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    Thank you for the great recipes Haylie (and all who contrubuted)! Something that is chalenging for me is many of the recipes do not include the portion measurement is missing from many of the recipes. They all say HOW MANY the recipie serves but not HOW MUCH to measure for single portion size. I have found this difficult when trying to freeze single portionsin advance. measuring a whole pot of aoup when its hot then dividing it by how many servings is one complication I would rather not deal with. Im sure hailey has the portion sizes somewhere! :) If it helps these are the recipes I found were missing portion sizes:

    Chicken Barley soup (states 3C portion size but meal map calls for 2C)
    Turkey Buffalo Chili (states serves 6 single portions of 1.5C but meal map states serving size as 2C)

    Turkey White Bean and Kale soup
    Broccoli Bowl
    Chicken Sausage with Brown Rice Fusilli (Delish BTW!)
    Tuna and Cucumber Salad (p. 199 of FMD book)
    Beef Kale and Leek soup (want to try this one ASAP :)
    Baked Cinnamon Mustard Chicken and Lemon Garlic Spinach (p.207)
    Oysters Canape’
    Seseme Chicken Stir Fry (p 223)
    thank you for the portion size for lentil stew (p222)
    Coconut Curry Chicken (Yummmm! p224)
    Chicken and Quinoa Risotto (p 224)
    Seseme Chicken and Rice (p 225)
    Avacado Chili (p 227)
    Rosemarry Pork Roast w/ sweet potato (especially need potato portion)
    Shrimp and Veggie Stir Fry w/quinoa pasta (p229)
    white bean and Dill Hummus (p 231)
    Sweet Potato Hummus and Cucumbers (p 232)-



    You are so right, Tina Cat. . I made the tukey white bean kale soup from the book last night and had a ridiculously huge pot of soup that could feed an army with no idea how much to measure out for my single serving. The number of portions has been corrected from 4 to 8, so had the biggest mess measuring out this huge pot into 8 portions to figure out how much in 1 serving. BTW, think it’s 20 oz:). Serving sizes really are needed.



    I agree.. but i found on page 105. she breaks down portions vaguely enough to kinda make due.. if anyone finds specifics please let me know!



    Paige222 Thank you for your imput ( Im glad someone reads my posts ) and thank you for the info on the White Bean and Kale soup, I have been wanting to make that one! I really like kale. How was it?



    Help!!!! I’m in my first week of the diet and I need to lose 60 pounds. In the book she says to add another 1/2 portion for each 20 lbs you need to lose. Am I really supposed to eat 6oz of smoked salmon plus 2-4 cups of cucumbers as a snack or 4 cups of Chicken Barley soup? I’m confused and I’m stuffed! Some recipes are not hard to eat doubled but some are impossible unless maybe you are a competitive eater! Is anyone else trying to figure this out?



    I have over 100 lbs to lose and was freaking about the same thing. On her blog she has new guidelines:

    As far as how to portion out soups and whole recipes, I have gone so far as to weigh the finished recipe (knowing ahead of time what the pan weighs), divide the total weight by the portions the recipe serves, and measure out weighing individual portions. It is a pain, but it works. My scale is small and will not weigh more than 3# at a time, so I’ve had to pour smaller amounts and weigh 2 – 3 – 4 segments to get the total. But it works!



    Thanks paige for clarifying that the turkey bean kale soup is actually supposed to be 8 servings. I gagged down as much as I could but was just way too much food. 8 servings much more doable!



    Grammasmitty, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds much more sane. How long have you been doing the diet? I’m in my first week, feeling good so far just a little chopping fatigue.



    fellow FMDer’s Under one of the blogs under recipes Christine site administrator went through all corrections for the book with serving sizes, etc. I made the corrections immediately in my book. Try there. Would have been in early May I think. I love the soups, made 3 so far chx & chili from P1 and chx veggie from P@. Yes they make a lot but I freeze it in vacuum sealed bags in portion size, mark P1 or P2, etc and they are great. I’m single servings & microwave on defrost 15-20 min pour in my bowl or mug and heat more. Very easy and when I get a job(hopefully soon)these will be my lunches!



    Does anyone know the serving size for already cooked oatmeal in phase 3? The recipe for Ph3 oatmeal measures the oats before they are cooked.



    well I make steel cut, 1/4 cup dry with 3/4 cup water(directions on Bob’s Red Mill-1 cup with 3 cups water for 4-1 cup servings)& that makes 1 cup. When water all absorbed it is done. Her recipe to make in the crockpot I did one time & never again. Too soft, mushy for me. I like a very slight nut like crunch to my oatmeal. Froze hers in portions and suffered through till it was all gone.



    Thanks Melinda, I’m not a fan of mushy oatmeal either and I am also using steel cut oats. I use an Irish brand that is 1 cup uncooked oats to 4 cups water. When I cooked the 3/4 cup dry oats with 3 cups of water (x3 for three days) it made a HUGE mountain of oatmeal and if I split that into three servings it would be obscene, so now I’m lost. I have found a few recipes that instruct to overcook stuff (ex: Chicken Barley Soup has you cooking the veggies for an hour! Not a fan of zucchini mush!)So, in phase 3 the portion size for oatmeal is 1 cup? Is that the “20 lbs or less” portion?



    It is my understanding that if you want to lose more than 20 lbs then it is cup and half of steel oats for P1 and 3/4 cup for P3. This is for cooked steel oats. My friend told me to put fruit in and nuke and for P3 fruit and then mix in nuts. It’s pretty good!

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