabolism Diet App makes it easier still. The app lets you select from the food lists and do your meal planning electronically.

Links included in this article will sometimes direct you to the website, where you can learn more about and purchase many of the products mentioned. Please know that Haylie Pomroy has a financial interest in anything that is sold from

135 thoughts on “Getting started: Making a meal map [Video]

      • You are missing a huge market here by only having the app for iPhones. Please stress the urgency of getting an android app to the management please.

        • Hi Debbie. Right now, there’s no Android version on the way, but it’s something that is certainly under consideration for the future.

          • PLEASE, PLEASE, get going on the Android app! There are thousands of people trying get healthy on the FMD, and for a lot of us that travel, or cannot drag our book & iPad around the app is essential! Haylie, HELP!
            We want to be successful!

        • As a long time Android user, I want it too, but when I went to the iTunes Store to look at the app, it appears the developer of the app is an Apple employee. I doubt he/she has an interest in developing anything for Android! LOL

          • Hm? No, the developer isn’t an Apple employee. The app was developed by Random House, Haylie’s publisher.

      • just throwing my name in the hat for the vote on the app for android users… I would love to have that on my phone. C’mon, spread the love??? ;)

    • I too would love to see an Android app. I agree with Emma that you are missing a huge market. Please stress the urgency of getting an android app (of equal quality!)to management. I am currently carrying around my phone as well as an iPod solely to access the FMD app, and I hate it. Love the app, just hate the unnecessary extra device in my purse.

  1. Loved the video . I want to loose 25 pounds I am confused on the formula . Would like guidance thank you . My hubs and are starting Monday

    • I don’t understand the question. Do you mean the portions? That’s chapter 5 in the book, under “your portions”

      • Even Dr OZ said it was confusing on TV. Please be sensitive to the beginner.
        I keep having friends ask how I lost my hips and thighs. I sing the praises of
        The Fast Metabolism Diet. But I have had no one follow in my foot steps because it is a daunting undertaking. They buy the book and then tell me its to much to follow For the person responding to this blog or what ever it is. Be gentle and positive with the encouragement when starting the Fast Metabolism way of eating It works if you are willing to put in the cooking and planning time. The food recipes are fabulous.. And it is my way for life.!!

        • Thank you, Carla. I have bought the book, read about half of it so far, and feel pretty overwhelmed and confused. I am looking at protein portions, and I think, okay, 6 oz protein per day or per meal? I will figure it out eventually, but I am giving myself a couple of weeks to prepare and study this diet before I dive in. I’m nervous about its success and how I can incorporate it into my family… I might have to do it on my own, and that is hard for me. It is not like Weight Watchers or Sparkpeople where you can eat just anything. That made life much easier on me, but I think my metabolism is toast so I don’t think I’m going to be doing that anymore

  2. I had 3 days of a lot of eating. I already did the 28 days once, but I want to do it again :) Now I want to start tomorrow, but tomorrow ‘s a tuesday. Can I do 1 day P1, 2 days P2 and 3 days P3. I know I can start the cycle on other days, but I am a little autistic ;)

    • The diet is really set up for that 2-2-3 pattern. But if you want to do a “short” week to get back on a Monday, do 2-2-2.

  3. With the app, does it “increase” your food portion automatically? I have more than 29lbs to lose, so does the app, figure out the portion size against how much you want to lose? Also, is it normal to keep gaining weight on the diet? I am starting week three and so far have GAINED 3 more pounds!?

  4. I love the idea of a FMD App, any chance it will be available in the international App Stores?(I live in Brazil) Also, thanks for this Meal Plan Sheet! I bought the Kindle version of this book and it’s just impossible to visualize the Meal Plans!

    • Hi. The app will soon be available in UK/Australian app stores. It may also be available in the Euro store at some point, but I do not have a time line for that.

  5. I am on my second week and on phase 1. I lost 4 lbs the first 3 days and 1 more on day 5. I haven’t lost anything else since phase 3. I am starting to get frustrated and depressed. I am using the app on my phone to put the meals in and following her recipes. I am a having a difficult time finding quinoa or brown rice pasta without corn syrup. I also can not find the Turkey Jerky with the right ingredients.
    I am peri menopausal with my hormones are all over the place. I have been working hard at losing weight and working out and nothing budges.
    Please HELP before I give up and call apart.

    • Hi Jennifer. You’re only on week 2 — you’re doing fine! It’s a pretty normal pattern for people to lose in the first week, then slower in the second week. There’s a blog post here with pasta brands that work on the diet:
      For the jerky, try to find a brand with less than 1 gram per serving of sugar. But be aware that you don’t want to consume more than 4 grams total for the day; Haylie advises that as little as 4 grams of sugar can stall your weight loss. Hang in there!

      • Jennifer…. you can also make your own…. quite easily…and with an oven, you don’t need a dehydrator…. If you have Cabella’s or some other Sporting/Hunting Goods store.. they will have Jerky making supplies that come with instructions…. You can find Metabolism Diet friendly recipes online…. And you can be sure it will be healthier & less expensive than any store-bought….

  6. In the FMD book there was mention of perhaps 7-8 meals for those who had gastric bypass. I am one such person. I have already done the FMD and lost 14 lbs in the first 4 weeks. I took 2 days off, mostly just to adjust the schedule to what I prefered, but also to taste a few things I missed — but the healthy versions. I am quite satisfied that I did not give up the principles (the ten NO items) in those two days. Well, one tiny sample of chocolate bark at Costco, but that’s it. I was quite a caffeine consumer, and I had none. I had no bread with wheat. I had a gluten free, vegan cheese (made from tapioca) pizza from Fresh Brothers that was GREAT. I used the same olive oil and vinegar or lemon for salads. I kept the principles. I am starting the second day of Phase 1 and really having a hard time eating everything at one meal, so I am wondering how to split things up. I have always had a hard time mixing fruit with protein (makes a lot of sour stomach issues, burping). Could I eat the fruit an hour later? Sometimes I have to stretch my meals to last about an hour in order to be comfortable. Is that OK? (I initially had GB in 1998 and lost 80 pounds, regained 55. After about 12 years, I started WW where I have lost 60 lbs before FMD, and now 73 since FMD. I need to lose another 98 lbs.) FMD is working but I need to tweak either sizes of meals or frequency. Can you direct me on this? (Bought 4 books to share with friends — even my WW leader!)

    • Hi Kathy,

      Congratulations on your success so far! Haylie advises working with your doctor on reducing portion size and spacing meals out more closely together if you’ve had this type of surgery. Instead of a particular “rule” for this, she suggests consulting with your doctor the best way to tailor for your needs. It sounds like the overall concept of the diet is working for you, so a few alterations will likely be just fine. Love that you bought a copy for your WW leader!

  7. I need help making a shopping list. Id like to have a list that has all the foods I’d need for one week. Since some foods are on more than one list, it makes sense that I should buy more of that food while I’m at the store. However, filling out the meal maps by hand require lots of paging back and forth. Is there a master list of foods I can download or an excel spreadsheet that I could sort by food name or phase? If not, has any of your members created one?

  8. My husband and I are in our 2nd week, Phase 1 with the Fast Metabolism Diet. All is well except for this: we get hungry between meals and snacks. Is there an appropriate food for us to eat at these times? It’s especially difficult for my husband, as he has a problem with his blood sugar getting too low. Thank you, Erin

    • Yes — you can always have more vegetables, even filling ones like sweet potato. They can be raw or cooked!

  9. I am starting my second week today. Lost 5 pounds so far and looking forward to loosing more. The receipes are easy to follow and taste great. My better half is eating them and not complaining. That’s a miracle in itself. Will you be developing an app for Droid?

  10. Today I start the 2nd week and I’m feeling beter than I have in a LONG time and have lost 13 lbs.
    But I just thought I should ask: I’ve been taking 1000mg daily of Pantothenic Acid (B5) for 8 years (along with 65 mg iron and a One-A-Day multi-vitamin. These were recommended by a doctor when I went on a calorie-counting diet in 2005. Does taking this supplement affect your FMD goals?

    • Haylie advises that you continue taking whatever supplements your doctor has advised you to take. Good luck!

  11. Phase 1 the meal map has strawberry french toast for breakfast but on the blank meal map phase 1 it states a grain and fruit. I am confused isn’t an egg a protein?

    • That’s right — no protein on P1 breakfast. But Haylie says the french toast is fine — the small amount of egg is used as a preparation technique and does not amount to that much protein.

  12. I agree with the others in regard to an app on Androids. I am only on in week one and one, My friend is 5 days behind me and as an Iphone with the app. I am finding that there are many differences between the book and app. This has been very confusing and I have found that, if the app is the latest information, I have made mistakes without even knowing it. Please consider an app for Androids. We have all paid good money for the book, and it is not updated. Thanks for your consideration. L

  13. Just read the book, bogs, and reviews and I am ready to start! I have 20 pounds to loose but I realize that by the 2nd week in I would have to stop 1 day to fast(no food or water for 24hrs.) for Yom Kippur ~ will that mess me up and would I have to start from the beginning again?

    • Hi Linda. Here’s what Haylie recommends: For most people, their last day of normal eating (assuming you start the diet on a Monday) will fall on the first day of Phase 3. For your last meal before sundown, eat a Phase 3 dinner, but add a fruit, and instead of the grain, substitute a starchy vegetable like sweet potato. When you break your fast Saturday evening, eat a meal that resembles a Phase 1 breakfast: Perhaps oatmeal, quinoa or brown rice with a low-glycemic fruit like berries. Add a vegetable as well. For the first meal after a fast, it’s important to choose something that’s easy to digest — so instead of the usual healthy fats and protein you would eat on Phase 3, that’s why she recommends the easy-to-digest grains. Then the next day (Sunday), you can have your normal Phase 3 day.

      • Oh thank you so much for the fast reply and the time to answer me personally. Haylie and your staff are an incredible blessing.

  14. Hi, I know we have to keep eating every 3 hourly as long as we are awake. And that we are to snack every 3 hourly after dinner when needed if we dont sleep that soon. Question is do we have to eat ohase specific snacks or can we just eat phase specific fruits for that every 3 hourly snack after dinner? (I usually dont sleep that early thats why)

    • You should eat phase-specific snacks. So on P1, it would be fruit, on P2, protein, and on P3, healthy fats.

      • If I were to sleep after midnight, and the next day is another phase and its time for me to snack, do I eat snacks for the previous phase or the new phase?

        The tahini I have at home is organic sesame seeds blended with honey. Is that allowed for phase 3?

        • You can do it either way — just keep it consistent. Wow — honey in tahini? I have not heard of that. Honey isn’t on the diet, so it’s better to find a brand that’s just sesame seeds.

  15. I have been on the diet this week–this is day 6. I have lost only 2 lbs. I may have missed this in the book, but I saw where the portion sizes were, but how often do we have those portions? Like in Phase 3, do you have a grain each meal, a protein each meal, a fat each meal, veggies each meal? What is the frequency of the food portions? Thanks.

    • Hi. The portions and meal requirements are PER MEAL not per day. So for P3 breakfast, you have a protein, a fat, a grain, veggie and a fruit. For lunch, you have a protein, a fat, veggies and a fruit. For dinner, you have a protein, veggies, a grain, a fat — and the grain is optional.

  16. Just finished reading the book. I have learned so much about my body and how food affects my body. I am ready to make meal plans, make my grocery list, get a few things cooked up and GET STARTED :) Is there somewhere I can download/print blank meal map–like in the book…to make it easier??

    • Hi Melissa. Everyone is different. Some lose right away, and for others, it takes longer to kick in. Hang in there!

  17. To site admin,
    My daughter made a chart in excel for all the foods. It groups them, tells how much to eat, and tells which phase each individual food is on. We find it very helpful when we plan our weekly menu and making our own recipes. We would like to share it without giving up our privacy or email address. Any ideas?

    • Hi Ellen,
      I’m starting the diet in a couple of weeks and would love your spreadsheet since no Android app is available to help us non-Apple users. Can you tell me if you did share it with the group Christine suggested? If so, I’ll grab it there. If not, I would love to be able to get a copy and could provide my email address. Thanks! Lee

  18. I am getting frustrated. I have followed the plan to a T-this is my first week. Lost 1/2 lbs to 1.5 daily then gained 3.5lbs on sat of phase 3! I know I’m not suppose to stress but that felt horrible & stressful as I am spending hundreds in organic natural foods (not popular here so very expensive). Which I gladly accept to do if this works. I did listen to the video about weight gain in phase 3 & that helped sooth SOME of my stress. The other thing I have great difficulty is the amount of food. I am trying to lose 75lbs and I am definitely not hungry but boy oh boy it’s so hard to get all the food down. My portions are huge & take forever to eat. I’m going to be working out of town very busy schedule & I can’t see eating those size of portions for those 10 days I just won’t have the time between meetings-any suggestions?

    • Hi Hanna. It sounds like maybe your portions are too large. Haylie advises that if you want to lose more than 20 pounds, try 1 1/2 portions first — so for Phase 1 breakfast, that would be 1 1/2 cups of grain and 1 1/2 cups of fruit. You should be able to comfortably finish your meals and not feel over-stuffed. Try that!

  19. On this page it says there is a pdf download for a blank map. It is not opening up to one. I just got my book in the mail I thought it would helpful to have a map saved on my computer and the map would be larger if you did have a pdf map you could email me.

    Thank you,

  20. I love the diet and have lost 16 # s this is my fourth week and I would like to do one more month. I am planning a trip for 10 days and I don’t know how to eat since I will not be able to cook my food. I plan to purchase the breakfast bars but then what?
    Maybe I should try the super simple meal plan in the book. Your suggestions please.
    Thank you

  21. Is a tomatillo a vegetable that is allowed in the FMD program? For those not familiar with a tomatillo, It is a tart small round green vegetable covered in a papery husk (husk is not eaten), commonly used in Mexican cooking, salsas, etc

    • Hi Renee. It’s not on the food lists. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether to add veggies that are not on the lists. As Haylie says, it’s not that she was out to exclude certain items, as include the veggies she believes will have the best metabolic effect. That’s why it’s good not to stray too far from the lists. But it’s up to you whether to include a different vegetable.

  22. On Phase 3 the list in the book is a bit different than the other days.It says: Fat/protein for all five meals. What exactly does that / mean. Does it mean you should eat both a separate fat (like 2 T almond butter) + a separate protein (like maybe 4 oz. turkey bacon). etc. Or does it mean that almond butter IS a fat/protein. Or does it mean either a fat or a protein. I’m confused.

  23. Is there a copy of the food lists (phase 1) online? I want to make a checklist/spreadsheet. I need to streamline my planning-shopping-cooking process. thanks in advance!

    • Hi Cynthia. No, the food lists are not available online. Many just copy the food list from the book, or type up their own list and edit out the foods they don’t like.

  24. Happy New Year! I am a little late to the party, but I was wondering is someone would send me the Excel Meal Planner? kulchange3 (at) gmail (dot) com Thank you!

    Please consider this an additional request for an android app. :-)

    • Hi Paulette. Yes — we’ll soon be posting a blog post on this. To keep blood sugar levels, in check, diabetics should add some protein and a vegetable to breakfast in Phase 1. Also on Phase 1, for both lunch and dinner, replace the grain with a starchy vegetable or legume, like lentils, beans or sweet potato — or use quinoa instead of brown rice. For snacks, choose low glycemic fruits and add a vegetable as well. All these steps should help slow sugar delivery from the carbs on Phase 1. Be sure to stay in touch with your doctor — as you improve your metabolism and lose weight, your medications may need to be adjusted. Good luck!

  25. I had read on one of the blogs that there are corrections to the sample meal maps in the book. Is there a way to access those without reading through every blog entry to peice it together? Any help would be great.

    • Hi Sol. There are not published corrections to the sample meals maps — just follow the blank meal maps as your guide for meal requirements. They are on pages 117-120 in my copy of the book.

  26. Hi!
    I have the book, I´ve read it, and I´m trying to plan the meal map (and the grocery list) and I have some doubts, may be any of you can help me. What´s the size of eggs in each fase?
    When the plan i fase 3 says: protein/fat, what does”/” means? “and” or “or”?

    • I don’t know what that is — if it is an unsweetened herbal tea or infusion that’s caffeine free, it would be fine.

  27. I am a bit confused about the meal plans on each week. There was a blank meal plan chart i copied for all three phases. it told you what you eat at each meal. Veggie, fruit, protein, etc…. and i know i can pick what i want from the list of foods in the back of the book…. BUT.. when you look at a meal plan that Haily planned out for each week (1,2,3 & 4) it seems to change…. Do you eat differently in phase one week one than you do in phase one week four???? I have been doing the same plan each week, and now i am stressing out that i have not been doing it correctly. Please help me.

    • Hi Lisa. They are the same. The requirements on the blank meal map and the foods planned for the 7-day makeover fulfill the same requirements, so not to worry!

  28. I have been making my own meal maps with the app and following the diet and have not lost any weight since week 1. I’m going into week 4 and wondering if I should be eating less meat? In Haylie’s meal maps there are a lot of lunches and dinners that are vegetable based and maybe thats why I am having issues? I a also using fish oil daily and a calcium magnesium supplement. They are not dr. ordered just something I take, should I quit taking them wile on the diet?

    • Hi. The supplements are entirely up to you — it’s fine if you continue taking them. As for the slow weight loss, try mixing things up more. Maybe instead of meat for every protein, try to mix in fish and vegetable sources. Remember Haylie’s “confuse it to lose it.” Be aware that a slow week 2 and 3 is not uncommon; peaks and valleys like that are not unusual. I bet it’s going to kick back in this week.

  29. i have done the 28 days months ago and i am stuck in a plateau and i want to do it again. But i definitely think i over think the plan. Im unsure of how to make my own map and make it as effective as the one already made in the book, which i followed the first time. I spent a lot of money the last round and i cant afford to do that again so is there anything you recommend that can save me money while doing the plan. I dont mind it being repetitive as long as i dont spend a ton of money. your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Mercedes. We publish dozens (hundreds) of recipes here on the blog, and every week in our newsletter, and we routinely publish recipes that make great, economical leftovers — or a protein that will work on all three phases. Check out Pinterest — most are pinned and linked there: Especially check out the Phase 2 recipes — lots of those recipes will also work in other phases if you make some small changes and additions.

  30. Your missing a huge demographic by not having an Android app. If you follow any technology blogs, you’ll see Android is just as strong if not stronger than iOS. It’s actually discouraging me from even buying the book.

    • Hi De. I understand completely — and I certainly pass this feedback along to the publisher.

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