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    Day 14.. And I gave in and ate everything and anything that wasn’t good for me. Did I screw it all up? Do I start from scratch? Anyway to make up for my weak moment?? :(



    every week is a new start!!!!!! Just start today with part 1



    Yep, just start with day 1 of P1.

    Live and learn then move on!


    I did the same – you are not a failure – get up, dust off, and start with p1!!! If you stop trying all together than you fail, but trying, and continuing makes you a winner.



    I would pick up from where you would normally be and keep going. I have about one weekend a month where I’m out of town at a conference, and it can be difficult to stay on FMD, even if I’m really trying and being good about what choices and substitutions I can make. There are meals or days where I’m close but not close enough, but if I started at p1 again, I’d probably not make it through a round.

    If you need to, switch up the days you start if it suits your schedule. My p1 start day is a Thursday, so that hubs and I can get to the gym on weekends for p2. I also have lower energy on p2 than other days, so it means I’m not working with my (very awesome) Grade 9 class on a low-carb day!



    Thats a great idea! Thank you:)



    I have the same question. I was ending phase 2 last night and my friend came over with a bottle of wine (okay, a couple) and after repeated attempts to abstain, I ended up drinking a glass and once I did I figured I might as well have two more. ;( In addition, I have been taking Nyquil this week and didn’t realize til day 3 that it has high fructose corn syrup. So I started phase 3 today because I have all the ingredients but I wonder if I should throw in the towel and start afresh on Monday with Phase 1.


    Don’t ever toss the towel in and start from scratch – always try and pick up where you left off – meal by meal – if you cheat on one – doesn’t mean the whole day, or phase is blown. I think us dieters tend to follow that pattern -something I my self am trying to break.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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