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    I’m having a hard time finding brown rice tortillas, but I did find brown rice BREAD. It’s completely wheat free, gluten free…seems like something I can have in P1, but it’s not on the list so I’m scared to try it! Today is my first day of my first week…help! :)



    She says somewhere you can brown rice bread and other allowed grain products(not white) if everything in ingredients is on the phase specific list.



    I found brown rice tortillas at Giant Eagle today in the freezer section.



    do you have Trader Joes? They have fabulous brown rice tortillas



    Recently I found brown rice tteiscuits are these allowable? Maybe as a grain?


    Toni S

    I don’t think so re: Brown Rice Triscuits. I saw them and got excited and then I read the ingredients list and there seemed to be lots of ingredients that the diet tells us to avoid so I pushed the box back onto the shelf, sighed and sulked as I walked away.



    I bought brown rice crisps but didn’t check the ingredients until I got home and found it contains corn flour…organic whole masa corn flour…to be exact. It’s way down on the list of ingredients so can we eat those? I’ve got to find a different grain…I can not eat that sprouted bread…yuck!



    I am a celiac patient so I have to eat gluten free. I like brown rice pasta, most especially the Tinkyada brand. I have also had Trader Joe’s brown rice pasta once or twice,but we dont’t have their store anywhere near my area.



    Does anyone know if there is 100% wheat based quinoa pasta? Most quinoa seems to come from corn which isn’t allowed. Hailey recommends Eden Organics but I could only find a kamut / wheat blend where Kamut was 70% of the blend.. it didn’t look anything like the picture she posted.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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