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    I have been doing the metabolism makeover. This is my fourth week. I found it in womans world magazine. Now here is my problem – it did not say i could not have coffee in the magazine so I drank it. Also where I live , there is no bread like is listed. I use something called oatnut bread; hope that is ok. The first week i lost six pounds. Since then I have lost no pounds but have lost inches. I do everything the diet tells me to do other than the coffee. Don’t get me wrong, i am glad the inches are gone, but I want the pounds to go too. I walk everyday. Also would it be ok if I continued this diet for another month. I feel better than I have in a long time.

    Need suggestions.



    The thing about pounds is that muscle weighs more than fat- so you have been losing fat, but the new layers of muscle that you’ve been building make up for the fat in the weight area. I suggest you don’t stress about that.
    In the diet, any alteration of water has to be saved until after the consumption of all of your water for the day. I’m not sure if the same applies for people who decide to drink coffee anyway, but I think it might have a minimal effect.
    My mom gave up the caffeine and ended up even more energetic- and she works odd shifts. Don’t get me wrong- she went through withdrawals at first, but afterwards she was fine. I think drinking the coffee should continue to be okay as long as you’re drinking it black or with Stevia.
    It’s absolutely okay if you continue the diet for another month- this diet is actually an example of the lifestyle we should all have all the time regardless, so it’s perfectly healthy.
    I learned from a note on this site that doubling up your portions is supposed to help you lose more weight within the month. I’m just beginning to try that option, but it takes forever to eat all of the food.
    Other than that I think you’re just fine.
    Best of luck to you!



    the doubling your portions is if you have more than 20 pounds to lose. If you’re trying this diet without reading the book first, recommend you get the book. There is way more information and recipes and guidelines in the book. coffee should be decaf and organic if you have to have it. no caffeine on this diet at all. definitely buy the book and read about the whole diet. the magazine clipping was a small part of what it’s supposed to be.



    The oatnut bread is not on the program. I too live in an area where the sprouted grain and spelt breads are not sold. I have found that Wegman’s which is about an hour away carries it, as does a health food store about 45 minutes away. Call supermarkets in neighboring towns/cities and ask for the Health Food Dept., and see if they carry the bread. Save yourself some driving around. Since the bread is sold frozen and stores at home in your freezer, I find I can purchase several loaves and freeze them so I don’t have to go out of my way often. Buy the book. Definitely worth the price, and clears up a lot of your questions.



    I first found it also in the same magazine and bought the book. I’m glad I did because if I had gone by merely the short magazine article I would have done alot of things wrong and missed alot of information


    Alyson – the book was pretty good – easy reading – I felt like she was talking to me throu the whole thing – it might be in your best interest to read it. I think the library has a copy too.

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