Fast Metabolism Diet App now available!

Fast Metabolism Diet App now available!

A companion to the Fast Metabolism Diet book, the new app, available for iPhone and iPad, has all the planning tools you need to start and succeed on the Fast Metabolism Diet!

Questions about which foods are on which phases? The app gives you all the food lists at your fingertips. It’s super handy in restaurants when you need to know if you should get the asparagus or the tomato salad with your steak. And it’s great while shopping too, when you need to know if you should get peaches or papaya for Phase 1 (either for Phase 1, but just peaches for Phase 3), or if you’re wondering which seafoods are on Phase 2.

But the app goes way beyond food lists. You’ll be able to plan your whole day, from wakeup to bedtime. Schedule your meals and snacks, choose the foods you want to each for each, add extra snacks if needed, and keep track of any extra stuff you ate (keep it honest!). You can add your exercise and activities to your day,Food List and check everything off once you’ve done it. And once you’ve planned your meals, add all the foods to your grocery list so you know exactly what to shop for.

The Fast Metabolism Diet App includes daily tips from Haylie, along with meal reminders and a water tracker (drink your body weight, in ounces, each day).

My Day

Your home screen, called your My Day screen, shows you at a glance which meal, snack or activity is next so you won’t skip a meal. The easy-to-use app features beautiful photography, color-coded phases and a visual status bar. Plus you can choose to export all your data for future reference.

For a limited time, the $3.99 app is available for just $1.99 from the iTunes App Store. Check it out!

Links included in this article will sometimes direct you to the website, where you can learn more about and purchase many of the products mentioned. Please know that Haylie Pomroy has a financial interest in anything that is sold from

362 thoughts on “Fast Metabolism Diet App now available!

  1. I just updated the app with the meal options from the book. This is great but when you choose a recipe from the book, the app doesn’t figure out the portion size for you like it does when you pick items individually. Is this something that will be fixed?

    • The app uses the same portion style as the book. So right now, no plans to change that. But thank you for that comment.

  2. Hi, we are just trying to start this and have bought the app and input all our meal choices and snacks for the first week. When I try to email the grocery list, it does not work. When I press EMAIL GROCERY LIST it opens up mail with a subject heading of Grocery List, but then stays blank for a second before disappearing. I am using an iPhone 3g and am not sure what the problem is. Please let me know how to make the grocery feature work.
    Thank you,

    • Hm. That is strange. Try closing your app and reloading. This is not a problem we’ve heard about yet.

  3. does the app account for larger serving size if you have more then 20lbs to lose. Was wondering because you do put in your current weight and desired weight….thanks

  4. The app makes this program so much easier!
    However PLEASE fix it to sync between devices and
    PLEASE make it stop jumping to September upon opening!
    Thank you

    • Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into syncing for a possible future update. Jumps to September? That is so odd. I’ll report that to the app team.

    • I agree, syncing would be very helpful. My iPad is easier to use, but I don’t typically carry it around the way I do my iPhone!!

  5. Hey I have been looking for this app for awhile now. I just realized it can only be downloaded on and iPhone. I was wondering if you can put this app on the andriod store.

  6. I see you have answered several times that there are no plans at this time for an Android version of the app. Its pretty clear that there is a demand for one just based on these comments. Also, more than 70% of smartphones sold last quarter were Android based. Maybe something to think about.

    • Hi Justin. Certainly, that’s true. Creating an Android version is enormously expensive — you wouldn’t believe it, and it would take several months to build. So those are the issues being weighed. Certainly, many people would like to see one.

  7. I’ve been using the app since late spring and LOVE it. One problem, tho, that comes up when you choose the “recipe” option instead of specific foods in the food groups–it won’t let you CLEAR that from your list in favor of individual foods. The best you can do is choose a different recipe. There should be a “none” choice. Is that a glitch or am I missing something?

    • Oh, that’s an easy one. To clear a recipe, just navigate back to the recipe you selected, and tap it once to de-select. Now you can choose anything else — another recipe or individual foods.

  8. Any hope of an Android version of this app? 5 of the 6 friends that are doing this together would purchase it -but we’re Android folks…

  9. Bought the book, waiting for the cookbook, LOVE this way of eating!! PLEASE consider strongly making the app for android. There are those of us that don’t have or cannot afford an iphone or ipad. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  10. I was considering this diet plan until I discovered that the app was not going to be available to droid users. I do not use the iphone and do not intend to do so. I now do not intend to buy the book for this diet plan. Lost customer. I can find another diet plan.

  11. It would be GREAT if I could sync menus and food between Iphone and Ipad to track when not at home….any plans for that function availability?

  12. How do you input your own recipe in the days meal plan. I only see the choice of yours or individual foods but don’t know how to list my own recipe in the meal.

  13. “no plans for an android app”. Is that your way of saying you could care less about peoples health who have androids? there are more users of android systemts than Iphones and androids are outpacing sales of iphones consistently.
    Im sure it is expensive and takes months, as you stated, but since people are paying for the app, and the book, and the cookbook, and the author is bringing in money hand over fist you would think it would be a priority.
    But no. I guess all the “I care about you” in the book only applies to Iphone and Ipad users.
    Really disappointing to see this companys real interest is money, not health.
    Lost another one, and anyone I can tweet, facebook, or tell about not using her plan.

  14. I bought the app and put in my wake up time and thought that it set up the whole day from that point now I’m told that my times are not correct how do I get the app to fix the problem?

    • Hi. When you change your wake up time in meal map, the rest of the day should adjust. However, if you have already set some of your meals, and THEN change the wake up time, I don’t think the rest of the day will adjust.

  15. Hi. I was thrilled to see you had an app;. OMG. Then I read on, none for the Samsung Galaxy? The Galaxy is running neck and neck or even beating the iphone in market share. So disappointed you don’t have an android version. Life would be soooo much easier.

    • Yeah, right now the app is just for iPhone. We hope there will eventually be an Android app, but at this time, there is is no time line.

  16. Hi, Christine: I was excited when I saw the app can be used with iPads and iPod Touch so I bought the app from iTunes. Unfortunately, after I bought the app I discovered that my iTouch is version is 5.1.1 and the app requires minimum 6.0. As an android user, I would have been happy to use it on my iPod, but it seems the app has very limited specs. I know you don’t plan an android version any time soon, but is there a patch available to make it backwards compatible with earlier versions of Apple? For now I paid for an app that I can’t use….Sharon

    • Same thing happened to me. I think it’s ridiculous that they won’t make an app for Android users when we far outweigh iphone users. I bought it for my ipod and the exact same thing happened to me… apparently it can’t be used with “older” operating systems, even though my ipod is only MAYBE 3-4 years old. What a waste….

  17. Everyone asks about an Android version of the app, but I need a Windows phone version. My company provides my cell phone, but only provides windows phones and I can’t afford an iphone or ipad on my own. I would think that if you can create the one app, making the other versions would not be that much of a leap. If it would have such a great impact and outreach, I would think people would be willing to pay for the apps (so long as you don’t over price them for the “commoner” like me). Why would you not put these out as well?

    • Hi there. There aren’t plans at this time for apps on other platforms, but I know it’s something that is on the table.

    • Yes — go to MORE then PROFILE and just change your start date — no need to reset the app, just change that date and you’ll be set.

  18. Thanks! Found it 5 minutes after I sent the comment! :) And I have another question… Can you copy meals from one day to another? Again, have looked, but haven’t found. Thanks. Love the app!

        • Once you have planned a full week in Meal Map, go to your meal map home screen — it will have four blue bars that say “Week One” “Week Two” etc. For any week that you have not yet planned, click on it, then you’ll have the option of copying a previous week.

  19. I had the App on my iPhone 5 and it works GREAT. I recently changed phones to an Android Phone and REALLY miss the app. Please consider moving forward with making this app available for Android phones. It is a great tool to keep us on track!

    • Hi Moxxy. That is a tricky one, since a “day” on the app is midnight to midnight. But it’s still do-able. Try choosing a 24-hour cycle for your days/phases — it wouldn’t need to be midnight to midnight — it could be 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. if you choose. But you’ll need to ‘translate’ the app’s times for your needs. So if you choose 10:00 pm as the start of your day, you’ll have to remember that 10:00 p.m. is midnight on the app. Just pick something and stay consistent. Then, whenever you are awake and active during those times, stay on the same phase. If, for example, you are on day 2 of the diet, and your day turns over 10:00 p.m. and you’ve eaten your Phase 1 dinner earlier at 7:00 p.m., then you switch to Phase 2 at 10:00 p.m. So your next meal would be a snack for Phase 2.

      Keep alternating meals and snacks throughout the time you are awake. You might find you need to add an additional snack.

      So, let’s say you choose your days to switch over at 10:00 p.m. and you are working a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift. Keep in mind that “dinner” doesn’t have to be dinner foods — you just need to satisfy the meal’s requirements. So for a P2 ‘lunch’ at 7:00 a.m., for example, you could have an egg white omelet with spinach and mushrooms.

      Here’s what your schedule might look like:

      6:30 pm. Dinner P1
      9:30 pm. Snack P1

      >>your “day” changes, 10:00 pm<<

      12:30 a.m. Breakfast P2
      3:30 a.m. Snack P2
      7:00 a.m Lunch P2
      8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. shift over — sleep
      3:00 p.m. wakeup
      3:30 p.m. Snack P2
      6:30 p.m. Dinner P2

      I know it’s not ideal — the ability to “break” the app and set you day for any 24-hour period is something that’s on our wish list for a future update.

  20. Hi! Is there a way to email my weekly menu so I can print it off. That way I can post on my frig what we are going to eat each day/meal.

    Thank you!

    • Yes. Once you have planned your meals, go to MORE>EXPORT DATA and you can email all your meals to yourself and print it.

  21. I would really love to see this app available for Android….I have paid for my book and love the program, but sure feeling neglected in the app department. Not everyone uses iphone/ipad. Please consider the rest of the population and get us an android app.

  22. I purchased the app on my iPad, but notice I’m out more than I’m in, and it would be helpful to see my menu and shopping list when I’m on my iPhone. Is it possible to synch/transfer the one I purchased on my iPad with my iPhone, or do I have to purchase the app (again) through my iPhone?

    • Hi Robin. Unfortunately, you can’t sync data between your iPhone and iPad at this time. I hope it’s a feature that can be added at some point. So you would have to purchase it again on your phone to have it in both places — I know it’s inconvenient.

  23. I have chosen a meal for dinner but cannot find the recipe anywhere! Its the Baked Italian-Style Beef with Winter Veggies. Help!

    • Hi Gale. Have you updated your app so that it includes all of the new cookbook recipes? If not, go ahead and do that. I see the Baked Italian-style Beef right there as a choice for breakfast or dinner on Phase 1.

  24. Hi Christine,
    I’m new to the program and want to “weigh in” to plead for consideration of the app on android phones….I know you indicate it is not planned for as yet but please keep it on the table because many of us would be even more effective if we had the added benefit of the app. Thanks for considering.

  25. My app used to allow you to input the meal replacements (bars, etc.) into the meal plan. Where did those go (specifically the bars for P2)?

    • They are still there, available for breakfasts or snacks. They have never been an option for lunch or dinner.

    • Make sure you also search iPhone apps — it’s a native app for iPhone, so that’s where it will show up. It also works on iPad.

  26. There are a few meals I’ve chosen from the app that are supposed to be in the book (I have both) but can’t find the recipe in either. For example, Slow Cooked Chicken Curry. What other book would it be in? Thanks.

    • All of the recipes in the app are in the books. Slow-Cooked Chicken Curry is in the cookbook, under Phase 3 lunch.

  27. Does the FMD diet plan app. Only work on the older version of ipads? I have been thinking of buying an ipad but needed to know if I can get the FMD
    on the new ipads ( either ipad air, 10. Size , or the mimi- 7.0
    with the new retnia display) you know which ones I mean?

  28. Any news on if you will have the app for Droid??? There are more users today with droid phones than Iphone. Maybe charge for the app so you can get one made sooner?? Seems to be in demand..
    Would really like to have this tool as I start the new 7 day challenge I signed up for!

  29. Maybe for a future update the app could include the page number for the recipe. I sometimes just browse through the recipes and pick one that sounds good but then I have to search through my books to find it. It would be sweet if it had a little “pg 39″ or something to make it easier to locate or refer back to when getting ready to prepare meals, etc.

    • Sure. You just tap and hold the little icon for your wake-up time on Meal Map, then drag it up or down to the time you want.

    • Hi Brooke. Sure. In Meal Map, tap and hold the icon in the right side of the colored bar that is your wake-up time. Then drag it up or down to adjust the time.

  30. I really can’t believe that this app does not sync between devices. It just leads me to suspect that you rushed to market to quickly!!!!

  31. My daughter decided to do another 28 days and that started 2/17. She bought the app this morning 2/21 and the app is starting her on P1, but it’s the start of P3 for her. Is there a way to switch this to P3 or does she need to wait until 2/24 when P1 begins again? Thank you.

  32. For some reason, the ap has deleted the morning snack time & I have tried to add it back but to no avail. In addition, it has screwed up the meal map/time for the following day as well. And, naturally, the system lets me know that I am missing a snack! I keep saying, ‘I know, I know.’ Anyhoodle, any tech help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Julie. Go back to that first day where it was accidentally deleted and add it back. In Meal Map for that day, tap the “+” on the right and add a morning snack. I think that will do it. You might also need to change it for today — then it should be fixed for tomorrow.

  33. I would like to see the app pull my shopping list together based on my selected menu options. Does the app do this at this time?

  34. Christine…. you are such a good sport for taking all the abuse about an Android app! Needless to say, I would like to have the Android option as well. But in the meantime I will go back to the Neanderthal days of just reading the damn book!

  35. Don’t you think its time the company developed the Android app? 95% of the comments are from customers asking for the app….does this feedback ever reach Haylie? maybe she would make it a priority if she read these comments.
    We have all purchased her book already and the app provides structure & reminders in our busy schedules so that we can achieve our diet loss goals.

    • Hi Jaz. This is a decision made by the publisher — who is certainly aware of the feedback. It’s a business decision, and I know it’s something has been brought to their attention.

  36. Hi Christine, I bought the book when it was first published but was really looking forward to having the app available. Do you think that it might be in your best interests to pick one of the biggest phone competitors to apple….perhaps Samsung, and maybe make the app available to that vendors platform. You may satisfy a chunk of unhappy customers.

    • Hi Lana. I’m with you, but it’s not my decision. I pass along all of these comments to the publisher to demonstrate there’s a demand.

  37. At first I was disappointed that there is no app for the android too.. But its not like I can’t use a pen and paper to plan everything myself. True, It may not be as easy to do without an app.. So what!? Life’s tough! And sometimes it actually requires you to put forth some effort and use your brain! Thank you Christine for putting up with all the abuse about the app. Oh how technology has spoiled us!

    • Hi Ann. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I seem to take the abuse! It’s not my decision. I certainly do pass along all the feedback, though.

  38. Question:
    Just starting . I have the app on my iPhone and iPad… How do I get them to sync to each other, as I would like to use them both? iPhone when I am out and iPad when I am home. Do they sync to each other?

    • Unfortunately, they don’t sync with each other — it’s a feature we are looking into adding. I’m sorry for the frustration.

  39. Hi Christine,

    I updated my app and now everything is wrong. It seems as if the phases have been switched. It’s telling me to add fruit in phase 2 and saying I should have grain for lunch in phase 3. this all doesnt sound correct. Please let your IT department know, and have a new update available soon, as it is really helpful.

    Thanks Kat

    • Hi Kat. I’m so sorry — there was a problem with the app update for some people. The development team knows and is working on the problem. In the meantime, uninstalling and reinstalling the app may work to fix it — but of course that will wipe out your planning data. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience — I’m frustrated too. :(

  40. Like the comment above my app added food where it shouldn’t. So I deleted and readded app. Now the grocery list does not work on the app anymore! The’s the whole reason I like the app. When you tap the add to groceries icon it shuts everything right down and when you reopen there’s nothing in the grocery list. This revision has not gone well!

    • Hi Terry. I hear that the tech team has isolated the problem– which appears to be platform specific (specific to a phone/version). They are working on the fix. I have my fingers crossed…

  41. Christine, I applaude your patience in answering the same question over and over and over and over…..
    It’s a bummer folks, but it’s not a Droid app and it doesn’t look like it will be for quite a while if ever. I don’t mean to be unkind, but you may have to do this the old fashioned way and read the book or something.

  42. I have only one major issue with this app. Some days I have to get up early, but the App does allow me to change my wakeup time to before 8:00 am when I’m logging my breakfast.

    • Hm. That’s odd. You can change the wake up time in meal map by tapping and holding the icon on the right of the wake-up time. Then drag it up to the earlier wake-up time you want

  43. Where is the app for Android? Apple has only a 17% share of the market, and it is steadily falling. I bought the e-book, but without further support it is virtually useless. Shame, because I was looking forward to getting stuck in!

    • Hi. At this time, the publisher has not plans for an Android app, but I always pass this info along to them to drum up support, so thank you.

  44. Am I doing this wrong or does the grocery list not combine the ingredients from the recipes? i.e., if I add several different “Meals from the Book”, I have to manually calculate the portions and then add them all together? I know that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but…just trying to figure out the value of this app if it doesn’t do that.

    Also, I’m not seeing the water tracker.


    • Hi Melissa. You’re correct– the app doesn’t ‘add up’ the ingredients from recipes you’ve added. We tried and tried to make that work and could not settle on an acceptable solution. I haven’t yet seen an app that does that trick really well.
      The water tracker is on your My Day screen for each day — you won’t be able to enter any water until your day starts, however.

      • Thanks for the response, Christine. Yes, the water tracker showed up the day I started, sneaky little devil.

        I think Paprika does combine ingredients and also has a cool feature of adding recipes from the web but I’ve never used it so it could be lame (gets lots of good reviews, tho.) Also syncs. :)

        • that one gets a lot of people — but you can’t say you drank water tomorrow!

          Will check out that app — thanks!

  45. Since there is no approved Android app, would you, or in this case, the publisher, be willing to suggest or recommend another app that the Android community could utilize until such time that they decide to actually make an Android version of their own?

    • I’m sorry William, I don’t know of one. I’m the messenger here; I do always pass along requests for an Android app.

  46. Still no Android App? Your cutting out a huge sector of the population! What’s the deal? Can we expect one in the future? Or Never?

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