Frequently Asked Questions

About the Fast Metabolism Diet App

I finished the 28 days! How do I keep going in the app?
When you finish the 28-day cycle, you have two options to continue. By default, you can save your meal information and just start again. When you reach Day 28, the app will ask you to update your weight, goal weight and new start date. You can also choose to keep or delete any notes you might have made on individual days. If you don't want to save any of your data from the previous 28 days, you can reset the entire app. Go to More then Profile, and tap "Reset" in the top right corner.
How do you add recipes to the meals?
You can add recipes from the book to your meal map. When you are planning your meals, just select "Meals from the Book" and select one of the recipes. If you change your mind later, just de-select that item and choose something else.
Where’s the water tracker?
Your water tracker can be found at the bottom of your My Day screen.
How do I start the diet on a different day?
The app is designed to start on Phase 1, Day 1. If you are starting the diet on a different day, adjusting the app's start date will enable you to line up your diet with the correct phase/day in the app. Go to the More screen. Tap Profile to adjust the start date.
Do I need to record my weight every day?
Portion sizes do automatically adjust based on how much weight you want to lose. So you do not need to record your weight everyday. But you may want to weigh yourself occasionally and update the App.
How do I export data?
On the More page, there is an option to export data. This opens up your email with an attachment that can be opened up in a spreadsheet program, like Excel. This will show all of the meals and activities you've entered into the app so far.
What is the difference between adding a snack and adding an unplanned item?
Adding an unplanned item should be used when you eat something that isn't on the diet. It's important to keep an accurate log, warts and all.
I messed up, how do I reset my information?
On the Profile page in the More section, there is a reset button. Keep in mind this will clear out all of your meal maps and My Day tracking. You can always export data beforehand just in case.
How do I keep track of physical activities on the App?
On the meal map screen, the the + button lets you add your phase specific workout or activity.
Is there a quick way to fill out the whole meal map?
Yes, once you completely fill out an entire week, it can be copied to another week. Additionally, when you adjust your time wake and meal times on a day, they automatically adjust future unplanned days that week.

Does the Fast Metabolism Diet Work?

Shouldn’t I be counting calories?
Nope! Your metabolism doesn't count calories and neither should you, as long as you follow the diet's guidelines for which foods to eat and when to eat them. A "calorie" has nothing to do with your weight or metabolism; it's actually a unit of measure -- the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius!
Is The Fast Metabolism Diet appropriate for kids?
The Fast Metabolism Diet accommodates all food groups necessary for kids' healthy growth and development, and in fact, it's a great way to build healthy habits, teach kids about how food nourishes the body, and establish a healthy relationship with food early in life. The Fast Metabolism Diet is merely the way we SHOULD be eating all the time! The rules are simple and easy to follow, and leave lots of flexibility for incorporating your kids' favorite foods. If your child is overweight, discuss The Fast Metabolism Diet with your pediatrician to decide how it can be used to improve your child's health.
How is the Fast Metabolism Diet different from others?
It busts the diet myth that less food is better. Instead of starving yourself or counting calories, you eat the foods you love. The Fast Metabolism Diet gives your metabolism the fuel it needs to serve its purpose: Burning off excess body fat.
What if I need to lose more than 20 pounds?
You get to eat more! If you want to lose more than 40 pounds, add an extra half-serving to each meal and snack. The initial 28-day diet can be repeated as needed until you hit your goal weight.
What if I need to lose less than 20 pounds?
Even if you only have a few pounds to lose, The Fast Metabolism Diet is a workout for your metabolism. You'll end the month at your ideal weight with more energy, a greater sense of well-being, and a healthier, stronger body. The Fast Metabolism Diet offers more than just weight loss; in fact, losing excess weight is merely a side effect of a healthy metabolism. By following the Fast Metabolism lifestyle, you'll gain a healthier body, clearer skin, stronger hair and nails, and a host of other benefits!
Does it work for everybody?
The Fast Metabolism lifestyle is the way we SHOULD be eating all the time, not just for the 28-day course of the diet! With The Fast Metabolism Diet, you'll learn healthy eating habits that will improve your physical and mental well being, no matter how much weight you need to lose. There's plenty of flexibility for working around food allergies or sensitivities, and any other restrictions imposed by medical conditions.

Doing the diet

What protein bars can I have on the diet?
No commercial protein bars are part of the Fast Metabolism Diet. That's because all of them contain at least one ingredient that's not part of the diet. Most of them contain added sugar, usually in the form of brown rice syrup, agave, cane syrup or other sweeteners that are not part of the diet. On top of that, many also contain dairy (including whey), corn (such as dextrose) and soy (often soy lecithin or soybean oil) .
What sprouted grain bread can I buy? They all list wheat in the ingredients.
Sprouted wheat is the exception to the no-wheat rule. Because the grain is allowed to sprout, it's easier for your body to digest. Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain bread is approved for the diet. Look for it in your store's freezer section. You can also find a great blog post on sprouted grain bread here:
Can I have chewing gum on the diet?
Yes, as long as it is sweetened with birch-based xylitol or stevia. Stevita gum and Xyla brand are two to try.
The sample menus in the book don’t match the meal maps or the app. Which is correct?
The blank meal maps and the app are correct. The sample menus in the first printing of the book were sometimes missing a required meal element. For example, one of the sample menus for Phase 3 lunch suggested the Endive Tuna Salad. However, you also need to add a fruit to that meal. Use the book's blank maps and the app as the best guide. The latest printing of the book has fixed this.
If I wake up in the middle of the night, do I have to eat something?
No, If you wake up, but plan to go back to sleep and are not yet up and moving around, you do not need to add a snack.
I just started the diet and have terrible headaches.
Welcome to caffeine and sugar withdrawal. The symptoms should pass in three or four days once you wean your body off these metabolism killers. See this post for tips and getting through the withdrawal symptoms:
I feel hungry all the time.
You should not feel hungry on the Fast Metabolism Diet! Remember you can always have phase-specific veggies, even between meals, so snack away. On phase 1 in particular, remember you can have filling veggies like sweet potatoes and butternut squash.
I messed up today. Should I start over?
If you ate something you weren't supposed to, you don't need to start over. Just be extra perfect the next day! Of course, you can always start over if you like.
I haven’t lost any weight in several days. Help!
Getting stuck, hitting a plateau or even experiencing a little yo-yo-ing is not uncommon. That's why the plan is 28-days. It takes that long to heal your metabolism and let your body go through it's normal monthly biological cycle (for women AND men). See this blog post for tips on mixing things up to get off a plateau. Stick with the plan and hang in there!


I take workout supplements. Can I keep using them?
If you are currently using workout supplements, you can still use them on The Fast Metabolism Diet, but be sure to check the ingredient list with a magnifying glass. Your supplements should fit within the guidelines of each phase. For example, rice is fine for Phase One and Phase Three, but not for Phase Two. Be especially on the lookout for corn-based ingredients, which are used in many workout supplements. Corn isn't included at all on the diet. And be aware that corn masquerades under a lot of other names like dextrose and glucose.
Do I have to buy special workout equipment?
You don't have to, but a few dumbbells, a kettlebell, or some elastic resistance bands can open up a world of options if you're exercising at home. If you choose to go without the weights, you'll need to challenge yourself with body-weight exercises like pushups, squats, lunges, and pull-ups.
How long should I work out for?
If you are new to exercise, aim for 30 to 40 minutes of cardio during Phase One. If you already exercise regularly, aim for 45 to 75 minutes. If you're too busy to do it all at once, split it into 15-minute sessions -- a brisk walk before work, another at lunch and one more after work will do the job. For the weight lifting you'll do in Phase Two, you can get an intense, full-body workout in 20 or 30 minutes if you know what you're doing. If you're just starting out, a personal trainer or group strength-training class can help you get up to speed. Get creative! You can check out workout videos from the library to keep things interesting. And be sure to keep your exercise phase-specific: Cardio during Phase One, weights during Phase Two, and relaxation/stress relief (like yoga or meditation) during Phase Three.
I’m a runner, but I can only run one day per week?
Actually, you can run two days a week -- during Phase One -- while you're on The Fast Metabolism Diet. You can exercise on the other days too, as long as you give your body enough fuel before and after -- but the workouts should be phase-specific. That means that Phase Two is a great opportunity to push your limits with weight training, and Phase Three is a chance to explore the world of stress relief: Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, even massage.
I have physical limitations. What exercises can I do?
Your doctor is the best person to help you figure this out, but we can give you some ideas. If you have lower-body limitations, how about an upper-body ergometer -- that's like a bicycle for your hands. If you have joint problems or feel uncomfortable doing weight-bearing exercise like walking or running, swimming and water aerobics are great alternatives because the water supports your body. For weight training, a good personal trainer can help you design a program that works around any limitations you have.
The book says do weight workouts at the gym, but I don’t belong to one
You don't have to join a gym to lift weights. Basic exercises like pushups, squats, and lunges use your own body as the "weight" -- and they're free! You can also use elastic resistance bands or dumbbells (a light pair and a heavy pair is enough to get you started) for strength training at home.

Health and Medical Conditions

My thyroid has been removed. Can I still do the diet?
People with thyroid issues especially need to follow a diet that supports the metabolism. The metabolism isn't just about the thyroid: It involves the gallbladder, adrenals, liver, pancreas, pituitary--and pretty much your whole body. The food on the Fast Metabolism Diet is designed to support a healthy and efficient metabolism: it's the way we all should be eating. Many of Haylie's clinical clients have thyroid issues, and have been referred to her by their doctors. She has helped them meet their health and weight loss goals using her Fast Metabolism principals. As with any new diet, and particularly if you have a specific medical issue, it's wise to talk to your doctor. Take the book with you and discuss the plan with him or her.
I’ve had all (or part) of my colon removed. Will this affect the diet?
Haylie Pomroy's clinics get a lot of physician referrals for clients who have this health issue. You can absolutely do the Fast Metabolism Diet. You'll want to talk to your health-care provider first, and be sure to bring the book and food lists with you for review. In general, clients that have had bowel surgery do better with cooked vegetables as opposed to raw. The slow-cooker recipes should be especially great for you!
I’ve had a gastric bypass. Can I do this diet?
Haylie Pomroy's clinical practice includes many clients that have had gastric bypass surgery, and were referred to her by their physicians. The Fast Metabolism Diet can work for you, but you should work closely with your doctor, as it depends on where you're at post-surgery. Your doctor may recommend spreading out the total food for each day into seven or eight small meals as opposed to five.
Can I keep taking my dietary supplements while I’m on the diet?
Haylie Pomroy has created a line of supplements that are compatible with the Fast Metabolism Diet. See the Shop Haylie Pomroy website. Keep in mind that fats and oils are to be avoided in Phase One and Phase Two of the diet, and that would include oils take as supplements. Certainly check with your health-care provider for questions regarding supplementation.
I’m on hormone medications. Will that affect the diet?
Weight gain/loss and hormones are strongly tied together in that body, so any type of weight loss or gain can change your need for hormone therapies. In Haylie Pomroy's clinical practice, she strongly suggests that people on hormone-replacement therapies have a current baseline done with their health-care provider before starting the diet. Then run the tests again towards the end of the 28 days. With significant weight loss, your hormone needs can change drastically. This The Fast Metabolism Diet is intended to bring your body into a better balance hormonally, so your needs may change.
I’m diabetic. Can I do this diet?
Absolutely. Stabilizing your blood sugar is one of most important components of The Fast Metabolism Diet. Before beginning The Fast Metabolism Diet, or any diet, be sure to talk to your health care professional first.

Maintenance After the Diet

Can I drink alcohol again when the diet is over?
Alcohol doesn't help your metabolism, so check yourself: Are you reaching for that drink out of real desire, or just out of habit? If you really want, it, some tricks will help reduce the impact of an occasional drink on your system: Save your alcoholic drink for the evening, and balance it out with a protein-rich meal. Opt for organic, sulfite-free wines or top-shelf liquor, and always drink eight extra ounces of water for every drink.
Can I drink coffee again after the 28 days?
Your new, super-fueled metabolism will be better able to handle the occasional cup of Joe, but before you start sipping, ask yourself: Do you feel better, clearer, and more energetic now that your system has been caffeine-free for a month? Have you enjoyed using the money you would have spent on coffee for other things? If so, you might consider putting down the coffee for good -- or you can explore caffeine-free coffee substitutes.
What if I start to gain weight again?
This is a great opportunity to look at your personal habits. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you feeding your body enough fuel, or are you expecting it to run on an empty tank? You've already corrected these habits this once before, so you might be able to catch what's causing the issue and then correct it. But have no fear, you can always come back and do another round of The Fast Metabolism Diet to get you back on track.
What happens when I finish the diet?
First off, congratulations! By the time you hit your goal weight, you'll have built exactly the habits you need to live a balanced, food-loving life. You don't have to follow the phases anymore (although you can). Just follow the diet's rules for maintenance and remember the true meaning of "DIET": Did I Eat Today?
Will the weight stay off after I finish the 28 days?
The weight will stay off if you follow Haylie's rules for maintenance, outlined in the book. If you find yourself slipping a little bit, that's okay -- you can always repeat the 28-day diet, or even just a week or two, to help get yourself back on track.

Overcoming Obstacles

No sugar allowed? What kind of sweeteners can I use?
Reach for stevia or birch-based (sometimes the package will say hardwood-based) xylitol. Artificial sweeteners aren't real food -- they're chemicals! Plus they slow your metabolism and waste your liver's time, so they don't belong in this diet. Even natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey make your blood sugar spike and fall too quickly, making it difficult to repair your metabolism.
I don’t have time to cook. What now?
You can still do the Fast Metabolism Diet with these time-saving strategies. If you're really short on time, you can use the phase-specific Fast Metabolism Diet breakfast shakes and bars for breakfast and snacks each day. Try stocking up on phase-appropriate snacks that keep well: Apples or oranges for Phase One; nitrite-free jerky for Phase Two; raw nuts and seeds, or raw, shredded coconut for Phase Three (hard-boiled eggs are another portable Phase Three snack). With breakfast and and snacks taken care of, set aside just one or two days to make seven slow-cooker meals: Two for Phase One, two for Phase Two, and three for Phase Three. Prep the ingredients and start them cooking in the morning, go about your day, then portion and freeze the meals in the evening. If you make enough of each recipe for four dinners (one day each week) and four lunches, and you're covered for the entire 28 days with very little repetition. Remember, if you're not cooking, then someone else is doing it for you, so find restaurants that will work with you to customize your meal. Be sure to bring your food lists with you and ask a lot of questions.
My family won’t do the diet with me. What do I do?
You might try dropping the word diet, because most people associate it with skimpy portions of unpalatable food. Just serve them a few of recipes from The Fast Metabolism Diet and we're sure they'll come around! If they still won't bite, you can make your own meals ahead of time with a slow cooker, and freeze individual portions for use during the appropriate phase. Super-quick, phase-appropriate salads and sandwiches are another great option. Tell your family you are not dieting, you're just eating!
I have a party/wedding/birthday coming up. What do I do?
Start by letting yourself really get excited about and enjoy the event -- no stress hormones here! Eat protein snacks throughout the day and, if you know there's going to be a big fat slice of birthday or wedding cake waiting for you, eat natural sugars (like fruit) for breakfast and lunch, and good fats for dinner just before the cake.
Help! I’m going on vacation!
The secret to staying on track during a vacation is planning ahead. Start by packing a Crash Stash in your carry-on or purse, and plan out times and places to restock it during your trip. If you won't be able to get phase-appropriate food at mealtimes when you travel, pack a cold meal (or meals) for yourself -- some of the phase-specific recipes travel very well.

Special dietary needs

Can I keep taking my dietary supplements while I’m on the diet?
Haylie Pomroy has created a line of supplements that are compatible with the Fast Metabolism Diet. See the Shop Haylie Pomroy website. Keep in mind that fats and oils are to be avoided in Phase One and Phase Two of the diet, and that would include oils take as supplements. Certainly check with your health-care provider for questions regarding supplementation.
I’m diabetic. Can I do this diet?
Absolutely. Stabilizing your blood sugar is one of most important components of The Fast Metabolism Diet. Before beginning The Fast Metabolism Diet, or any diet, be sure to talk to your health care professional first.
What if I have food allergies?
Each phase of The Fast Metabolism Diet includes a very broad range of foods you can choose from, and the diet already excludes many common allergens, including wheat and dairy -- so it's easy to work around any food allergies. Also, since each phase is just two or three days long, you don't have to worry about getting bored with your food choices.
I’m vegan. Can I still do the diet?
Yes, you can! For Phases One and Three, substitute 1/2-cup cooked, phase-specific legumes for meat. During Phase Two (and only during Phase Two) you're allowed to break the no-soy rule in three ways to up your protein intake: Tofu, soy tempeh, and edamame, as long as they're organic and non-GMO.
I’m a vegetarian. Can I do The Fast Metabolism Diet?
Absolutely. It's particularly easy to adapt The Fast Metabolism Diet to your needs if you're willing to eat eggs It's even easier for pescatarians, who eat fish. For Phases One and Three, substitute 1/2-cup cooked, phase-specific legumes or fish for meat ingredients. For Phase Two, either eat eggs and fish for your protein snacks and meals, or follow the Phase Two advice for vegans.